Volume 46, Issue 9 - October 2011


Some Good, Some Bad
How Contract Glaziers Feel About the Future Depends on Where They Work
by Lyle R. Hill


When USGlass magazine approached us about creating a way to measure contract glaziersí confidence in the future, we set about to test and develop research which, when merged together through algorithm, could provide such a measure. (For more information on the USGlass Contract Glazier Confidence Index, see page 6 of this issue).

Keytech surveyed contract glaziers on a variety of topics. I was overwhelmed by not only the high number of responses but also by the passion expressed in their comments.

The five indices included here are important for a variety of reasons, among them the noticeable differences in the results by region. Whatís striking as well is the great schism between the opinions of those in coastal states versus inland ones. We plan to provide updated numbers and trends analysis on a regular basis. Thanks to all who participated.


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