Volume 47, Issue 9 - September 2012

Reflecting on Glass
Based in Toledo, Ohio, Pilkington North America, a part of the NSG Group, has released a new, innovative product used to conceal the appearance of televisions and video screens. Pilkington MirroView has a highly-reflective mirror coating on a clear substrate which gives televisions and video screens a modern, transitional look. According to the company, Pilkington MirroView looks like a normal mirror when the screen is off, and the image shows through the mirror when the screen is on.

Pilkington MirroView can be used for a variety of applications including hotel rooms, bars and restaurants, living rooms, bathrooms, lobbies, salons, and other areas where building owners may want to conceal televisions and video screens when they are turned off. Pilkington officials say the glaze can be fabricated to meet any size requirement that may be needed for a home or office.

Projecting Transparency
HoloPro announces the creation of a screen that allows projection on to glass in daylight while maintaining transparency. According to the company, its technology allows holographic optical elements (HOEs) to be beamed onto a highly transparent film by laser. This is then embedded in the glass.

In addition, company officials say the light-guiding effect enables rear projection onto the glass screen, while the angle-selective effect of the HOEs means that only the projected picture is directed at the viewer.

AGC Reaches A+ and A
AGC Glass Europe recently tested the VOC emission levels of its decorative painted glass products and obtained A classification ratings for its Lacobel and Matelac painted glass ranges. In addition, company officials say that when the products are backed with its safe foil, they can reach an A+ rating. Mirox 3G and Mirox MNGE mirrors each were rated A+, according to the company.

commercial windows
Energy-Efficient Venting

YKK AP America now offers a thermally broken YES SSG TU Vent for storefront, window or curtainwall applications. The vent is available in sizes up to 37-˝ by 61-˝ inches (or 61-˝ by 37-˝ inches). The thermally broken vent also is compatible with several of the company’s framing systems.

According to the company, the vent is an AW-rated product with performance grade 65, and has a water performance rating of 15 PSF.

Opening Doors
Hager has introduced its 4500 Series Concealed Vertical Rod exit device, which has been designed and engineered for use in heavy-duty commercial applications. According to the company, the device features concealed top and bottom rods, which make it an ideal solution for a wide variety of openings requiring durability and versatility.

Kawneer Adds Impact
Kawneer Co. Inc. has expanded its 350/500 heavy wall entrance line to include a hurricane-resistant option. The manufacturer reports that its 350/500 Heavy Wall IR Entrances meet the highest level of impact protection for entrances in the industry.

Originally developed for heavy traffic applications such as schools, universities or stadiums, the entrances now meet the stringent ASTM E 1996 Level E requirements for enhanced facilities. Designed for durability, reliability and strength, the entrances now offer protection from severe weather such as hurricanes, persistent rain, wind-borne debris and other conditions. The entrances feature the company’s corner construction, which has four Sigma deep penetration and fillet welds plus mechanical fastening at each corner.

Education Online
The Fenzi Group has developed a course called “Selecting Insulating Glass Sealants for Durability and Energy Efficiency.” The online continuing education course aims to educate attendees about how to properly select insulating glass (IG) elements, find out more about each component, understand the components’ performance, and earn continuing education credits.

The course has been approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

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