Volume 47, Issue 5 - May 2012


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The Latest Launches
An Overview of the AIA Expo in Washington, D.C.

This month, companies from across the nation gather in Washington, D.C., to show off their latest wares to the nation’s leading architects during the annual American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) Expo, May 17-19. Among these are several glass and glazing suppliers displaying their latest glass options, new technologies and more.
Read on for an overview of what is on display at the event.

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Tubelite Expands Blast Line - Booth #313
Tubelite has expanded its ForceFront Blast curtainwall and entry door systems for high-performance, high-security projects seeking blast-hazard mitigation in low- and mid-rise applications. The systems include nominal 1-inch insulating glazing with a SentryGlas Plus Interlayer. The products are manufactured using EcoLuminum, a high recycled-content aluminum billet composition with eco-friendly, durable finishes.

ARTACO Launches Complete Line of Railing Components and Systems - Booth #2748
ARTACO Railing Systems, formerly Taco Railings, a division of Taco Metals Inc., is debuting its complete line of glass railing systems.

“ARTACO glass ra iling systems represent a unique opportunity meeting industry demands for more comprehensive manufacturing and installation solutions that translate into real profits,” says Jon Kushner, president of Taco Metals Inc.

The company offers systems that contain products such as balusters, brackets and fittings, as well as in-fills of glass, rod, cable or other materials. All products meet international standards and can be shipped and delivered almost immediately, according to the company.

Teks Select is Now ICC-ES Evaluated - Booth #849
ITW Buildex introduces Teks Select, a selectively hardened fastener with new ICC approval. Teks Select self-drilling structural fasteners offer Grade 5 performance, are quick to drill and tap, and offer few stalls, according to the company.

PPG to Debut Glass Possibilities - Booth #2911
PPG Industries has unveiled two new high-performance architectural glasses.
One of the new glass products the company is introducing is a passive-solar, low-E glass with improved U-values that is engineered for commercial buildings in heating-dominated climates. The other is a high-performing low-E glass with a steel-gray aesthetic designed to offer solar control and visible light transmittance.

In addition, PPG is displaying Solarban 72 Starphire glass, a solar control, low-E glass with a light-to-solar-gain (LSG) ratio at 2.38; Solarban R 100 glass, a neutral-reflective, solar control, low-E glass with a 1.79 LSG ratio; and Solarban 70XL glass, a triple-silver-coated, solar control, low-E glass.

Guardian Displays Latest - Booth #1943
Guardian Industries is displaying its recently launched SunGuard Photovoltaic Glass Units (PVGU) for commercial buildings, on which it is working with Pythagoras Solar. The units combine energy-efficient windows with high-efficiency solar panels and include a low-E coating in an effort to optimize daylighting, increase energy efficiency, and generate electricity to meet the needs of a building.

In addition, the company features its SunGuard SNR 43 and SunGuard IS 20. SunGuard SNR 43 is a new glass coating for commercial applications that offers a high light-to-solar gain ratio and low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). IS 20 is the company’s first commercial interior surface coating for glass, providing cost efficiency and performance.

Double Duty - Booth #1429
Kawneer and Traco are showcasing several products and solutions with their combined exhibit space, including their newest ultra thermal, sun control and window offerings. Kawneer will also offer a 60-minute continuing education opportunity on the show floor.

Among the products on display is the Versoleil SunShade platform with the Versoleil Outrigger option for curtainwall and storefronts. Pre-engineered for multiple Kawneer systems, the design offers versatility in both form and function, according to the company.

The Traco NX-4000 Series thermal window also is being shown. The window offers an energy-efficient projecting window solution with the distinctive and historic look of a hung window.

Control the Sun with SageGlass - Booth #2003
SAGE Electrochromics is displaying its SageGlass, an electronically tintable glass for windows, skylights and curtainwalls. The glass tints automatically or on demand to respond to changing sunlight and heat conditions, according to the company.

SageGlass can enable users to control sunlight and heat without shades or blinds, maintaining both the view and connection to the outdoors while also reducing energy consumption. The glass can be used in commercial, institutional and high-end residential applications.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane … It’s SuperLite II-XL - Booth #3013
Safti First has partnered with PPG Industries to offer SuperLite II-XL with Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass. The product is designed to provide maximum fire and impact safety with hose stream from 45 to 120 minutes while meeting ASTM E-119 requirements. The addition of Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass by PPG to SuperLite II-XL allows architects to create safe, fire-rated spaces with clarity and transparency, according to the company.

Renovate It - Booth #3017
J.E. Berkowitz features its Renovate by Berkowitz LLC Platinum Series window retrofit technology. The system uses an interior glazing method of hermetically sealing a factory-made insulating glass unit to the existing monolithic glass window with a warm-edge triseal spacer. Company officials say the system maintains the look of an existing exterior building façade while also providing energy savings.

The Platinum Series features PPG’s Cradle-to-Cradle-certified Solarban and Sungate low-E products as options. The system comes with a 10-year material warranty and a two-year labor warranty.

Luxar Anti-Reflective Glass on Display - Booth #1922
Glas Troesch, with McGrory Glass, Inc., is showing its anti-reflective glass and other high-tech coated flat-glass product lines.
Company officials say the product is nearly imperceptible with a visible light reflectance of below 0.5 percent, thus eliminating glare and haze.

Linetec Releases Guide Specification - Booth #313
Linetec has published a new guide specification for factory-applied metal finishes. “Section 05 0513 Shop Applied Coatings for Metal Three-Part Guide Specification” is available for download from the company’s online Architect Resources section.

Prepared according to the principles of the Construction Specification Institute and Construction Specifications Canada (CSI/CSC), the guide specification reflects MasterFormat titles and numbers as of April 2011, according to the company. The six-page document also coordinates with Division 01 MasterSpec to address various sections pertaining to both polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) liquid paint coatings and anodize finishes for aluminum railings, metalwork, frames, louvers, sunscreens, roof and wall panels, doors and entrances, windows and skylights, storefronts, curtainwall and more.

To the Point - Booth #3825
Viracon has introduced ClearPoint, a point-supported insulating glass system that increases the transparency of glass façades. The system was engineered to provide building designers with greater flexibility and to allow architects to maximize sight lines and enhance aesthetics, delivering a clean, contemporary look both inside and out.

Additionally, Viracon officials say ClearPoint reduces the amount of framing material making contact with the glass, providing an elegant result for building interiors and exteriors. The system also can be used with a low-E coating and/or silk-screen options.

The system comes with a 10-year limited warranty and a heat soak certification, according to the company.

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