Volume 48, Issue 12- December 2013

GANA Perspectives

A Solid Foundation
GANA Volunteers Provide the Basis of Our Success

by William Yanek

As so many of you in the industry know, the key to a building’s success is having the right foundation. The foundation carries the load not only for the existing structure, but for future additions as well.

At the Glass Association of North America (GANA) our volunteers provide the solid foundation necessary for us to serve as an effective leader in the architectural glass and glazing industry. Their support and collaboration supply the industry with critical real-world tools such as informational bulletins, industry manuals, expos, conferences and forums. Through their efforts they have built a foundation that thrives in the present and positions our association for future success.

Please join GANA staff and elected leadership in thanking these volunteer leaders. Our industry relies on their commitment, dedication and hard work.

GANA Board of Directors
Tracy Rogers, Quanex Building Products, GANA President

Jeff Nixon, Glass Coatings and Concepts LLC, GANA Vice-President

Kris Vockler, ICD High Performance Coatings, GANA Treasurer
Stanley Yee, Dow Corning Corp., GANA Secretary
Jon Kimberlain, Dow Corning Corp., BEC Division Chair
Marc Deschamps, Walker Glass Co. Ltd., Decorative Division Chair
Mike Rupert, PPG Industries Inc., FGM Division Chair
Nathalie Thilbault, Prelco Inc., Insulating Division Chair
Valerie Block, DuPont, Laminating Division Chair
Mandy Marxen, Gardner Glass Products, Mirror Division Chair
Rick Wright, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®, Tempering Division Chair
Jay Phillips, Guardian Industries Corp., GANA Immediate Past President
Helen Sanders, SAGE, Energy Division Chair

Building Envelope

Contractors (BEC) Division

Ted Derby, LCG Facades, LLC, Blueprint Reading and Estimation Course Chair

Jon Kimberlain, Dow Corning Corp., BEC Conference Committee Chair Guidelines for Structural Silicone Task Group Chair
Chuck Knickerbocker, Technical Glass Products, Technical Committee Chair, Commercial Fenestration Systems Manual Chair, Project Managers Reference Manual Chair
Bill Sullivan, Brin/Northwestern Glass, BEC Scholarship Committee Chair

Decorative Division

Danik Dancause, Walker Glass Co. Ltd., Recyclability of Architectural Glass Products Chair, NeoCon Task Group
Sylvain Denis, Walker Glass Co. Ltd., Technical Committee Chair, Design Considerations for Use of Sealants and Adhesives for Coated Glass Chair
Marc Deschamps, Walker Glass Co. Ltd., Decorative Glass Strength Properties Chair, Decorative Glass Weatherability Chair
Jim Gulnick, McGrory Glass, Decorative Standards Subcommittee
Mandy Marxen, Gardner Glass Products, Durability & Testing for Interior Back-painted Glass Chair
Jeff Nixon, Glass Coatings and Concepts LLC, Product Color and Durability Subcommittee Chair, Color and Appearances Properties Task Group Chair, Durability Properties Task Group Chair, Measuring Optical Performance of Decorative Glass Chair
Cathie Saroka, Goldray Industries Ltd., Membership Committee Chair, Website Committee Chair
Matthew Tangeman, Custom Glass Machinery, Education Committee Chair

Energy Division

Pete Anderson, Apogee (Viracon), Technical Committee Chair
Marc Deschamps, Walker Glass, Sustainability Subcommittee Chair
Pete Hutley, Curtain Wall Design and Consulting Publications Subcommittee Chair
Rob Joyce, Guardian Industries Corp., Government and Regulatory Affairs Subcommittee Chair
Helen Sanders, SAGE Electrochromics, Advocacy Committee Chair, Building Standards Advocacy Subcommittee Chair, Life-Cycle Analysis Chair
Nathalie Thibault, Prelco, Solar Products and Applications Subcommittee Chair

