Volume 46, Issue 12 - December 2012

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USGlass 2012 Product Of The Year
Product Launches, Improvements and Innovations Mark 2012

Whether an innovative glass, a nouveau coating, tool, machine or gadget, new product launches and improvements always draw an interest from the glass and metal industry. This year it seemed trends continued to drive developments in glass, curtainwall and more. And transparency and energy efficiency are still tops in demand. What were readers looking for this year? Take a look at the next few pages at products that drew much interest from our readers and editors in 2012.

Fire-Rated Glazing
Passing the Test
Constructed from narrow aluminum extrusions filled with a proprietary fire blocking internal member, Aluflam North America offers curtainwall frames that have up to 120- minute ratings for interior and exterior installations. According to the company, the curtainwall products are fully tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to UL 263 and UBC 7-4 (1997) standards, and are also tested and approved to North American fire standards.

Framing Feature
Safti First added the SaftiFire framing AL20 system to its product line. SaftiFire framing AL20 is a 20-minute, full-vision, stile and rail aluminum door that incorporates SuperLite I clear specialty tempered glazing. SuperLite I with PPG Starphire Ultra-Clear and SuperLite I pattern glass also are available glazing options.

The door is available in sizes up to 4 feet by 9 feet for both single and pair doors. It also comes with a 5-inch stile and 5 1/2-inch top rail, and an adjustable bottom rail that can accommodate irregular floor conditions.

Safety Equipment
Play it Safe
A safe-working environment is critical for glass businesses. Banom Inc. provides Protectus body protection products for the glass industry. This includes not only gloves, but clothing items that provide body and neck protection. For example, a stand-up collar helps protect the neck, while a lack of shoulder seams in the sweater provides continuous protection along the entire length of the arm and shoulder.

Industry Resources
At Your Fingertips
When it comes to glazing industry resources, the Glass Association of North American (GANA) has a number of technical manuals that cover the whole gamut. These include the GANA Glazing Manual, Engineering Standards Manual, Blueprint Reading and Labor Estimating Course, Project Managers Reference Manual, Laminated Glazing Reference Manual, the Sealants Manual, Fabrication, Erection and Glazing Handling Manual, Fully Tempered Heavy Glass Door and Entrance Systems Design Guide, Guide to Architectural Glass and the GANA/PGC International Protective Glazing Manual.

Single Door Access Control Available in a Kit
The Radio Key RK65KS from JLM Wholesale Security Door Hardware is a fully programmable, standalone, single door access control system. The reader can manage up to 65,000 individual users with sequentially-numbered cards or tags and users can be added and deleted easily with an RK-HHP handheld programmer. The reader is available in a kit that contains everything needed to control a single door, program and power the reader and enough key tags for ten users. A Wiegand output allows the reader to be connected to a multi-door access control or telephone entry system, if desired.

Clear Choices
Clear glass remains the top choice for consumers when it comes to shower enclosures. Clarvista shower glass from PPG provides just that. Made with a proprietary coating that seals the glass surface, the glass is designed to be resistant to corrosion caused by heat, humidity, soap and chemicals in household cleaning products. The company also introduced a sample kit for shower glass retailers and kitchen and bath designers to demonstrate Clarvista’s clarity and durability compared to conventional uncoated shower glass.

Low-Reflective Solutions
Pilkington North America offers solutions for low-reflective glazing requirements with its special applications glass products, including low-reflective products for almost any application. Among the options, OptiView is a color-neutral laminated glass with low-reflective coatings on the first and fourth surfaces of the glass. The coating reduces the interior and exterior visible light reflectance to less than two percent. Views from the interior and exterior of a building are clear and virtually reflection-free, making the glass suitable for a wide range of applications in which clarity of view is of paramount importance.

Flip the Switch
The new Voltage glass from Glasswerks Inc. allows users to transform the glass from optical pellucidity to translucency with the flip of a switch. The glass utilizes both liquid crystal and PVB interlayers combined between two lites of glass; electricity is then utilized to activate the liquid crystal, which works to make the glass either clear or foggy.

The New Etch-A-Sketch
Soft Tech America Inc. has taken the sketched-up napkin to a new level with its FeneSketch program for Android devices. The software allows users to sketch their vision quickly on site. Once the design is agreed upon, it can be emailed instantly to the client as a PDF. It also connects with Soft Tech’s V6 program, inputting the design intent, applying the frame system, engineering, compliance and transmitting back a completed quote.

Finding “Neo”
FeneTech debuted Neo FeneVision software this year and company officials say the latest generation is more flexible than past versions, and has an ultra-modern user interface providing numerous new features and functionality. In addition, Neo offers support for iPad and other mobile tablets. Among this support is a new FeneVision Neo mobile delivery app—a fully native, in-house developed, app for iPad to optimize the delivery process of goods to the final customer.

Moveable Glass Wall Systems
Slide It
Western Window Systems’ 2600 Series wood- and aluminum-clad multi-slide doors and windows feature 1 3/4-inch panels and are available in unlimited configurations and widths. The systems’ rolling panels can be stored in pockets or stacked at one or both ends of the openings, and panels can bi-part at 90 degrees, 180 degrees or most any angle in between, according to the company. The systems are made in a modular frame design, allowing users to configure any number of rolling or fixed glass panels to meet a specific design.

Dynamic Opening
Moveable glass walls have been popular; dynamic glazing is also growing in popularity. Nanawall combined the two with its folding door system that incorporates dynamic glass. According to information from the company, power for the dynamic glass comes from low-voltage wire pulls in the sub-floor such as those used in lighting control and alarm systems. In commercial buildings, the new offering is ideal for statement buildings such as performing arts centers, art galleries and museums.

