Volume 48, Issue 4- April 2013


New Guardian Site Offers Tools and Resources

Guardian Industries has updated its website, www.sunguardglass.com, offering improved organization and usability, as well as enhanced tools and resources. Some of the features include improved project search functionality, a new product appearance selector, new green Building and LEED information, as well as new performance comparison calculators. In addition, the company has reconfigured its web-based search tool with a map-based feature. Similar to its smartphone glass app, this tool allows users to find and explore projects based on a specific location. For example, users can zoom in on a specific location and then bring up a photo and some highlighted project information associated with the pin on the map. Users simply click on the project of interest to bring up detailed information. The database can also be searched in a more traditional manor. Here, users can select from ten different attributes, such as the type of building, product used, as well as fabricators or glaziers who worked on the project.

mobile apps
Here’s an App for That
The new Sika product finder app is available in the iTunes Store. The app is designed to help users find the appropriate product for their needs, along with the appropriate materials safety data sheets when necessary.

safety glazing
Viracon Debuts RF Solutions
Viracon has created CyberShield, a glass coating specifically engineered to reduce the transmission of radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation, also known as RF shielding. The technology’s made possible by the use of Pilkington Datastop coating on the glass. Datastop is conductively connected to the window frame around the perimeter of the window to ensure maximum effectiveness.

CyberShield offers electrical attenuation with an average of 45 decibels across a frequency range from 35 megahertz to 18 gigahertz, while optimizing visible light transmission with a neutral glass color. Additionally, glass performance can be enhanced with low-E coatings and/or silk-screen solutions.

CyberShield glass can be used as a glazing solution for exterior or interior walls where RF shielding is needed. Available in laminated, insulating laminated and double laminated insulating glass, CyberShield requires heat-treating and special glazing requirements of a conductive gasket or conductive silicone to maximize performance.

fire-rated curtainwall
Take Me Higher

Aluflam announced that UL has approved the use of increased heights for its Contraflam Structure glass units utilized in its various storefront and curtainwall systems. The company says the approval allows for the creation of designs with a fire-rated, butt glazed vision wall at full floor-to-ceiling heights in most interior conditions (over 11 feet 6 inches for 1 hour and 10 feet 6 inches for 2 hours). According to the company, this removes intermediate vertical framing elements, creating discrete joint intersections to form a flush and uninterrupted surface that can be finished with aluminum perimeter framing and can also be customized with most architectural finishes.

Neptun Rocks On

Neptun Advanced Processing Systems recently rolled out its line of Rock straight-line edgers. Rock edgers are made of cast iron and highly thick steel processed to maintain precision and reduce mechanical wear and maintenance costs.

The edgers have a conveyor with rectified steel guides sliding on an oil cushion for precision until fully worn and are easily replicable. According to the company, the compact structure and the type of material ensure sturdiness. Barcode option data import can be done when in ETS mode and an independent inlet drive option is an ergonomic pedal control for stopping and starting the inlet to load large or heavy glass sheets without slowing production.

In addition, the edge to shape feature allows the straight-line edgers to perform edge processing with control of the final geometry both in terms of angles and final desired dimensions. The process scans the incoming angles with a laser system and adjusts the removal angle by means of specific CNC-controlled axis while the same laser system measures every glass side in real time and the removal angle is consequently adjusted in order to get the desired final dimensions.

The Rock 8 is a straight-line edger with eight wheels, for flat edges, polished arrises or wide chamfer up to 10 mm with industrial polish. The Rock 11 is a straight-line edger with 11 wheels, for flat edge, polished arrises or wide chamfer up to 10 mm with industrial polish; and the Rock 10-45 is a straight-line edger with 10 wheels, for flat edge, polished arrises and wide chamfer up to 40 mm with variable angle of 0°÷45°. Neptun is represented in the U.S. by Matodi USA.

Beneath the Surface
ISRA Vision, a manufacturer of inspection systems and monitoring technology, has introduced a number of new scanning equipment lines.

FloatScan 5D combines five optical channels in one system. The patented online Moiré technology measures optical refraction in the glass, which ISRA says makes its distortion measurement insensitive to environmental influences. With the patented inspection process based on multi-dimension, multi-mode and multi-view technology, the system supplies the exact position of defects on the top and bottom surfaces as well as within the glass ribbon. This is supported by patented LED technology.

In addition, the Powerscan product line for glass sheets—Powerscan-Sheet, Powerscan-Dimension, Powerscan-Lamination and Edgestar—now includes a system for the inspection of coated glass. Powerscan-Coating detects small color deviations and coating defects in all coating types, according to the company. The coating is checked for inhomogeneity and color flow over the entire glass lite and the color map is viewed and checked from various angles. The edges and shape are also checked and any glass defects are identified with LED illumination technology.