Flat Glass Manufacturing Division

Mitch Edwards, Guardian Industries Corp., Technical Committee Chair, Physical and Mechanical Properties Chair, Edge Deletion Chair
Kara Gosinski Cash, Guardian Industries Corp., GANA Flat Glass PCR Chair
Pam Rygalski, Pilkington North America Inc., Environmental Committee Chair

Insulating Division

David Cooper, Guardian Industries Corp., PIB Migration Chair
Joe Erb, Quanex, Building Products, Website Committee Chair
Jon Kimberlain, Dow Corning Corp., Secondary Sealant Bite in IGUs Chair
Neil McSporran, Pilkington NA, Multiple Cavity IGUs Chair
Tracy Rogers, Quanex Building Products, Membership Committee Chair
Ken Rubis, Dow Corning Corp., Bent IGUs Chair, Education Subcommittee Chair
Nathalie Thibault, Prelco, Integrated Blinds in IGU Chair, GANA-IGMA Capillary Tubes Task Group Chair
Aaron Thompson, Apogee (Viracon), Technical Committee Chair, Benefits of Using Gas Fill in Insulating Glass Units glass informational bulletin (GIB) Task Group Chair
Rick Wright, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope, Guidelines for IGU Edges in Commercial Applications, Describing Architectural Glass Construction GIB Task Group Chair

Laminating Division

Valerie Block, DuPont, Education Committee Chair, Membership Committee Chair, Glass in Furniture GIB Chair, Laminated Glass Railing System Chair
John Colapietro, Oldcastle Building Envelope, Interlayer Compression Testing Task Group Chair
Michael Griffin, Huntsman Polyurethane, Effects of Moisture of Laminated Glass GIB Chair
Dan Laporte, Eastman Chemical, Technical Committee Chair, Suggested Procedures for Dealing with Broken Glass GIB Task Group Chair
Julie Schimmelpenningh, Eastman Chemical, Laminated Glazing Reference Manual Chair, Nominating Committee Chair, Sealant and Setting Block Test Method Chair
Jim Stewart, Tremco Inc., Sealant and Setting Block (Material), Compatibility with Laminated Glazing Materials GIB Chair
Aaron Thompson, Apogee (Viracon), Marking and Labeling GIB Task Group Chair

Mirror Division

Sylvain Denis, Walker Glass Co. Ltd., Education Committee Chair, Green Aspects of Mirror Update Chair
Marc Deschamps, Walker Glass Co. Ltd., LEED Informational Task Group Chair
Mandy Marxen, Gardner Glass Products, Website Committee Chair

Tempering Division

Greg Carney, C.G. Carney and Associates, Guidelines for the Production of Heat-Treated Glass Task Group Chair
John Colapietro, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope, Construction Subcommittee Chair
Ed Dean, Vesuvius USA, Education Committee Chair
Keith Knolmayer, Bohle America Inc., Fully Tempered, Heavy Glass Door Design Guide Task Group Chair
Jeff Nixon, Glass Coatings and Concepts LLC, Engineering Standards Manual Subcommittee Chair
Kevin Olah, Guardian Industries Corp., Vehicular Subcommittee Chair
Mike Rupert, PPG Industries Inc., Technical Committee Chair, IWCA Communications Task Group Chair, Applications for Heat-Treated Glass GIB Task Group Chair
Chuck Wencl, Apogee (Viracon), Distortion Task Group Chair

Association Wide

Valerie Block, DuPont, Protective Glazing Committee Chair, School Security Glazing Chair, Radio Frequency (RF) Shielding GIB Task Group Chair, Bird-Friendly Glass GIB Task Group Chair, Glazing Industry Code Committee Chair
Hank Krueger, Anemostat Products, Fire-Rated Glazing Council Chair
Tracy Rogers, Quanex Building Products, Marketing Committee Chair
Julie Schimmelpenningh, Eastman Chemical, Turtle Codes GIB Task Group Chair
James Wright, Glass Coatings and Concepts, New Professionals Committee Chair

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