Volume 47, Issue 1 - January 2012


shower enclosures
Basco Shakes Up Pattern Offerings
Basco Shower Enclosures has introduced a new glass pattern called Tempest. The new pattern debuts in both ¼- and 3/8-inch thicknesses, for both Basco and RODA units.

The company also notes that it has removed the obsolete Cascade, Heirloom and Steam Mist patterns from the Basco line, and the Arctic Frost, Venetian and Cobblestone from the RODA line.

Agalite Introduces New Heavy-Duty Hardware
Agalite Shower & Bath Enclosures, a division of Hartung Glass Industries, has a new line of proprietary shower enclosure hardware featuring two new heavy- and standard-duty hinge designs and a wide selection of glass clamps, aluminum headers, wall channels and clip systems. The Cozza Collection of hinges features a decorative bevelled edge design and the Vetta Collection has a classic squared edge.

The solid brass construction in the heavy-duty hinges offers enhanced support performance for 3/8- and ½-inch glass as two hinges can support a 36-inch wide, 110-pound door.

The hinge collections include an interior bonded gasket designed to protect glass-to-hinge contact and ease installation. All of the company's hinges feature aggressive "waffle grip" clamping surfaces and have a 5-degree offset pin option. The hinges are available in wall mount, 180- and 135-degree glass-to-glass configurations.

FeneTech Previews Software Launch
FeneTech has announced the upcoming release of FeneVision_neo in early spring 2012. According to information from the company, the new software features a modern design, enhanced graphics and support for many new functions for iPads and tablet PCs.

Other new functions-all fully integrated and embedded into the powerful CORE application-include a new interactive business intelligence dashboard, an enhanced and re-designed web center, a brand-new delivery tracking application for the iPad based on 3G and 4G technology and brand-new optimization algorithms, to name a few.

glass resources
Pilkington Redesigns Online Product Directory
Pilkington has launched a newly redesigned online product directory. It provides a full description of all products, explanations on how they work, as well as their applications, features and benefits. All brochures are available for download, and the website also includes a full interactive project references section.

Android Users Can Now Find Sika Products
A new Sika Corp. product finder is now available in the Android Store. This tool now allows users to access all Sika product catalogs worldwide from mobile devices running on Android. Further information, such as product or material safety data sheets, can be accessed as well.

SAFTI FIRST Debuts Android App
SAFTI FIRST reports that Android smartphone and tablet users can now download the free mySAFTI app directly onto their devices by typing "mysafti" in the Android Market's search bar.

The mySAFTI app allows users to search for the correct fire-rated glazing product based on fire ratings (20 to 180 minutes) or applications (doors, walls or openings). Users can also view product fact sheets, size charts, request information or view selected project photos for additional design inspiration.

Guardian Adds to Glass Performance
Guardian Industries offers architects and building owners another layer of energy performance control with its first commercial interior surface coating for glass, SunGuard IS 20.

Company representatives report that SunGuard IS 20 improves the effectiveness of their advanced architectural glass when combined with any SunGuard coatings. For example, when SunGuard IS 20 is teamed with Guardian SNX 62/27, the resulting glass product has the highest performance level of any dual glaze IG unit available from the company, featuring best-in-class light-to-solar-gain and the lowest U-factor.

doors and windows
Traco Offers New Option for Specialized Retrofits
By incorporating the benefits of the NX-3000 projected window series, the new NX-4000 Series Thermal Window from Traco, a division of Kawneer Co. Inc., offers the performance of a projecting window with the distinctive look of a hung window-an ideal combination for specialized retrofit projects.

Featuring the company's NexGen thermal barrier system, energy spacer and 1-inch insulating glass, the window offers strong air and water performance. It was tested to a design pressure of 80 psf and water performance level of 15 psf. The aluminum window uses hollow extrusion profiles with Euro-groove construction for reliable hardware attachment. Designed with a master frame depth of 4 5/8 inches and a 3 1/8 inches operable vent depth, the projecting window has an exaggerated offset of 1 ¼-inch minimum between the upper and lower exterior glass surfaces.

heated glass
Glass Has a New Way to Heat Up
A low cost option for heated insulating glass windows is now available.

Glass Products Consulting Co. LLC has developed a heatable glass panel that it says can replace current silver ceramic-based systems. In the new product, copper replaces 83 percent of the silver previously used. Soldering electrical terminals and related use of expensive indium is eliminated.

The heating grids are printed on a PET film and is laminated to a glass panel with a PVB film on the grid side. This is applicable to heated/insulating glass units where the PET is on the inside facing a low-E coated surface.

According to information from the developer, the fabrication process uses established production processes such as flexography roll-to-roll printing, nano silver material and roll-to-roll electroplating. It also makes feasible a grid line width as low as 0.2 mm.

ARTACO Provides Complete Railing System
ARTACO Railing Systems offers complete railing system packages for cost-effective installation, and a full range of custom services to meet unique architectural specifications. The company's railing and canopy systems include balusters, brackets and fittings, with infill options such as glass, rod, cable and more. In addition, company representatives note that their systems require little installation time, which reduces labor costs significantly.

Argotec Puts Its EdgeSealPLUS to the Test
Last year Argotec Inc. introduced its ArgoEdgeSealPLUS, a patent-pending, TPU-Foil-TPU construction used to protect the edges of both TPU- and PVB-interlayered laminated glass composites. Now the company has completed testing that it says demonstrates an advantage over other edge seal products in protecting the polycarbonate component in autoclave-laminated security glazing composites.

ArgoEdgeSealPLUS provides not only a highly impermeable chemical barrier but also serves as a 50-mil "bumper."

Partners Create a Well-Matched Louver

Crystal Window & Door Systems and WinTech have partnered to develop a new window louver panel option. The louver system offers exact color matching, resistance to water penetration, energy efficiency and simple installation.

The louver system meshes Crystal's most popular aluminum fixed/picture windows (Series 2100, 6100, 8100 and the new 5100) with the WinTech louver panels to match one another exactly. The louver panel now integrates with the picture window sash and frame to create a combined internal weep pathway that channels rainwater down to the outside and prevents it from penetrating to the interior.

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