Volume 48, Issue 8- August 2013


A Job Well Done
Associations Bring out the Industry's Best
by Ashley M. Charest

This issue of USGlass magazine is about the best companies to work for in the glass and metal industry. In that same respect, there are also some great associations to which glass and metal companies can belong. In my opinion (and of course, I’m biased), the Glass Association of North America (GANA) is hands down the best association to which a company can belong, and the proof of that statement can be found in the members that are already a part of GANA. These “best” companies give us their best workers to use, complimentary, on a range of issues that affect not only their company, but their competitors and the industry at large.

All About People
GANA is the best association because of the individuals who serve on our boards, come to our events, participate in conference calls, and read through countless drafts of documents and procedures. Those individuals serve on more than 80 task groups within GANA; they edit the industry “bible” to provide updates for the GANA Glazing Manual, and they provide graphics and photos to enhance our AIA CEU programs that again are provided to architectural firms by the best individuals in our industry.

We know that people give up some of their own free, personal time to come to meetings that may start over a weekend, hop on a conference call when they are in a time zone too early for most individuals to comprehend, and they travel to industry events where occasionally they end up ill in their hotel room. But it is that type of person, who is willing to provide a bit of personal sacrifice for the company at which they want to establish and maintain a career, in an industry that will see them through job title changes, sending the kids to college, and even the inevitable death of a loved one. That is why there are best companies, and best associations, because of the best people on the planet who work for the glass and glazing industry.

Are You One of the Best?
Are you working for one of the best companies in the industry? Make sure you are taking an active part in your company’s membership in GANA. Some of the best minds in our industry participate. We also invite new participants to become involved in the activities of GANA. Our New Professionals Committee extends an invitation to new GANA members to be a part of the committee to better understand the overall structure of the association, along with presentations on industry topics to better prepare our new members to take advantage of all the association’s offerings.

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