Volume 48, Issue 12- December 2013


Get Enough Fiber(Fusion)

Armaclad Windows and Doors offers a number of fiberglass window systems as part of its FiberFusion line, including ones for commercial use, which can contribute to LEED point accumulation.

The windows have non-mechanical corners and use combined lock and tilt latch assembly. They have double and triple compression seal design and are available in vertical and horizontal sliding windows and casement and awnings.


Fire-rated glass
Safti-First Gets SuperSecure

Safti First announced that SuperSecure II-XLS now meets ASTM F1915 Grade 1-3 in addition to California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) Class A requirements for forced entry. SuperSecure II-XLS is a clear, fire-resistive security glazing that combines forced-entry security with temperature-rise fire protection meeting ASTM E-119/UL 263/NFPA 251 with hose stream up to two hours, according to the company. www.safti.com

Get the S.E.A.L. Of Approval

Wausau Window and Wall Systems now offers its “Sound, Energy, Air and Light” S.E.A.L. Series, which it says upgrades acoustical and thermal performance of facilities’ existing window systems. Part of the Advantage by Wausau® offering, these standard interior accessory windows are suited to meet the pace of construction timelines for low- and mid-rise buildings, including offices, schools and medical facilities. Leaving the exterior window or curtainwall framing systems intact, the S.E.A.L. Series windows reportedly can contribute to improved energy efficiency, and for facilities in high-traffic areas near highways, railways or airports, the windows also are said to reduce sound transmittance. www.wausauwindow.com

glazing Nights in New Satin

Ecosat Velo is a satin-finish glass from Vitrealspecchi. According to the company, it offers higher luminous transmission (extra-clear – 87.4 percent; 8mm thick) and easier cleaning, compared to ordinary acid-etched glass.

Ecosat Velo is marketed for all-glass doors and partition walls. The monolithic float glass, manufactured to UNI EN 572 1-2: 2004 and laminated to UNI EN 1449:2005, has a surface that the company describes as “extreme silkiness” to the touch and resistance to fingerprints.


glass flooring Thick Glass for ThinkGlass

Glass design and manufacturing studio ThinkGlass now offers thick glass, a material composed of layers of glass fused together by extreme heat, result ing in what the company calls a strong and durable block of pure glass with the purity and luminescent quality of the glass preserved.

Lightly textured to prevent slipping, these slabs of glass can be made to fit the sizes needed depending of the structure in which they are being used. The glass slabs can be enhanced with LED lights or color and different textures are available for thick glass applications. www.thinkglass.com

architectural metals Get in Linetec

In an effort to further enhance the thermal performance of architectural metal products, Linetec has expanded its services. The company’s new offerings include lancing for improved adhesion to complement polyurethane poured-and-debridged thermal barrier systems, polyamide insulating strip (thermal strip) with widths up to 50-mm for increased thermal efficiency and complete installation capability of 90-degree thermal strip with greater efficiency, quality and consistency, according to the company.

Technoform Bautec is Linetec’s supplier of polyamide insulating strips ranging from 10mm to 77mm widths. In addition, Linetec added an Azo Lancer from Azon to provide mechanical surface conditioning of the aluminum extrusion cavity.


hardware Small Scale

Stanley Security, a provider of access control and integrated security solutions, introduced its new small format interchangeable core (SFIC) to its commercial hardware brand. Designed to meet a range of applications for commercial use, the Stanley commercial hardware SFIC cores have the flexibility to be used with a variety of manufacturers’ products.

Stanley commercial hardware SFIC cores can also be used for existing key systems in need of re-keying, and the company says the cores offer quick and easy installation, along with an A2 keying system with multiple levels of master keying and a standard keyway BF: BEST ‘F’. Plastic construction cores are available and all come with a lifetime warranty, according to the company.


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