Volume 48, Issue 2- February 2013


“Logikal” Design

Building Envelope Software Technologies (BEST) has released the new LogiKal® Version 8 professional contract glaziers’ software. In addition to dual screen support, the new version provides a number of project management features. These include documentation management to the job file, which allows the user to add any document, such as an RFI, drawing or PDF. The program also has curtainwall segments for both fabrication and installation. According to the company, it provides enhanced material packages for anchors and other items with labor; new elevation history with the ability to revert back to previous versions; and alternate pricing across systems, finishes, glazing and manufacturers.

LogiKal integrates with automated CNC equipment and, for shops without automated equipment, the program can produce fabrication reports for the shop supervisor.

Show Them the Way
The Italian company Optima Software Technologies offers its Opty-Way® glass cutting optimization system with several add-on modules to meet different customer needs in shape drawing systems and production control. The Opty-Way Enterprise is an ERP system for integrated management of glass companies. The Scan-way system allows users to import .bmp, .jpeg and .tif digital photo files. It can move, scale, rotate, mirror and zoom on any image acquired from a scanner or digital camera and process it using the CAD-CAM modules. Also available is the CAD-Way, a two-dimensional drawing system that generates free shapes, and TV-Way, which allows users to display cutting plans on an industrial television monitor and import data that has been optimized by external systems. The Rack-Way module is designed for managing the delivery sequence or flow of the items being processed.

machinery and equipment
Beam Me Up

Vytek Glass Laser Systems offers a laser system to directly engrave on both tempered and untempered flat glass. The system produces “photographic detail to a resolution not obtainable with any other method” and does so with lasers, negating the need for masks, chemicals or lengthy prep time, according to the company.

Similar to the method used to print images on glass, the images are applied dot by dot to the surface, though instead of applying an ink or paint, company literature says the lasers make micro-damage marks on the surface of the glass.

Here’s What They Convey
Casso-Solar offers a conveyorized non-autoclave laminating machine, which has three independently functional areas that run simultaneously. Typical lamination temperature is 266 degrees and production capabilities run up to 1500 square feet per shift, according to the company. The machine can laminate glass sizes up to 96- by180- inches and up to 1-inch thick.

surface treatments
In the Clear

ClearShield® acts as a lasting protective barrier, helping keep glass surfaces easy to clean. According to the company, the surface treatment forms a chemical bond with the glass so it will never peel, flake or crack. As a result, it keeps lime scale, moisture, alkalinity and dirt from bonding with the glass. Ideal for use in decorative and architectural applications, ClearShield is completely transparent, chemically inert, non-hazardous and UV stable, according to the company. The treatment also features antimicrobial properties.

Aluflam Announces 90-Minute Aluminum Vision Doors

A 90-minute, fire-rated, full aluminum, vision door is now available from Aluflam. The UL-fire-tested vision door incorporates Contraflam 90 intumescent laminated glass by Vetrotech Saint-Gobain. It is available in a variety of sizes, finishes and hardware choices, and sizes up to 7- by 8-feet pairs of doors and 3-feet, 6-inchs by 8-foot singles.

entrances and storefronts
Pushing the Envelope

A full line of standard doors and entrances from Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® provide customers the opportunity to create custom designs that meet specific criteria, according to the company. The product range includes narrow-, medium- and wide-stile aluminum entrance doors and aluminum storefronts in both center and offset systems. Terrace and sliding doors are available (both swinging and sliding), as are all-glass entrance systems, hurricane-resistant and blast-mitigation elements. Product delivery can be monitored and adjusted via the company’s e-Track online order tracking system.

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