Bottling Knowledge: PPG Education Center Educates Architects on Glass

Instead of bottling enthusiasm, PPG is “bottling knowledge” through its newly launched Glass Education Center (www.educationcenter.ppg.com). The online resource is designed specifically for architects to serve as a source for information about designing, specifying and building with commercial glass.

Rob Struble, manager, brand and communications, PPG Industries, explains the intent and evolution of the site which was in development for roughly a year.

“In this downturn it seemed that many of the long-term ‘glass experts’ in architectural firms were retiring,” says Struble. “So we get a fair amount of basic questions along with questions at a higher level than we ever had before,” he says.

And, Struble adds, “We have technical service files that can fill a room. So we digitized it and indexed it.” Struble explains the goals of the site:
It helps architects design better with glass;
It provides a comprehensive source of educational information on glass; and
It takes advantage of PPG’s deep knowledge base of glass handling fabrication and installation.

The result was a comprehensive site divided into three sections – Glass Topics, Glass Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and a Glossary. The online tool also features a mix of videos, illustrations and educational features that address issues such as preventing thermal glass breakage, specifying large insulating glass units, how low-E glass works, how heat-treated glass differs from heat-strengthened glass, and why it all matters for commercial building projects.

Glenn T. Miner, director of construction, flat glass, says the PPG Glass Education Center was created to address a growing demand, especially among young architects and students, for more accessible, interactive and engaging technical information about designing and building with glass.

“As commercial glass products become more sophisticated, glass manufacturers have an obligation to deliver technical information to architects and other building professionals in a way that helps them meet the increasingly difficult demands made of them,” says Miner.

He stressed that the site is not designed as a marketing tool.

“When visitors log on to the PPG Glass Education Center, they will find very little to no information about our products specifically,” Miner adds. “Our primary goal is to offer an objective, user-focused resource that enhances the safety, attractiveness and energy-efficiency of buildings constructed with glass, whether they are skyscrapers erected with monumental curtainwalls or small elementary schools with simple windows that open and close.”

And it really was designed with architects in mind.

“We went to 40 people in PPG who work with architects and asked, “What questions do you get the most?” says Struble. The result of that information cull was 60-70 different questions.

“At the end of the day everyone benefits if we use glass better,” he adds. —Tara Taffera

3D modeling
BIM IQ® Brings a New Revolution to Building Designs

Imagine being able to make a change to your architectural glass project and then see that change from any view--interior or exterior--in its exact location, any day of the year. The BIM IQ® technology available exclusively from Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® (OBE) allows users to do just that. The technology is a computer-aided three-dimensional (3D), interactive design and energy application for the architectural and construction industry. Created for OBE using the same technology that designed the 777, the first airplane modeled completely in 3D, this type of technology is the industry’s first.

“If you’re not working in a 3D CAD environment or 3D BIM environment, you’ve got to get there, because the world is moving in that direction very rapidly and the days of walking into a conference room with rolls of 2D CAD drawings are drawing to a close,” says Ted Hathaway, CEO.

BIM IQ is different than traditional building information modeling (BIM). For example, it allows users to change the glass selection or mullion design and then show that change from any view of the project, interior or exterior, in its exact location, on any day of the year. It also calculates the performance data from that change through its energy analytics tool.

When the glass selection is changed BIM IQ calculates the exact amount of available daylight associated with that glass selection; thermal calculations are made based on the design change, according to the company.

According to company information, users can change the color of the glass, for example, and see not only how it will look, but also how it will perform. Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope says BIM IQ is a game changer in how buildings will be designed.

Time for an Upgrade

Soft Tech Group has released an upgrade to its flagship product, the V6 comprehensive estimating and manufacturing software solution for fabricators. With this introduction, the new v3.6 brings together the recent upgrades to v3.5 as well as additional modules, functions and ease of use features.

The Grid Patterns feature supports a range of interior, exterior and internal grids as well true divided lights. Other features include automated dimensions for calculation of DLOs, and incremental saving on quotes and a placement agent for milling operations, according to the company. Likewise, any CAD drawing can now be imported into V6.

However, the company expects the most popular change to be the new ribbon bar controls and the ability to customize tool sets, which it says align V6 screens to modern practice making them simple and productive.

Mainstreet Launches New Glas-Avenue Version
Glas-Avenue 9.0 is the latest release from Mainstreet Computers, offering new features designed to help improve efficiencies. These include a time clock module that verifies employees’ daily time-in and time-out, as well as a commission system that rewards employees for productivity through incentives.

In addition, the program determines the appropriate sales tax for specific locations; can add photos and documents relative to each invoice through the POS attachment feature; handles upselling and insurance billing through one invoice with insurance job invoice customization; and can check for the best price and parts availability through the multiple vendor inquiry feature.

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