Volume 48, Issue 1 - January 2013

Six Pages of Sunclean
A new brochure detailing Sunclean® glass is now available from PPG Industries. Sunclean is a low-maintenance glass that can be used in commercial building applications such as traditional windows and curtainwalls, sloped glazings or those that are difficult to reach in canopies, skylights, covered walkways and shading devices.

The six-page booklet illustrates how the company’s proprietary titanium dioxide (TiO2) coating on SunClean glass causes it to become photocatalytic and hydrophilic after activation by sunlight. Photocatalysis enables the coating to slowly decompose organic material, while hydrophilicity causes rainwater to sheet when it strikes the surface of the glass, rinsing away loosened organic material. The glass also dries quickly to minimize spotting and streaking.

New GIBs Out of the Shell
The Glass Association of North America (GANA) recently released two new Glass Informational Bulletins (GIB), as well as an updated version of a previous GIB.

The first new GIB, Coastal Glazing and the Turtle Codes, discusses the coastal issue of turtle hatchlings mistakenly heading to the bright lights on shore instead of out to the ocean. The GIB walks through the Florida building codes on the issue and discusses the positive benefit tinted, low-E and reflective coated glass may have in solving the issue by meeting the turtle code requirement of visible light transmittance (VLT) of 45 percent or less in new construction.

The second new GIB, Physical and Mechanical Properties of Typical Soda Lime Float Glass, gives detailed technical information on the strength and other properties of this specific type of glass.

In addition to the two new GIBs, GANA released an updated version of The Importance of Fabrication Prior to Heat-Treatment, a GIB it originally published in 2007.

glass railings
Lighting the Way
Wagner Architectural Systems expanded its line of illuminated Lumenrail lighted handrail products with the Klik System’s Ledpod. Without required threading, the Klik System’s Ledpod uses individual LED lighting fixtures that are designed to snap into a 1-1/2 inch to 2-3/8 inch round handrail or guard top rail section.

According to the company, the Ledpod diminishes glare with either its asymmetric or symmetrical distribution without the need to tilt the handrail. It is also ideal for curved railings.

Going the Distance
A new 16-foot Hero enclosed glass truck body is now available from MyGlassTruck.com. It features a smart, lightweight design that integrates T6 aluminum glass racks into a frame supporting .060 thick aluminum walls and a translucent ceiling, according to the company.

Standard features include: glass racks with full-length, vertical and horizontal padding on both sides of the body; removable wheel skirts for access to rear wheels; a fully-usable 5-inch ledge with multiple pole settings; T6-adjust-a-poles; all LED lighting; rear double-doors and a step bumper and stirrup steps to access the roomy interior with a slip-resistant floor. Additional options include: a self-storing walk ramp; interior racks; sign panels; a lockable storage space between inner and outer racks; E-track and T6-Super-Poles.

impact products
Taking a Bullet
Kawneer Co. Inc. has taken a cross-section of its ultra thermal product portfolio through the rigors of blast-mitigation testing. It has tested its AA®425 thermal entrances, AA®4325 OptiQ™ Ultra thermal fixed over project out window and IR501 UT (ultra thermal) framing and says they meet Department of Defense (DoD) and Interagency Security Committee (ISC)/General Services Administration (GSA) requirements as well as ASTM F1642 to protect building occupants from all forms of external force.

glass products
Strong, Yet Lightweight
For those who want to reduce the weight but strengthen the durability of sheet glass, Light Glass Technology (LGT), now available from Pulp Studio, may be the answer. By laminating annealed or tempered glass to an aluminum-faced honeycomb core affixed with a z-clip, the glass can be attached mechanically to a framing system.

Mechanical connections to the wall or a ceiling can help improve overall strength and safety in many installations while reducing the per-square-foot weight of the glass. Without the clip, the laminated sheet can also be directly glued. In addition, the honeycomb adds rigidity to glass panels as thin as ¼-inch. The new technique can also be used on any thickness of opaque sheet glass.

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