Volume 47, Issue 3 - March 2012


Ask Not What You Can Do for GANA …
But Ask What the BEC Division Can Do for YOU!
by Ashley M. Charest

Right now we at the Glass Association of North America (GANA) understand that you and your business need to leverage every single opportunity. Check out some of the many opportunities that GANA, and, specifically, its Building Envelope Contractors (BEC) Division, provide to keep your glazing business at the top of its game.

Networking and Education
As with every profession, contract glaziers need to be in constant communication with architects, vendors, and even each other. This helps your company find out about new projects and products, and allows peers to interface with each other regarding common problems, new ideas and just a general sense of community. Each year GANA hosts the BEC Conference, which is a mixture of education, product information and, most importantly, networking. The 2012 BEC Conference is being held March 18-20 in Las Vegas. We hope you will make time in your schedule either this year or next to visit with peers and vendors to add another layer of information to cement your future success. Visit us online www.glasswebsite.com to learn more about the conference, including post-event coverage.

Member Discounts
Already a GANA member? That’s fantastic, because the association offers you additional educational resources at significantly reduced prices. Do you have a new project manager or just want to standardize operations within your facility? Check out GANA’s Project Managers Reference Manual. This document provides procedural guide references that begin with the estimating and contract processes, the establishment of the project team, and continue through installation and project close-out. The manual places emphasis on finishing a quality project that adheres to industry standards.

Hiring new employees? Have them take a correspondence course on blueprint reading. GANA’s Blueprint Reading and Labor Estimating Course is designed for beginning estimators in the contract glazing business. It is intended to provide the beginner with many of the basic facts about the materials used as well as a basic systematic approach to estimating metal, glass and labor.

"Our organization is here to better the industry as a whole, which is why our members devote countless hours to creating technical and educational documents."

Complimentary Online Documents
Not a GANA member? Our organization is here to better the industry as a whole, which is the reason our members devote countless hours to creating technical and educational documents that address specific questions within our industry. With more than 30 complimentary Glass Informational Bulletins online and being used by tens of thousands in the industry, GANA has worked to address issues and concerns such as items commonly missing from fenestration system documents and bid considerations for contract glazing proposals. We have also started a series of white papers on LEED and how glazing can help achieve valuable credits.

More of a visual person? Check out our complimentary online videos that show how glass products are made or visit our podcast section that discusses trends, issues and upcoming products, as well as interviews with the top people in the industry.

With these opportunities, you can increase knowledge that will help you grow your business. And once you have established your growth trend, we’ll look forward to your further involvement in GANA, helping us develop additional resources for the contract glazing industry.

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