Volume 47, Issue 6 - June 2012

fire-rated glass
New Safti Framing Adds Fire-Rated Options
Safti First has added SAFTIfire framing AL20 to its product line. SAFTIfire Framing AL20 is a 20-minute, full-vision, stile and rail aluminum door that incorporates SuperLite I clear specialty tempered glazing. SuperLite I with PPG Starphire ultra-clear and SuperLite I pattern glass are among the available glazing options. Fully listed and labeled by Intertek-Warnock Hersey, this product meets NFPA 252, UL 10C for positive pressure and CPSC Category II impact safety.

SAFTIfire Framing AL20 is available up to 4 by 9 feet for both single and pair doors. It will also have 5-inch stile, 5 ½-inch top rail, 1 ¾-inch depth and 10-inch ADA-compliant, adjustable bottom rail that can accommodate irregular floor conditions. The doors are delivered factory-glazed and prepped for hardware for easy installation.

tools and machinery
This Lifter-Tilter Makes Window Assembly a Snap
A new electric-powered, crane-operated lifter-tilter for manufacturing and packaging windows is available from Anver Corp. The ETL powered vacuum lifter-tilter requires only 8 inches of headroom and lets one person handle window assemblies for manufacturing, shipment and installation. Compact, with a removable pendant control, this powered lifter-tilter can be equipped with suction vacuum pads configured to meet specific customer requirements.

Available with a variety of suction pad materials and various size options, the vacuum lifter-tilter is offered in 250-, 500-, 1,000- and 2,000-pound capacity versions, depending upon the pad attachment. Standard equipment includes a vacuum leakage sensor with an audio-visual alarm that sounds if there is a vacuum loss. Air-powered versions also are offered.

New Conveyorized Laminating System Offered
Casso Solar Technologies has launched a conveyorized laminating system for medium-sized formats without the need for an autoclave. The new laminating system allows customers to provide same-day turnaround, according to the company, and requires minimal handling.

The system can work with glass sizes up to 96 by 180 inches and can be used with architectural coated and non-coated glass, decorative glass, structural glass products, photovoltaic, ballistic and appliance glass.

In addition to the new conveyorized laminating machine, the company offers high-speed laminating systems with autoclave and a batch laminating system, non-autoclave.

Brecoflex Pulleys Allow for Backlash
Brecoflex Co. LLC is offering polyurethane timing belt pulleys with normal tooth gap design (for most backlash), reduced backlash design and zero backlash design. Company officials say the new timing belt pulleys maintains the accuracy of the respective pitch diameter. The pulleys are available in multiple configurations.

Powr-Grip’s Latest Lifters are Adjustable
In addition to their low-profile design, the new MRTALPR4-DC vacuum lifters from Wood’s Powr Grip feature flexible vacuum pads, moving pad mounts and adjustable pad frame T-arm assemblies. These advantages makes them suitable for installing insulated metal panels, composite panels and cold storage panels, as well as wall, roof and other architectural panels. Optional pad frame extensions and rocker arms increase capacity and support when needed to install long and heavy panels.

Other standard features include a dual vacuum system and an 18-amp-hour battery. The dual-circuit vacuum system helps reduce the risk of accidental load release, whereas the long-lasting battery significantly extends run time–eliminating the need for frequent recharging and providing more time to get the job done.

Viracon Launches New High-Performance Coating
Viracon has announced the availability of VE-45, the latest coating in its wide range of glass choices for architects and designers. The low-E coating was designed to deliver improved balance between visible light transmittance and solar protection, product features that have increased in popularity among architects. In addition to optimized performance, VE-45’s color enhances the aesthetics of glass in building facades, according to the company. VE-45 is available in insulating and insulating laminated glass. It can also be used in combination with a silkscreen pattern, which allows designers to create a customized look.

Technoform Bautec Redesigns Website
Technoform Bautec North America Inc. has updated its website, www.technoform-bautec.us, with a new design that presents a unified, consistent appearance across Technoform’s global brand. The website’s refreshed, user-friendly, accessible navigation organizes the improved contents and features under categories about the company, solutions, information, news and events, contact information and a new gallery of references.

Within the new references section, visitors may view project photos and product details for more than 80 customer systems from 22 countries. The information page contains updated technical resources available for download on suggested specification, shear strength, handling instruction, quality control abstract, standard strip catalog and standard recess. A solutions section describes customized solutions, services and support, and standard solutions, including a downloadable catalog, according to the company.

