Volume 48, Issue 7- July 2013


Hip to Be Square
GANA Plans New Regional Sessions for 2013
by Ashley M. Charest

What goes around comes around; just like neon colors and 1980s fashion, GANA’s “squaretable” meetings date back to a time when neon jelly shoes and leg warmers were a fashion craze. And recently, these meetings have been re-booted into existence by the association’s members.

The former GANA Squaretable Meeting was held in Newark, N.J., for years, and allowed management teams to come together and learn about new business practices, products and generally to see old friends and re-connect after a busy year in the glass industry. In 2012, GANA members launched the GANA Northeast Roundtable, duplicating the intent of the previous meeting, but also enhancing it with educational seminars. The seminars were tailored to fit the geographic region along with updates on GANA and its advocacy and technical efforts.

Three’s Company Now for 2013 three GANA Roundtables have been scheduled in an effort to reach out to a broader audience that might be able to only travel regionally, along with adding a new way for members to communicate with the association and each other.

During the GANA Fall Conference, we will be hosting a Management Day on September 19, designed around the roundtable concept. Bringing in experts in glass and business management, the day will allow for those both in the southeast, and those attending the Fall Conference, to share what has worked in the office, along with talking about what’s to come in the industry.

On October 15, the GANA Northwest roundtable will be held at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Wash. With a morning of educational seminars, lunch and then an afternoon of open session topics, the event will conclude with a private tour of the glass museum.

November 8 will usher in the GANA Eastern Canada Roundtable at the Hilton Garden Inn in Toronto. Using a mixture of educational seminars and open sessions, this event will mark the first time in more than ten years that GANA has held an event in Canada, opening up the possibility for interaction with prospective members who may not otherwise understand the important work GANA and its members are conducting for the industry.

What’s Next? Stay tuned for 2014, as GANA embarks on another set of exciting Roundtable events, with one heading to Mexico City. To learn more about GANA and its Roundtable events, visit our website, or follow the organization on Twitter at www.twitter.com/glassnation. We look forward to seeing you in Charlotte, Tacoma or Toronto with our newly updated roundtables

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