Volume 47, Issue 11 - November 2012


Architectural Visions
Vision from SEFAR Architecture is a metal-coated precision fabric interlayer that can be laminated within glass or other transparent materials to create unique designs in exterior glass facades, windows and interior and decorative glass partition wall systems. According to the company, the interlayer utilizes metal-coated fabrics with various apertures to create depth and a reflective quality without overwhelming glare. On a building’s exterior facade, the fabrics deliver light refraction and add dimension without impeding views from the building interior.

The fabrics are printable with UV-stabilized inks to produce Pantone colors, patterns and other design effects. They can also improve the thermal insulating qualities for reducing solar heat gain while allowing for light transmission, according to the company. They are available in six fabric density configurations and each can be coated with six different metal coatings: aluminum, aluminum/copper, chrome, copper, titanium and gold. They feature plain or twill weaves in a variety of aperture percentages (25-70 percent) and light transmission percentages (18-60 percent).

door products
Overhead Protection
The “original” Doorbrim Store introduced the first in a series of protective devices developed to extend the life and maintain the original cosmetic appeal of exterior doors, jambs and hardware for office buildings, shopping centers, apartments, industrial buildings, hospitals, schools and other commercial and residential facilities where subjected to the elements. According to the company, the door brim provides a simple shield for the top and upper sides of the door diverting rain and snow safely away from the areas vulnerable to the intrusion of water and the possible development of mold under certain conditions. They can also be used for protecting window openings, allowing windows to be left open for ventilation during light rains.

The door brim can be installed over new or existing doors and is adaptable to many building surfaces including aluminum, vinyl, steel, wood, stucco or concrete. It is available in thicknesses of .187 inches and .250 inches, and sized to fit over a standard 36-inch wide commercial exterior door or window giving approximately a 6-inch overlap or extension on each side. Custom sizes and finishes are also available.

doors and windows
Before the Flood
Savannah Trims Inc. now offers aluminum glass doors designed for flood protections. According to the company, the medium-style aluminum and glass storefront doors are developed and tested to a 60-inch deep water level.

Storefront Systems
Front-Set Performance

The YES 45 TU storefront system from YKK AP America can now handle front-set glass applications in addition to its existing center-set capabilities. According to the company, this expansion not only allows for greater applications of the product where front-set is required, but also improves the thermal performance of the system.

YES 45 TU has hinged mullions coupled with 90-degree or 135-degree inside and outside corners. The system is thermally broken by means of a poured and debridged pocket that employs a patented process, ThermaBond Plus, which provides a composite shape of materials for reduced heat flow through the framing.

The system has been tested to meet the requirements of the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code with standard low-E insulating glass.

Commercial Hardware
Security, Silence and Savings

The new silent electrification (SE) motorized latch retraction option for Adams Rite exit devices is the latest innovation from the Rite door line of integrated door assemblies. According to the company, a growing number of healthcare facilities, office buildings, schools, hotels and apartment complexes that use these near-silent devices are benefitting from the operating power that allows for light-gauge wiring and low amperage power supply. Likewise, the new electrification platform negates the need for heavy, bulky and expensive power supplies, according to the company.

Key features include motor-driven latch retraction; near-silent operation; ultra-low current draw; preload release capabilities; combination electric latch retraction and electric dogging; and availability on the Rite Door with 3000, 8000 series exit devices.

Amesbury has it Handled Amesbury Hardware
Products offers a handle that is designed to help make your project ADA-compliant. The ADA-compliant, U-shaped handle also meets fire safety requirements. The handle curves back to the door keeping the fire hose and other rescue equipment from tangling in the door handle, according to company literature. Additionally, the extended lock turn is workable without the need to grip, and the product works with standard lock sets.

The company also offers its Euro Style aluminum door hardware for commercial applications. The hardware works with both P2000 and P3000 locking systems, and the gear box system uses the company’s single point P2000 lock box and cover plate.

Ultrafab Expands Multi-Fin Offering
Ultrafab had added a new Five Fin option to its patented Tri-Fin line, which it says is designed for extreme applications that require superior sound abatement performance as well as air and water infiltration reduction. This patented Five Fin product offering features the center fin and the two outside fins as well as two additional fins spaced out within the pile fibers.

All multi-fin pile seals come in standard colors and a wide range of densities, heights and backing options. The product can be inserted during the profile extrusion process or in cut-to-length profile lineals during fabrication utilizing an Ultrafab provided pile insertion machine.

decorative glass
Decorative Accents

Coyote Glass Design creates decorative glass for use in the plumbing and hospitality industries. Coyote produces a wide variety of products from sinks and countertops to backsplashes, doors, mirrors, tabletops, art and signage. Coyote officials say the company’s products are made in the United States using American-made glass, and are created in the tradition of American glass works by casting glass into any shape or texture by bending, carving and slumping glass into molds. Each piece is handcrafted using techniques that include kiln-forming, sand-carving, painting, laminating and metal inlay. Coyote officials also say the products can be custom-designed and produced to any specification or level of complexity.

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