Volume 47, Issue 9 - September 2012


Products That Pay
A Preview of GlassBuild America Exhibitors’ Products

Henry Ford once said, “It is not the employer who pays the wages. He only handles the money. It is the product that pays the wages.” With Ford’s quote in mind?manufacturers, retailers, dealers and distributors of flat glass, fabricators, contract glaziers, architects, specifiers and builders will not want to miss out on this year’s GlassBuild America (GBA), September 12-14, in Las Vegas.

Here are some of the products that will be on display at this year’s show, and if you are a type of business described above, you should heed Ford’s advice and locate products at GBA to set your business ahead of your competition.

Booth #1953
Print Virtually Anything

Dip-Tech announces that it has added two new options for its GlassJet digital printer. The digital printer was designed to offer the ability to customize individual glass panes, each with its own design, color scheme and ability to fit a variety of glass systems. GlassJet now offers higher-resolution and digital-etch ink. With twice the resolution, the 720 dpi produces sharper and more vibrant patterns, textures vector and photo realistic images printed in glass than the previous version of the system, according to the company. According to Dip-Tech, the GlassJet combines the company’s wide color spectrum of ceramic inks, designed for durability and expression, with its DXP image processing tools. The DXP facilitates user-friendly graphic preparation of photorealistic designs, privacy and opacity control, double-sided images and the ability to imitate the look of acid etch on glass for interior and exterior applications, according to the company.

Booth #1719
New Seamer Available

Benteler Mechanical Engineering introduces its Horizontal Portal Cup-Wheel Seamer, which uses diamond cup-wheels instead of belts. According to Benteler, the product design lengthens tool life, keeps edges square, and stands up to badly broken glass. Benteler claims other features include short length, which reduces cycle times for width changes, a width adjustment speed of 60 meters/min, the ability to handle glass from 3 to 8 mm thick at grinding speeds of 22 meters/min, and an automatic thickness adjustment.

Booth #1850
Get a Straighter Edge

Schiatti Angelo Srl of Seregno, Italy, distributed in North America by DeGorter Inc. of Monroe, N.C., has been concentrating on the development of the model FPS 1 5S9?a straight edger able to grind and polish the ?at edge with arises on glass sheets with a thickness ranging between 3 and 20 millimeters. Company officials say the sizes of the sheets that the edger can process range from a minimum of 150 by 150 millimeters, a maximum weight of 1,000 kilograms and can be distributed on the entire length of the machine. The main conveyor slides on ball bearings, and it adjusts by itself to various thicknesses. The glass is fed into the machine by means of a conveyor with a polyurethane timing belt and a steel wire core. In addition, a device located at the inlet of the machine allows an increase in the glass removal without the need to adjust the diamond wheels.

Booth #1621
Bend More with Less

J & S Machine of Ellsworth, Wis., distributor of 3C Clomea machines, is now offering machines to bend PVC/vinyl extrusions. The product is adaptable to the entire range of 3C Clomea bending machine models, allowing the user to bend not only vinyl, but also aluminum and steel on the same machine. The PVC/vinyl components are easier to install and are composed of heating elements, an electrical panel, and control console. The control console allows the user to manage the air emission of the heaters and keep a consistent temperature during the bending process. Custom rollers are designed with high precision for each profile to minimize deformation of the work piece.

Booth #2163
A Vertical Solution

Erdman Automation Corp. of Princeton, Minn., will feature a vertical insulating glass (IG) line complete with gas filling. This IG line features the Erdman vertical IG flexible spacer applicator, vertical grid Application, vertical roll press and Automated IG secondary sealer with integrated gas fill. Company officials say an advantage of its IG lines are that they are built, installed and supported in North America, which allows time-efficient economical parts and service support for equipment in North America. In addition to this vertical solution, the company also offers a range of horizontal equipment.

