Volume 47, Issue 3 - March 2012


decorative glass
New Glass Product Goes ‘Boing!’
Pulp Studio officials say its new series of very colorful, highly graphic patterns illustrates how deeply three-dimensional glass can be. The “Boing” series includes strong patterns designed to pop with color and depth, and to serve as eye-catching focal points in hotels, stores, offices or any public space, indoors or out, where glass paneling or partitioning is appropriate.

To create the decorative Boing product, Pulp utilizes multiple interlayers, each between a separate sheet of glass (two, three, four or more) with a separate pattern, precisely registered upon lamination, to read as a single design. The glass is available in clear, low-iron or a mirror-backed version called Juxtapose.

Flip the Switch on Voltage Glass
The new Voltage glass from Glasswerks Inc. allows users to transform the glass from optical pellucidity to translucency with the flip of a switch, according to information from the South Gate, Calif.-based company. The glass utilizes both liquid crystal and PVB interlayers, combined between two lites of glass; electricity is then utilized to activate the liquid crystal, which works to make the glass either clear or foggy.

Voltage glass is available for use in a variety of applications and can be cut to fit custom dimensions.

personal protective equipment
NSA Keeps Workers Cool and Safe
Cleveland-based National Safety Apparel Inc. is offering “extreme” cut protection with its new X-factor garments. Its line, from turtlenecks and sweaters to neck protectors, feature X13 yarn engineered to deliver performance, comfort and safety. The garments meet ANSI 105 cut level 4 and offer 1,700 grams cut protection per ASTM 1790. Each are engineered to wick moisture, staying cool and comfortable, and deliver protection.

Kawneer and Traco Combine Product Portfolios
Kawneer Co Inc., an Alcoa business, has combined product portfolios with its Traco division to offer a broader range of products. Together, the companies now can provide curtainwall systems and entrances, along with windows and framing systems, for both renovation and new construction.

Kawneer’s parent company, Alcoa, acquired Traco, a window manufacturer, in 2010, and Traco now acts as a division of Kawneer.

“When Traco joined Alcoa Building and Construction Systems (BCS) as a division of Kawneer we were able to join two trusted brands with rich histories of innovation and had the vision that the integration would provide an even broader range of products, services and support for our customers,” says Diana Perreiah, vice president, Alcoa Building and Construction Systems, and general manager, Kawneer North America.

New Films Block, Bend Light
3M is offering new films for solar control, daylighting and safety and security that can be used in architectural glass. The films are applied in the glass fabrication process.

3M Ultra-Clear Solar Film, sandwiched between outer and inner lites, reduces solar radiation by up to 34 percent with minimal reduction of visible light. The product reduces heat streaming through the glass by selectively blocking infrared light, using the company’s proprietary multilayer optical film technology. The clear, low-reflective film is compatible with tinted, coated and other types of glass. Because the film contains no metal, it will neither corrode nor interfere with radio frequencies of electronic devices. The film offers the ability to bend the glass for curved glass designs, and works with PVB, EVA and SentryGlas Plus interlayers.

Fenzi Expands Its Butylver Line
Fenzi has expanded its range of solutions for high-performance insulating glass units with the introduction of Butylver TPS and Butylver SS.

Butylver TPS is the new ultra-high quality thermoplastic spacer bar developed for use with the special applicators produced by Lenhardt, which has already tested and approved the product. Butylver TPS combines workability with long-lasting thermal performance. It also is compatible with Thiover, Fenzi’s two-component polysulphide sealant.

Butylver SS is a formulation of the Butylver sealant suited for manufacturers using Edgetech’s Triseal technology. Butylver SS sealants have been engineered for application on the flexible spacer bars used in this type of technology. Butylver SS is a particularly soft butyl, which adapts to the flexible spacer bar when pressed, without damaging or straining it.

Glass Choice Made Easy with NSG Color Swatch
The NSG Group has launched a tool called the “Interactive Color Swatch,” designed to enable users to see how different glass ranges would appear installed as a building’s façade.

The tool shows a mocked-up cityscape, with various different building types. Users can select from a range of Pilkington products to see how they would appear on different buildings. It also provides in-depth technical data to aid accurate specification.

The Interactive Color Swatch was introduced alongside two other interactive online tools the NSG Group has developed to help with choosing the right glass: Pilkington Spectrum, a glass performance model enabling users to calculate the key properties of insulating glass units (IGUs) online, such as U-values, ultraviolet transmittance and reflectance; and the Pilkington Sound Simulator, created to provide information about how much external sound is audible through different glass ranges.

louvers and sunshades
Acurlite Divides to Conquer Sunshade Demand
Acurlite Structural Skylights’ new sun control division has developed a sunshade system to enhance its line of architectural products. The company’s engineering department is able to custom design any shade to meet an architect’s aesthetic and structural concerns. Unitized construction makes for quick and easy installation. Extrusions go straight from AutoCAD to production on the new five-axis CNC machining center in a controlled environment for accuracy.

Fully Automated Line Available from Grenzebach
Grenzebach now offers a line of glass-handling equipment that features integrated control systems designed to provide a fully automated solution to the handling of finished float glass. The system was developed in conjunction with Siemens.

Every function of the cold-end line is being integrated into one-control automation platform, including take-over of the glass from the lehr, cutting the glass ribbon into sheets of optimum size, glass snapping, rejection of faulty glass sheets, sorting according to size and quality, and stacking into glass racks with robotics, according to the company.

In addition, the company’s package of automation controls is equally applicable to individual machines in the line, so additional line equipment can be added easily to the system.

doors and windows
Historical Replication Window Available
The new 4600 series from J. Sussman Inc. is a historical replication window with a beveled exterior to replicate the appearance of steel putty-glazed windows. The windows are equipped with ventilators and fixed lites with narrow and equal site lines, and the ventilators are indistinguishable from fixed lites and concealed from the interior, according to the company. The windows are thermally broken using thermal strip technology that allows different finishes for the interior and exterior. The series is available as project-out vents, outswing casements, fixed lites, or combinations of each.

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