Volume 46, Issue 4 - May 2011


Glasslam Announces New Concept for Warm-Edge Spacer
Glasslam in Pompano Beach, Fla., has revamped its foam spacer product, and equipment for manufacturing the same has been invented and is now available under license for manufacturers to make their own foam spacer in-house.

The company reports that it has developed a fully inline spacer manufacturing system that uses less than ten percent of the energy and labor costs of the old, outdated methods.

By computer control and patent-applied technology, sizes of spacer can be changed in seconds with no downtime. The company will supply desiccated silicone pellets and adhesives to the licensees.

The company says it will utilize its new process in high volume at its own facilities and continue to produce and supply Air-Tight™ S and Air-Tight™ T, its high-quality, high desiccant and durable warm-edge foam spacer products, to customers all over the world.

Retrofit Kits Available for Discontinued Locknetics 390+ Maglock
Security Door Controls in Camarillo, Calif., says its new E1200-390MP retrofit mounting plate utilizes the same template and existing mounting holes as the discontinued Locknetics 390+, with an SDC E1200 1,200 pound magnetic lock. The company says there is no need to replace the armature; a new wiring hole is all that is required. The SDC E1200 magnetic lock is ordered separately and includes magnetic bond and door status sensors. The SDC 1511-390AMP Retrofit Armature Mounting Plate enables replacement of Locknetics 390+ with SDC Grade 1, 1511 1,650 pound and 1571 1,200 pound energy saver locks (sold separately). The 1511-390AMP retrofit kit permits use of existing armature through bolt hole. The new mounting plate covers the previous magnetic lock mounting holes. No drilling or tapping required, all 1500 series include self drilling and tapping screws. SDC 1500 magnetic locks are also available with optional magnetic bond and door status sensors and matching finishes.

doors and windows
New YKK Vent Design Blends with Aluminum Wall Systems
YKK AP America in Austell, Ga., has upgraded the design of its YES SSG vent used in storefront, window wall and curtainwall applications. The YES SSG vent was redesigned to be virtually invisible from a distance, enabling designers to provide ventilation without the large sightline of traditional windows.

The company says its new design creates a clean sightline as the glass is bonded to the vent’s frame without needing additional retainers. The vent accepts 1-inch insulating glass, and is immediately available in casement out-swing or project-out configurations. The windows may be ordered factory glazed or unglazed. Screens are available upon request.

PPG Issues White Paper on Energy Savings with ‘Cool’ Window Systems
Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries’ coil and extrusion coatings group has issued a white paper demonstrating the energy performance of buildings with infrared (IR)-reflective coatings on metal walls, window frames and roofs. The 12-page document, “Energy Savings in High-Rise Buildings Using High-Reflective Coatings,” summarizes an energy modeling study conducted by an independent energy and environmental analysis firm on prototype eight-story office buildings in 12 North American cities.

The company reports that the study showed that, when IR-reflectance for metal wall, window frame and roof coatings was increased from 5 percent to 70 percent, total building energy costs were reduced by 1 percent in cold-weather cities such as Boston, Chicago and Ottawa, and by up to 4 percent in warm-weather cities such as Mexico City and Phoenix. It also showed that cooling loads for prototype buildings were cut by 2 percent or more in cold-weather locales, and by as much as 7 percent in sunny climates. Size requirements for fans and air-handling units (AHUs) also were diminished by 3 to 7 percent.

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