Booth #1463
Scan for Defects

This year Lisec will introduce the FiT-Line 5?a new compact line for cost-efficient insulating glass (IG) manufacturing, as well as the GPS.perfectscan glass scanner for single sheets, IG and laminated glass. The FiT-Line 5 is a redesigned and refined IG manufacturing line and an all-in-one solution for start-up IG manufacturers and small and medium enterprises. This compact IG line consists of a glass washing machine, a flexible spacer applicator, a frame-mounting station for traditional spacers, an automated gas-filling press, and an automatic edge sealing machine. Lisec also will exhibit a scanning system, GPS.perfectscan. According to a company release, the system not only checks single glass lites for any optical defects, but also laminated or IG units, including triple-glazed units. The scanner can detect visual defects in continuous mode according to the quality criteria defined by the user.

storefronts and curtainwall
Booth #912
Taken by ForceFront™

Tubelite Inc.’s new ForceFront Storm hurricane-resistant storefront and curtainwall systems are designed for both low- and mid-rise buildings in compliance with High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) Windzone 3 and Miami Dade - Large Missile Impact Level D (ASTM E1886/E1996 - TAS 201). According to the company, the systems allow for dry glazing to be done on the job site.

Booth #238
Stay Clear

The new ClearShield from Chicago-based Ritec is designed to offer durable, non-stick glass surface protection. The coating can be applied either in the factor or on-site, in effort to reduce the energy required for cleaning glass, maintaining original light transmission and making the glass more hygienic, according to the company.

glass handling and transportation
Booth #255
Glass That’s Ford Tough
F. Barkow now manufactures 12-foot to 16-foot glazing bodies with full-length ledgeboards for Ford medium duty trucks. Certified "Super Single" rear tires keep the higher payload capacities while staying within federal-width limits. According to a company release, the custom bodies are manufactured from aluminum, stainless steel and painted steel.

Booth #546
Rubber Grip for No Slip

Dr. Gold & Co. will show its range of Carrymate non-slip safety grips, which enable transport of many different kinds of materials, from very thin to triple-glazed windows, up to a width of 6.2 inches, allowing users to lift up to 440 lbs in weight. Dr. Gold & Co. also will show its Carrymate X-Spanders replacement rubbers, which are applied by putting them over each clamp like a rubber band.

Booth #1739
An Eco-Friendly Sealant

The Fenzi Group of Milan, Italy, will be showcasing its insulating glass (IG) and warm-edge technologies at this year’s GBA. One product to be spotlighted is the Thiover polysulphide, two-part sealant, which company officials say meets the most advanced eco-compatibility standards. The use of this product gains LEED points and makes it possible to certify buildings in compliance with the U.S. Green Building Council rating system standards. According to a company release, Thiover sealants are solvent-free, do not contain any harmful ingredients, feature excellent mechanical properties and have extremely low permeability to water and gas. These sealants are also compatible with all spacers and with most of the materials used in IG glass.

Booth #550
Give Exteriors a Lift

Swedesboro, N.J.-based American Renolit offers a broad range of colors known as metallics. These films are suited for commercial applications with an expanded offering of realistic metallic finishes. These finishes include architectural bronze and other anodized-type finishes, including silver, aluminum, copper, black and more. Company officials say the scratch-resistant surface can be ordered with either a smooth-stipple or an etched-type finish that bring a rich appearance and excellent durability. These metallic finishes join the EXOFOL selection of woodgrain and solid color-laminate films, which company literature states enhances the look of the interior or exterior of all types of window frames. The EXOFOL is suitable for substrates of PVC, fiberglass, wood, aluminum, composites and more.

door and window systems
Booth #750
New Additions

Safti First has begun distributing Pittsburgh Corning’s LightWise architectural systems. The pre-fabricated windows allow vision and light transmission while protecting against blast, bullets, hurricane, tornado and ultraviolet rays, according to the company. The panelized windows are available in standard modular frame dimensions. The product line includes a blast-resistant system, detention and security windows, hurricane-resistant windows, tornado-resistant windows and energy-efficient panels.

Booth #1127
New Energy Innovation

Houston-based Quanex Building Products Corp. is unveiling its EnergyQuest™ Window and Door System, as part of its “Innovation Zone” booth. According to a company release, EnergyQuest will give those manufacturers looking to redesign and retool their products additional options to achieve the proposed 2014 U-factors from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This system is available in double-hung, single-hung, slider, patio-door, casement and picture window options. In addition, EnergyQuest accommodates either double- or triple-glazed insulating glass units up to 1 ?-inch thick, and will be offered with or without an extruded nail fin for fast and easy installation. Company officials say it will also come standard with Quanex’s exclusive SuperCoat™ UV-cured technology, which is available in six colors, including black, architectural bronze, brick red, adobe, hunter green and gray.

decorative glass
Booth #839
New Design Option

Walker Glass of Montreal will exhibit its full-surface acid-etched glass and mirror products as well as their Walker Textures Nuance line of custom and stock patterns, including six new patterns recently introduced. The new designs were created as a result of an extensive market study conducted with architects and designers across North America. In addition, Walker Glass has launched a brand-new design center on its newly updated website. Company officials say this online tool allows architects and designers to marry suggested acid-etched patterns with interior or exterior applications.

