Volume 48, Issue 4- April 2013


Electronic Learning
Don't Miss Out on Some Great Education
by Brian K. Pitman

Globally, leaders of many industries are discovering the “magic sauce” of professional development. In the glass and glazing industry, this approach to increasing the knowledge and skills of a company’s professionals can be rewarding in so many ways. Efficiencies can increase, more projects can be bid and completed successfully, communication among employees and management can be productive and the bottom line will show the effects of all these enhancements. The question you have to ask yourself is “how do we start?” The answer, of course, is education.

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In the United States, corporate spending on professional development is predicted to grow 2-3 percent over 2012 numbers, while job growth for training professionals is predicted to grow by nearly as much. Many in our industry, though, are still wading through the quagmire of slow credit, cancelled or reduced projects, remodeling versus new construction and more. That environment, plus the fear that things may pick up again quickly, are leading most to look for an educational tool that provides maximum potential with a minimal cost. That should lead you to take a look at GANA’s Glasseducation.com website. Our library of fabrication, manufacturing and glazing presentations continues to grow, all at a reasonable cost to members and others in the industry.

Did you miss the BEC Conference last month? The program featured everything from economic outlooks and problem-solving to product performance. Wish your guys had gotten to see some of the great content provided by thought leaders in the glazing industry? No problem, we have you covered. The entire conference, as well as several of the prior ones, were filmed and are being released on the site for purchase and viewing. Some of the best presentations were about ways to avoid curtainwall failures. Would that help your project manager? What about your installers?

There are some who feel the glass and glazing industry hasn’t matured into the electronic age enough to support online training, education and professional development, but the numbers prove the doubters wrong. Additionally, the site works well on mobile platforms, such as iPhone, iPads and Android devices. An ever-growing library of knowledge is quite literally at your fingertips. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of an opportunity that is 24/7/365 and can not only make your employees better and smarter, but offer you a much better looking bottom line?

Digital Age
Not convinced yet? Visit the website today. Free presentations are mixed in with the premium ones. See what opportunities await your workforce (or even you.) And keep coming back, because GANA has a library of more than 200 presentations currently being uploaded to the site. And we will keep filming more, because (as you know) this industry can turn on a dime, and you need to be prepared for that.

We hope you will visit the site today and check out some presentations. You won’t spend 2-3 percent more of your bottom line for this professional development, but one idea gleaned from a great presentation could pay back much more than that on your bottom line.

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