Volume 47, Issue 2 - February 2012

Decorative Glass
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A Lasting Impression Printing Technologies Create a Glass Memorial for Tampa Heroes
by Ellen Rogers

With architects, designers and artists increasingly looking for ways to make their projects truly unique, technologies that involve printing on glass have fast become one popular way of doing just that. Whether printing directly onto glass or onto an interlayer material, it’s possible to literally put anything on glass, from logos to photographs to so much more.

TruDeco (formerly Arch Deco Glass) in Columbus, Ohio, is one glass fabricator involved with processes that incorporate imagery into glass. In fact, TruDeco has been doing so since 2007. Over the years the company has been involved in projects ranging from airports to public displays, such as Heroes Plaza in Tampa, Fla., for which the company provided decoratively printed art glass for the area memorial.

Heroes Plaza opened September 11, 2009, in recognition of those honor veterans serving in not only wars, but also as police, fire and emergency responders, who lost their lives in the line of duty. Residents who visit the plaza can read the names of the community’s fallen heroes etched on monuments, and also “appreciate artwork commissioned to represent the danger that our soldiers, police, deputies and firefighters face every day,” according to information from Hillsborough County.

TruDeco fabricated nine panels, each 15 square feet in size and each with its Visual product. The finished display features a unique, full color, custom printed image on film and laminated within the glass. The application also includes a two-color ceramic frit applied to the upper portion of the glass.

“We began working on the project about six months prior to the install date, but the actual fabrication process was less than two weeks,” says Dwight Fleming, Visual director for TruDeco.

Ellen Rogers is a contributing editor for USGlass magazine and editor of Decorative Glass magazine.

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