Booth #509
RegaLead Offers Variety

United Kingdom-based RegaLead will display its decorative overlay product line as well as its new ColorSpray system for backspraying glass. According to the company, the decorative overlays are based on an adhesive system that bonds glass bevels, colored film and lead strip to plain sheet glass to create decorative overlays. The decorative overlay system can be used to recreate the look of traditional stained glass, design innovative contemporary decorative glass or produce a leaded door or window panel. The ColorSpray product is a three-component system that uses a high-performance clear base and added colorants from a range of 19 colors and four aluminum effects for metallic colors.

Booth #1153
Sync Up Your Software

FeneTech of Aurora, Ohio, will demonstrate its newest software ERP solution: FeneVision neo. The software features a new design, enhanced functionality, redesigned web center, business intelligence and native apps for iPad and other mobile tablet PCs. FeneVision neo offers all functions to control and manage a complete enterprise such as quoting, order entry, capacity planning, control, production scheduling, batching, batch and dynamic glass cutting optimization, CNC control of all cutting lines and CNC machinery, tempering bed optimization, production tracking, bar-coding or touch screen, delivery planning, invoicing and statistical reporting, according to the exhibitor.

Booth #2027
Down to Business

Albat + Wirsam has a new software solution, A+W Business 5, designed for medium-sized flat glass processors and insulating glass (IG) producers. The system is designed to be transparent, ergonomically friendly and user-friendly. The system comes as a multi-dialogue application, and each can be opened and edited at the same time. Menus and dialogues also can be positioned at random, and dialogue sizes can be adjusted by a mouse-click. In addition, the company’s new A+W Production Cockpit is designed to compile information and make it available to the production manager in real-time. The system is suited for a variety of applications, such as insulating glass lines, edgework, screen printing, tempered and laminated glass production, productivity ratios and machine status. The production manager configures the individual control stations based on ongoing and critical processes, sorts the information and decides about the necessary steps.

glass coatings
Booth #768
Block Out Harmful Rays

UVBlockIR by Shoko-America of Torrance, Calif., is a glass-coating paint that protects and shields homes from harmful UV and IR rays. This paint prevents these rays from damaging homeowners’ furniture and flooring, and company officials say it helps in keeping homes cool while keeping the transparency of glass. According to a company release, UVBlockIR blocks 50-percent of near-infrared rays, and just by applying the paint, temperatures are lowered by contributing to energy savings and CO2 reduction at home and at the office.

Booth #1162
New Detectors, Easier Job

EDTM Inc. of Toledo, Ohio, will introduce its line-powered tin side coating detector, the TS1420. The most important feature of the new TS1420 is that it is line-powered by a 6-volt power supply. To maximize the life of the product, there is a convenient “glass-present” sensor built into the product. When the glass is placed over the instrument, it will automatically illuminate the UV light inside the instrument to identify which surface is the tin side. The tin side surface will cause the UV light to glow a milky white color. If you are on the non-tin (atmosphere) surface, the lamp will glow normally. The glass-present sensor allows for hand-free operation when testing for the tin surface. According to company officials, users slide the glass over the top of the sensor and look for the glow after the TS1420 automatically powers on. The company also will introduce its new Reflex programmable coating detector, the RX1550. This digital instrument comes pre-loaded with calibrations to identify numerous specialty coatings available to the glass and window industry. One of the meter’s features is its ability to be programmed for new coatings in the field. The meter allows users to store calibrations of new coatings that they can test in the field for themselves.

glass panels
Booth #348
Resist an Impact

MapeShield impact-resistant panels by Mapes Architectural Panels of Lincoln, Neb., have been utilized as a prominent feature on the Shore Memorial Hospital project in Somers Point, N.J. Guthrie Glass & Mirror installed the MapeShield panels in this Ewing Cole-designed hospital addition. If you come by Mapes’ booth, you can find more about this project and more about how these panels are designed for use in curtainwall, storefront and window applications. MapeShield panels are designed for use in any glazed area. They have passed both ASTM-E-1886-97 (missile impact and pressure cycling) and ASTM-E-1996-02 (windborne debris in hurricanes).

