Volume 46, Issue 10 - November 2011


GANA Releases Three New Documents
The Glass Association of North America (GANA) has released three technical documents for the industry on its website.

Two of the documents are new glass informational bulletins (GIB). The GIBs come from two sources: the GANA Mirror Division and the organization as a whole. The association-wide document, titled Dynamic Glazing for High Performance Buildings, discusses the characteristics of dynamic glazing which can mitigate against the influence of the sun and other environmental conditions. The second, Installation Techniques Designed to Prolong the Life of Flat Glass Mirrors, offers installation recommendations to help protect the silver in mirror from corrosion and prolong the life of the mirror.

The other addition is the newly revised Mirrors: Handle with Extreme Care, which looks at a variety of mirror handling issues through fabrication, shipping, cutting and installing. It is the first revision of the document since its 2004 version, which was an update of a document created decades ago by the North American Association of Mirror Manufacturers, which merged into GANA in 1999 as the Mirror Division.

shower doors
ShowerGuard Now Caries Lifetime Limited Warranty
Guardian Industries is replacing its 10-year limited warranty for ShowerGuard with a new lifetime limited warranty.
ShowerGuard glass features a protective seal that is actually part of the glass itself, allowing it to withstand some of the harshest water conditions. In independent laboratory testing, ShowerGuard and other competitive products were exposed to hard water with dissolved silicates. The manufacturer says that after repeated exposure cycles, other products developed permanent stains while ShowerGuard retained its cleanability.

The new warranty is non-transferable, meaning only the original purchaser is warranted and proof of ShowerGuard purchase is required. Ten-year limited warranties will be grandfathered into the lifetime limited warranty.

Super Single Rear Tires
It used to be that whenever a conversation turned to big rigs on the highway, it was understood they were also known as “18-wheelers.” Beginning in Europe and spreading to the United States in the last few years, these large trucks do not necessarily use 18 wheels anymore. In many cases, a “super single” tire has replaced a pair of dual tires.

These tougher, wider, thicker and generally better tires have an expected life span much longer than a typical truck tire.

F. Barkow Inc. has now brought the “super single” to glass trucks for width reasons. For the model year 2011, General Motors widened the track of its most popular dual-tired truck, the 3500HD, which is commonly used for glazing bodies. This has been a problem. The bodies that have fit onto the 3500HD for decades no longer fit and stay within the Federal Motor Vehicle restriction of 102-inch overall width.

F. Barkow has now solved that problem, kept the 3500HD viable in the glass industry and has brought Ford dual-tired trucks back into the industry (Ford widened its rear-tired trucks in 1997 and has been largely irrelevant for 9- and 12-foot glazing bodies).

The basic premise is that one super single tire is narrower than dual tires. The ledgeboards on which the glass rests is outside of the tires.

There is a small up-charge to go with super single tires and custom rims, but the payload capacity and gross vehicle weight rating remain unchanged. If a customer is loyal to a General Motors 3500HD, they can still have it.

The dimension needed is a maximum of 86-inch overall width on the rear tires to accommodate a glazing body. The General Motors W Series trucks, in addition to Isuzu and Mitsubishi trucks—usually referred to as “tilt-cabs”—remain at approximately 84-inch “out-to-out” on their overall width of the rear tires. The tilt-cabs remain a staple in the industry.

The Wagner Companies Releases 2012 Master Catalog
The Wagner Cos. has begun distribution of its 2012 master catalog. The 2012 edition includes all railing systems, products and services available from the company in one comprehensive 304-page directory of more than 7,800 standard catalog items.

The 2012 catalog introduces many new products and services, including the Slip-Fit™ Railing System, Kalamazoo™ Aluminum Ball Style Railing, Bantam™ LED Mini Spot light, swageless cable rail assemblies, spiral stair kits, glass spiders and fittings for structural glass installation. Additionally, components have been added to the PanelGrip® dry glaze glass railing and cable railing systems.

The catalog provides complete information on all of the company’s railing systems and railing components. It also includes an expanded technical information section with installation instructions and current code summaries.

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