Dorma Introduces New Security Solutions
Dorma aims for a fully integrated solution with its new line of electronic access control offerings. Its integrated solution relies on the company’s Approach door controller and associated software, created in collaboration with Brivo Systems LLC.

The security solutions, paired with the Approach door controller, drives an integrated package, taking the guesswork out of purchasing and installing access control components, according to the company. The result is an integration of mechanical, electronic and software systems designed to offer ease of design, installation and operation.

This integrated system enables nearly anyone to fully specify an access-controlled entrance, eliminating the need for expert involvement at the first stage. The traditional separate steps of parts selection, manufacturing and integration are performed at the manufacturer’s plant. When it’s delivered, the entrance assembly is complete and ready for installation by Dorma-certified installers. The integrated package features web-based administration and configuration.

Solutia Introduces New Saflex Interlayer
Solutia Inc. has launched the Saflex DG structural interlayer for architectural laminated glass applications. The product is designed specifically for applications in which increased interlayer rigidity and high glass adhesion are required, according to the company.

“Laminated glass as a building material has experienced an upsurge in recent years as glass use in facades and interiors has become so coveted,” says Tom Selm, global business management director for Solutia. “Saflex DG combines the benefits of a rigid interlayer with the features of glass containment, UV screening, edge stability and clarity.”

New Interlayer Allows UV Where It’s Needed
DuPont Glass Laminating Solutions has announced the commercial launch of its SentryGlas N-UV ionoplast interlayer, a new interlayer technology for durable architectural safety glass with unsurpassed transmission of natural UV light into spaces containing special light-requiring flora and fauna.

According to information from the company, bringing full-spectrum light through laminated glass is proving attractive to botanists and other life science professionals, as UV light is critical to many terrestrial and aquatic species. Although most architectural laminated glass includes UV blockers to protect interior furnishings from discoloration and to avoid prolonged human skin exposure to the UV light rays, SentryGlas N-UV is specially manufactured without using UV blockers, allowing for improved transmission of shorter-wavelength UV-A and UV-B ultraviolet light. Compared with other interlayers available to the laminated glass industry, SentryGlas N-UV is not cross-linked or cured, relying instead on intrinsic ionoplast stability to resist degradation or loss of clarity from extended exposure to sunlight.

doors and windows
New Casement Provides Ventilation
Don Young Co. says that its new DYC Series 8900 light commercial thermally broken aluminum casement window is a good solution in applications where maximum ventilation and daylight are a priority. The window features a heavy-duty .062 aluminum frame and sash to ensure structural integrity, durability and low maintenance. The beveled exterior frame design with mitered corners reinforced with internal gussets provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Three rows of foam filled bulb weatherstripping ensures strong air infiltration ratings and performance. It includes 7/8-inch overall insulating glass (IG) thickness and warm-edge spacer system with optional low-E and argon gas for maximum thermal performance. yyä www.dycwindows.com

sun control
Kawneer Delivers Energy Savings with InLighten
Kawneer Co. Inc., an Alcoa business, designed its new InLighten light shelf with minimal material content, sightlines, weight, installation and maintenance efforts, all while maximizing daylighting and design options. The ability to attach the minimal sightline light shelf to many of the manufacturer’s curtainwall systems and storefront framing systems makes it suitable for both new and retrofit projects.

The light shelf features an extruded aluminum chassis system and offers several panel choices. In addition to the traditional opaque Reynobond aluminum composite material (ACM) panels, lightweight translucent polycarbonate panels are now a standard offering. The availability of depths of up to 30 inches allows for the overall reflective surface to be maximized, according to the company. The light shelf’s mounting bracket allows the panel to be tilted easily for care and cleaning. Panels can be fabricated and assembled in the shop.

CRL Solutions Help Control Daylighting
Controlling the amount of sunlight that enters a building can improve energy efficiency, increase the LEED points that a building qualifies for and create a more conducive work environment inside. C.R. Laurence (CRL) sun control systems help designers achieve these benefits through a broad array of available systems, materials and finishes that complement a building’s appearance. The company’s sun control systems offer a variety of solutions for commercial and institutional buildings, including sunshades, light shelves, aluminum vertical screens, sun control panels, aluminum and steel canopies and glass awnings.

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