Volume 46, Issue 4 - May 2011


A Clarification and Explanation
Dear USGlass:
seele is delighted to be able to take part in sharing our hopes and concerns for 2011 in the “Annual Big Book of Lists” (see March 2011 USGlass, page 30). Unfortunately, our comment about our worries regarding “lack of financing” was really a shorthanded way of saying that “lack of funding for projects has reduced the number of relevant projects on the market.” seele is in a strong financial position and has the highest rating with financial institutions worldwide. In fact, seele has expanded its operation in the U.S. to increase its presence with projects that require innovation, technical expertise and the highest quality standards. We will continue to push limits and set standards in our trade.
Attila Arian
president, seele Inc.
New York

The More Things Change
Dear USGlass:
I’ve been in the glass and mirror business for more than 31 years and the more things change, the more things stay the same.

I have read your magazine for years—first the cover, and then Mr. Hill’s true to life comments on the back inside cover.

Mr. Hill’s words of wisdom are always priceless (i.e. confusing).

If there hadn’t been a great need for Mr. Hill in the glass business, he would have made the consummate politician.
USGlass and Mr. Hill … keep up the great work.
With kindest regards,
James W. Stokes, II
regional sales manager, Virginia Mirror Co. Inc.
Martinsville, Va.

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