Volume 48, Issue 8- August 2013


window film
Solar Gards the
Next Generation

Solar Gard has launched its new Ecolux 70 low-E window film. According to the company, Ecolux combines low-E coating with solar control properties to help keep heat out in summer, even when the sun goes down, and to help reflect heat back into a room to keep it warm in winter.

Ecolux 70 low-E also has a high visible light transmission to maximize natural light and allow for a clear view, according to the company. www.solargard.com

computer modeling
See It In 3D

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain, a manufacturer of fire-rated glass and framing systems, announced the availability of an improved and expanded selection of Autodesk Revit models. The data-rich, intelligent 3-D models comply with the Revit Model Content Style Guide version 2.1.

The new Building Information Model files for Vetrotech’s fire-rated glass, window, door and framing systems are available online. www.vetrotechUSA.com http://seek.autodesk.com

A Rock and a Hard Place

Neptun, represented in the U.S. by Matodi USA, introduced the Rock 14-45, a 14-spindle mitering machine. According to the company, the new line has the ability to both miter and edge at the same time, and can also be fitted for its Edge to Shape system, allowing CNC precision from a straight line edger. In addition, the Rock series of edgers utilizes the latest developments in track design, while retaining the heavy duty frame and design, according to the company.

Available options include extended length conveyers, as well as extended height racks, and an option of independent motorization of the inlet conveyer for easy loading of large or heavy glass. www.neptunglass.com www.matodiusa.com

Close to the Edge

The new Bovone ELB 14/45, available through Salem Distributing, is a 14,770 pound 14-cup type wheel edger designed to simultaneously produce precision flat edges, miters and arrises in a single pass. The flat edge and miters can be polished with cerium oxide and felt wheels or with cerium filled composition wheels, according to the company.

The ELB 14/45 is equipped with a programmable logic control that features a touch screen interface for accurate operation. Wheel set-up from job-to-job is adjusted by data entered from the touch screen interface or recalled from a memory of up to 1,000 settings.

As with all Bovone machines, the machine’s base as well as other critical structural components of the 14/45 is constructed from cast iron, which provides a high level of vibration damping, rust resistance and rigidity to provide the platform necessary for high-speed processing of high-quality edge finishes, according to the company.

The edger also has a diamond spindle motor. This is a 70-pound direct-drive powerhouse that yields a stable diamond wheel to glass surface interface necessary for high-speed processing of high-quality edge finishes.

The Bovone track system is capable of gripping glass as small as a 1-inch cube up to a 2,000 pound lite. www.salemdist.com




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