Volume 47, Issue 4 - April 2012


material handling
Wood’s Powr-Grip Adds New Lifter
The MRTALPR4 series vacuum lifters from Wood’s Powr-Grip feature flexible vacuum pads, movable pad mounts and adjustable T-arms to accommodate a wide variety of glass and metal panel sizes and contours.

The lifters are available in two basic configurations. FS625DC comes outfitted with four oval pads to enable use on architectural panels with regularly spaced ridges or curtainwall sections with mullions or similar obstructions. HV11FDC sports four round pads equipped for lifting flat materials such as low-relief metal panels, glass and stone.

The vacuum lifters come standard with a high-flow pump and vacuum blow-off for rapid attachment and controlled, hands-free release. The dual vacuum system prevents load damage and injury by maintaining vacuum in one circuit even if the other were to experience a leak. An adjustable-position lift spool provides three different lift points to optimize the lifter’s hang angle, making repetitive material placement quick and easy.

Lift Easily and Safely with Famatec Friendly
The pneumatically powered Famatec Friendly line of ergonomic manipulators is designed to counterbalance heavy loads, allowing a single operator to effortlessly suspend, rotate, tilt and transfer product. In addition, company officials from Haeco, which distributes the system, say that the system can be operated using a single, intuitive control, and that a variety of units are available to handle load capacities between 550 and 1,110 pounds.

The Famatec product is available with a wide range of mounting options including column, overhead, tracks, wheeled or with a free-standing, fork-truck transportable base, according to the company.

Inspection systems Inspect with the Osprey®5
LiteSentry has a new distortion measurement system for flat glass, the Osprey5. Company officials say the online, multi-dimensional distortion/flatness inspection system provides fast results and historical storage of quality measurements. The system measures all types of distortion and provides simultaneous PV flatness and mD distortion measurement, according to the company. In addition to the basic rollwave measurements of the company’s earlier systems, the Osprey5 also provides measurement of arbitrary distortion in all dimensions and introduces new sets of customizable production specifications based on product type.

glass-cutting machinery
Putsch® SVP1080 Glass-Cutting Vertical Saw Now Available
Putsch & Co. Inc.’s SVP 1080 glass-cutting vertical panel saw is now available to the North American market. Previously only available in Europe and through third-party importers, the SVP 1080 is designed to cut thick glass types such as bulletproof, fire-rated, hurricane and safety glass.

“We recognized that flat glass fabricators in North America were going through great lengths to obtain Putsch machines, parts and service.” says Robert Tate of Putsch & Co. “It was a no-brainer to streamline the support of the SVP 1080 by offering it directly from our Asheville, N.C. location.”

glass processing
Lovati’s New CNC Processes Big Glass
The Zephyr series is the latest addition to Lovati Fratelli’s range of machinery. Zephyr is a 5-axis CNC, equipped with a special head with +/- 90 degree inclination. Zephyr is produced in two versions: Zephyr 32 for processing a maximum glass size of 10.6 by 5.4 feet and Zephyr 42 for a maximum glass size of 13.7 by 7.5 feet.

screen printing
Print Easily and Smoothly with A.W.T.

A.W.T. World Trade Inc.’s glass printing machines are designed to give glass printers the ability to deliver a fast output with high-quality printing on glass panels, architectural glass, automotive glass, appliance components, decorative mirrors and a wide range of other rigid substrates.

Standard printer features include parallel peel for consistent flood stroke and ink deposit, automatic leveling of squeegee/floodbar pressure across the substrate, patented upfront stroke adjustment for easy print positioning, advanced ink recovery, and “Remote Diagnostics” for instant modem or Internet-based service at any location in the world, according to the company.

A.W.T.’s printers also come standard with super micro-registration controls, which company officials say deliver a repeatability of +/- .002 inch for reliable application of fine design details and even etch masks.



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