Volume 48, Issue 12- December 2013

Product Of The Year

Readers Select the USGlass Magazine 2013 Product of the Year Winners

Every month USGlass magazine gives you a look at some of the industry’s newest products and developments. And time and time again, readers tell us that the new product section is one of their favorites in each issue. Now, as 2013 comes to an end, we’re excited to provide a look back at some of your favorite products of the past year. Our Annual Product of the Year Awards are selected by you: our readers.

The results stem from a survey that included all of the products from both the USGlass Showcase section and the Annual New Products Guide. Following is a recap of those products selected as the winners of the USGlass 2013 Product of the Year Awards. Product submissions are welcome throughout the year. Please send your new product information to erogers@glass.com.

Glass Product: Solarban® 72 Starphire® glass

Solarban® 72 Starphire® glass, a solar control, low-E glass from PPG is designed to provide high visible light transmittance, clarity and solar control performance. In a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit, it offers visible light transmittance approximating that of Solarban 60 Starphire glass, along with 25-percent more solar control. According to the company, to maximize clarity, Solarban 72 Starphire glass insulating glass units feature one lite of uncoated Starphire glass and one lite with a triple-silver coating engineered exclusively for use on a Starphire substrate. www.ppg.com

Impact Product: Ultra-Thermal Product Portfolio

Kawneer Co. Inc. put a cross section of its ultra-thermal product portfolio through blast mitigation testing. The company’s AA®425 thermal entrances, AA®4325 OptiQ™ ultra thermal fixed over project out window and IR501 UT framing were tested to meet Department of Defense and Interagency Security Committee/General Services Administration requirements, as well as ASTM F1642 to protect building occupants from all forms of external force, according to the company. www.kawneer.com

Architectural Metal Product: Standard Doors and Entrances
A full line of standard doors and entrances from Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® are available to offer customers the opportunity to create custom designs that meet specific criteria, according to the company. The product range includes narrow-, medium- and wide-stile aluminum entrance doors and aluminum storefronts in both center and offset systems. Terrace and sliding doors are available (both swinging and sliding), as are all-glass entrance systems, hurricane-resistant and blast-mitigation elements. www.oldcastlebe.com

Door/Window Product: AA®5450 Series Window

Kawneer’s Traco division expanded its OptiQ ultra thermal window offering with the AA®5450 series window. The AA5450 series windows meet or exceed the minimum requirements for architectural window performance class—including life-cycle testing—and provide the ability to add or remove thermal options based on performance and cost requirements, according to the manufacturer. A polyamide thermal break allows OptiQ windows to achieve high thermal performance, which according to the company, is further enhanced by accommodating 1-inch double or 1½-inch triple insulating glass. www.kawneer.com

Decorative Glass Product: DigitalDistinctions

This digital printing solution is the latest addition to Viracon’s decorative glass portfolio. According to the company, the process combines the durability of ceramic inks with the versatility of digital printing and enables a vast selection of colors to be applied to a single lite of glass, including high-resolution images, patterns, text, textures, dots and lines, among other things. www.viracon.com

Dynamic Glazing Product: Reveal

Guardian Reveal, the company’s newest interior glass innovation, offers product solutions that enable users to design with glass without sacrificing privacy. According to the company, designers and architects can create distinctive designs for shower enclosures, walls and partitions, dividers, windows and doors, entryways, airport screening booths and more. The glass is available in a broad range of colors, tints, patterns and textures. In addition, it is eligible for LEED certification points because it is energy efficient and helps pull daylighting deeper into a project’s interior. www.guaradian.com

Glass Railing Product: GRS Monolithic Tempered Glass Railing System

The GRS monolithic tempered glass railing system from C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) received International Code Council Evaluation Service certification. The GRS glass rail system structural glass balustrades evaluated in the ESR-3269 report are intended for interior and exterior weather exposed applications, and according to company literature, are suitable for use in most natural environments. www.crlaurence.com

Software Product:

FeneMeasure Soft Tech added another new product to its FeneMeasure Android-based application, which allows quotes to be loaded via the web for updating the measurements of openings on site. Using the company’s flagship product, the first screen lists the quotes downloaded and the second the external dimensions of the openings. When a dimension is chosen for adjustment, a keypad appears. The quote can then be uploaded to the office for final check, pricing and production. www.stgroup.com

Machinery/Equipment: Accufab Pro

In an effort to help users locate shear block connectors accurately and quickly on the vertical members of U.S. Aluminum curtainwall, storefront, and window wall systems, CRL launched a new, patented line of tools. Its new Accufab Pro has the potential to reduce fabrication time installing horizontal shear blocks to vertical mullions by 75 percent, according to the company. The new Accufab Pro is expected to eliminate misdrilled fasteners, out-of-level horizontal members, and costly measurement mistakes. www.crlaurence.com