Booth #419
Enhance Performance

PPG Industries of Pittsburgh will introduce SUNGATE 600 glass and SUNCLEAN self-cleaning glass, two new products for the commercial building market. According to a company release, Sungate 600 glass is a multifunctional, low-emissivity (low-E) glass designed to enhance the insulating performance of buildings in a variety of climates and applications. SunClean self-cleaning glass, which PPG introduced nearly a decade ago for the residential construction market, is ideal for commercial applications such as skylights, canopies, walkway covers, glass shading devices and other sloped or difficult-to-access glazings. Additionally, PPG will display popular architectural glass products such as Solarban 70XL, Solarban R100, Solarban z50 and Solarban 60 solar control, low-e glasses; Starphire ultra-clear glass; and Clarvista shower door glass.

Booth #1073
On Guard

Guardian Industries will showcase its two newest advanced technology glazings for commercial applications—SunGuard PVGU and SunGuard EC. SunGuard PVGU combines Pythagoras Solar Photovoltaic Glass Units (PVGU) technology with SunGuard advanced architectural glass to create a building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) product. This replaces standard vision glass and skylights with a glass product that converts direct sunlight into energy, according to the company. Guardian SunGuard EC incorporates Soladigm Dynamic Glass technology into its SunGuard portfolio of solutions. SunGuard EC switches from clear to tinted on demand, and enables control of heat and glare in buildings while providing comfort, uninterrupted views and natural daylight. yyä www.guardian.com bath enclosures Booth #639 Alumax Exhibits Range Alumax will be exhibiting Designer Series and Classic Series products, featuring easy-to-install designs with multiple configurations. A variety of styles will be available to view including frameless, neo-angle, and curved glass styles. Possible features include heavy glass units, pivot-and-hinge door models, as well as sliding and stall units.

Booth# 2170
An iPad and Evolving Technology

SwarfBuster invites attendees to stop by its booth and learn about its Next Generation Coolant. While there, attendees can also enter in a chance to win an iPad. SwarfBuster says its coolant technology boosts performance power by providing glass particle removal from the entire fabrication system. The patented coolant additive process utilizes an environmentally friendly formula that helps reduce water spot etching, shiners, etc., and enhances worker safety due to its environmentally friendly bacteria/microbe inhibitor. The company also says that the process conserves energy and water while providing reliable performance. Glass fabricators especially appreciate that the technology is affordable and very easy to implement, according to the company.

safety devices
Booth #609
Updated Panic Device

PRL has announced that its glass panic device now offers three new features. Among these, company officials say the system now is tested to 1.3 million cycles of operation; can accommodate doors up to 10 feet tall; and offers faster lead-times than previously was available. Additional features PRL cites are various panics and dead bolt styles, standard and custom exterior handle configurations, secure cylinder/key housing, door stop/strike bracket and an electric strike option.

door and window hardware
Booth #1027
An All-Stainless-Steel Solution

Interlock USA of Reno, Nev., introduces an all-new family of NOVA casement operators and hinges for vinyl, wood and aluminum applications. Built for heavy sash weights, company officials say the NOVA dual arm casement operator ensures smooth operation and unmatched performance for extra large windows. The convenient snap-on cover is designed for quick installation and convenient transport without compromising elegance. Also within this booth, SIEGENIA-AUBI, which is exclusively distributed by Interlock, will introduce its TITAN AF-X system as an all-stainless-steel solution. The stainless-steel system is available for both single and double-sash windows, which company officials say combines superior aesthetics and maximum corrosion resistance. According to a company release, this system is an eco-friendly solution and not only offers extreme durability and a long service life, but also was produced without any additional chemical or galvanization treatments. This new all-stainless-steel system is a solution for harsh coastal environments and maximum security up to class WK/RC2.

door seals
Booth #935
A Tight Seal

Lauren Manufacturing of New Philadelphia, Ohio, will introduce the new seal solution, Dual Durometer Door Seal, for entry-door applications. This new seal is a closed-cell ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), and according to a company release, EPDM synthetic rubber material will not absorb water. The material offers excellent weather resistance, compression set and low thermal conductivity. The product includes secure kerf fitting and low-friction coating on the surface of the seal for ease of installation and functionality. This sealing material is UL 157 certifiable, and available in standard and custom profiles.

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