Storefront and Windows
Six Inches, Three Levels
The Trifab 601 series framing system from Kawneer Co. Inc. features a 6-inch depth and utilizes the company’s dual IsoLock lanced pour and debridge technology to provide three levels of thermal performance: the non-thermal Trifab 601, the single thermal break Trifab 601T and the dual thermal break 601UT (Ultra Thermal). The system allows for the use of current 4 ½-inch-deep horizontal members from center-set Trifab framing systems. It can be glazed from either inside or outside to meet specific project requirements.

Yes, It’s Front-Set Glass
Introduced this year by YKK AP, the YES 45 TU storefront system is designed to handle front-set glass applications in addition to its existing center-set capabilities. According to the company, this expansion not only allows for greater applications of the product where front-set is required, but it also improves the thermal performance of the system, providing greater resistance to heat transfer, lower U-factors and increased resistance to condensation. Ideal for retail and office buildings, the glass within the YES 45 TU system can now be set to the front to maximize energy performance and blend with the aesthetics of the curtainwall, according to the announcement. In addition, the system is thermally broken by means of a poured and debridged pocket that employs a patented process, ThermaBond Plus.

Handling and Transportation
Barkow Manufacturers
Ford Offering Barkow now manufactures 12-foot and larger glazing bodies with full-length ledgeboards for Ford medium-duty trucks. The vehicles feature certified “Super Single” rear tires rather than factory duals, maintaining high load capacities while staying within federal width limits. The bodies are manufactured from aluminum, stainless steel and painted steel. Gas or diesel engines are available on standard cabs or four-door cabs.

My Hero
MyGlassTruck.com released the Hero, an enclosed glass carrier truck body that’s available in 12-, 14- and 16-foot lengths. Engineered for maximum strength and minimal weight, company representatives say the Hero offers better fuel economy and more payload capacity than bodies constructed of heavier materials riding on the same chassis. Its efficient design utilizes T6 aluminum glass racks as part of a robust frame that supports the body’s .060 aluminum wall panels.

Railing Systems
ARTACO Launches Complete Railing Systems
A whole new line of glass railings is available from ARTACO Railing Systems, formerly Taco Railings, a division of Taco Metals Inc. The line includes products such as balusters, brackets and fittings, as well as in-fills of glass, rod, cable or other materials. All products meet international standards and can be shipped and delivered almost immediately, according to the company.

Tubelite Expands Blast Line
Tubelite expanded its ForceFront blast curtainwall and entry door systems for high-performance, high-security projects seeking blast-hazard mitigation in low- and mid-rise applications. The systems include nominal 1-inch insulating glazing with an ionoplast interlayer.

Machinery, Tools and Equipment
Commercial Production
For the commercial glazing industry, Erdman Automation Corp. offers a line of unitized curtainwall and interior glass partition equipment. This includes sealant applicators, frame clips, sawing equipment, manipulators, conveyor lines, tilt/tip equipment as well as screw feeding equipment. According to the company, the lines provide safe and easy handling and precise manufacturing.

Bit by Bit
IGE Glass Technologies Inc. offers two drill bit options: Mini-Max and Econo-Max drill bits. The company’s stainless steel Mini Max bits are designed to have a lifespan of about 3-4 times longer then any other regular core drill bits, according to information from the company, helping reduce production costs. Also, the bits do not have to be dressed, so there is no downtime during production for dressing core drill bits. In addition they require half of the in-feed speed for the first ten holes before running the regular drilling speed, according to company information. Also, IGE offers the EconoMax drilling bits for standard glass drills, which, according to the company, provide clean holes, are low maintenance and available at an economic price point.

Made in the Shade
Ohio Gratings Inc. launched Sunshade+, a new sunshade product designed to provide maintenance access for low-rise buildings. The product offers a lightweight walking surface and shading system and features an I-bar construction for strength and stability. Sunshade+ spans are pre-engineered for safety and manufactured from pressure-locked aluminum, according to the company, and can integrate easily into any window system.

Going for Zero
As the demand to create a net zero building increases, so, too, will the need for glazing systems that can help meet this goal. BIPV curtainwall systems from BISEM USA, are designed to generate electricity, are water tight and sustainable. According to the company, its electrified curtainwall integrates photovoltaic panels, helping facilitate a net zero energy envelope. The BISEM-Wall is a flexible aluminum chassis that can seamlessly incorporate electrochromic glass and super high R-value glass. yyä www.bisem-usa.com

Dynamic Glazing
New Views Guardian Industries of Auburn Hills, Mich., and View Inc. of Milpitas, Calif., began working together this year to offer a dynamic glass for the commercial buildings sector. Guardian has incorporated the glass product into its SunGuard architectural glass offerings with the introduction of a SunGuard EC product line. Guardian SunGuard also integrated the new product into its “Build with Light” marketing program.

Decorative Glass
Boing! Here It Is
Pulp Studio debuted a new series of colorful, highly graphic patterns that company officials say show how deeply three-dimensional glass can be. The “Boing” series includes strong patterns designed to pop with color and depth, and to serve as eye-catching focal points in hotels, stores, offices or any public space, indoors or out, where glass paneling or partitioning is appropriate. To create the decorative product, Pulp utilizes multiple interlayers, each between a separate sheet of glass (two, three, four or more) with a separate pattern, precisely registered upon lamination, to read as a single design.

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