Transportation Product: The Defender

The Defender glass truck body by MyGlassTruck.com offers aluminum glass racks behind a retractable polyester curtain for side loading and added width in the interior’s rear for transporting crates and bulky items. Inside, padded and floor-to-ceiling aluminum racks that utilize poles or e-track for securing glass line the walls, protecting the bottom edge of a glass load. Translucent ceiling panels and LED dome lights provide light, and optional pull-out rear steps and full-width double doors allow interior access. www.myglasstruck.com

Component: Chromatech and Chromatech Ultra Stainless Steel Spacers

Chromatech and Chromatech Ultra stainless steel spacers are available from Fenzi North America. The warm-edge spacers are available with corner keys and connectors. The Chromatech line also offers better sightline temperatures in excess of 17 percent compared to traditional aluminum, according to the company. The stainless spacers are available in a wide range of air-space widths, have a polycarbonate bridge across the top and are available in three colors. www.fenzi-na.com

Surface Treatment/Cleaning Product: ClearShield

ClearShield® acts as a lasting protective barrier, helping keep glass surfaces easy to clean. According to the company, the surface treatment forms a chemical bond with the glass so it will never peel, flake or crack. As a result, it keeps lime scale, moisture, alkalinity and dirt from bonding with the glass. Ideal for use in decorative and architectural applications, ClearShield is completely transparent, chemically inert, non-hazardous and UV stable, according to the company. The treatment also features antimicrobial properties. www.clearshieldonline.com

Fire-Rated Glass and Framing: FireLite® and Fireframes®

Available from Technical Glass Products, FireLite fire-rated ceramic glass is a clear option for highly visible fire-rated locations where design professionals do not want to compromise on aesthetics to meet fire-safety codes. FireLite ceramic glass is available with fire ratings up to three hours and impact-safety options. It also passes the hose stream test and can be installed in standard fire-rated frames.

Also from TGP, the Fireframes aluminum series can now be used in applications requiring a two-hour barrier to radiant and conductive heat transfer, according to the company. The frames create narrow profiles, providing an alternative to traditional hollow metal frames for fire-rated applications. Custom cover cap extrusions are available and the frames can be finish painted at the factory to match nearly any desired color scheme. Listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.®, the series carries 120-minute fire ratings as a wall assembly, and may incorporate up to 90-minute fire-rated doors, according to TGP. www.fireglass.com

Safety Gear: Banom’s Cut-Resistant Gloves

Specializing in cut-resistant gloves, including those for the sheet metal and glass industries, Banom says its distributors have consistently and simultaneously reduced both total dollars spent and hand and arm lacerations in sheet metal and glass operations.

Its gloves utilize two cut-resistant yarns: MaxPly® Dyneema® and Abratex®. www.banom.com

Computer Modeling: Vetrotech’s Autodesk Revit Models

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain, a manufacturer of fire-rated glass and framing systems, announced the availability of an expanded selection of Autodesk Revit models. The data-rich, intelligent 3-D models comply with the Revit Model Content Style Guide version 2.1.

The new Building Information Model files for Vetrotech’s fire-rated glass, window, door and framing systems are available online.


Laminated Glazing Product: Sentry Guard

Sentry Guard is available from Tristar and is an alternative to traditional glazing. It utilizes DuPont’s SentryGlas® Plus interlayer to create a strong, long-lasting environment that the company says is safer from forced intrusion through windows and other glazed areas, compared to non-laminated products. According to the company, Sentry Guard offers more than 100 times the rigidity of standard PVB interlayers and resistance to forced entry.


Hardware Product: Extra Protection Applications

A suite of products for facilities in code-driven regions and humid, salty and high wind conditions that require extra protection is available from Von Duprin. These products feature coatings that inhibit rust and those that are designed, tested and certified to WS9827/9927 and 237 standards, which both meet the FEMA 361 and 320 building codes for windstorm resistance.

For exit devices that are exposed to extreme conditions and need additional protection against the elements, Von Duprin offers a clear protective coating to the exterior and interior of an exit device’s mechanical parts to help prevent the effects of weather or chemical corrosion.


Window Film Product: Safe and Secure from 3M

3M safety and security window films are designed to contain broken glass fragments together within the door or window frame in the event of breakage. Doing so, according to the company, creates a strong barrier, reduces the chance of injury, and helps impede entry into applications.

According to the company, rigorous testing is conducted to ensure its safety and security window films meet or exceed industry standards for impact performance, tear resistance and durability.


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