Volume 48, Issue 7- July 2013

Never Before Seen Products the USGlass NEW Products Guide

Whatever your product needs may be—glass, hardware, components or even fully finished doors, windows and curtainwall systems, the USGlass Annual Guide to New Products covers the whole gamut. Take a look at this year’s lineup and you’ll most likely find just the right product for your next project.

Big Just Got Bigger When Seele took to the American Institute of Architects’ National Convention, which took place last month in Denver (see page 64 for related article), the company wanted to let everyone know it was more than a contract glazier. In showcasing its glass fabrication capabilities, the company featured what could very well be the world’s largest piece of glass.

Fabricated in and shipped from Germany, Seele displayed a glass lite that stretched 46 feet long by 10 ½ feet tall. It was constructed with two layers of ½-inch, heat-strengthened, low-iron glass with DuPont’s SentryGlas interlayer. It weighed 5,913.6 pounds.

The company, which has been importing and installing glass in the U.S. for 12 years, can laminate, bend and temper glass sizes up to 55 feet by 10 ½ inches. www.seele.com

Vista Cool® Things About Solarban®
New additions from PPG Industries include Solarban 72 Starphire®, a triple-silver-coated, solar control, low-E glass designed to provide high visible light transmittance (VLT) along with clarity and solar control performance; Solarban 67 glass, a solar control, low-E glass with a neutral coating for clear exterior appearances along with solar control performance; and Vistacool Atlantica® glass, a moderately reflective glass with high VLT and solar control performance in an emerald-green aesthetic.

In a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit (IGU), Solarban 72 Starphire glass has the VLT approximately the same as Solarban 60 on Starphire glass but offers 25 percent better solar control, according to its maker.

Solarban 67 is engineered with a proprietary double-silver, magnetron-sputtered vacuum deposition coating that PPG says reflects the true timbre and brightness of ambient light and color. In a standard 1-inch IGU with conventional clear glass, Solarban 67 glass has VLT of 54 percent and a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.29.

The Vistacool Atlantica glass, when used in a standard 1-inch IGU with clear glass, has VLT of 47 percent along with a SHGC of 0.35, according to the company. www.ppgideascapes.com

dynamic glazing The Big Reveal
Guardian Industries now offers a glass product that does not sacrifice privacy: Guardian Reveal.

The product uses switchable technology to transition from transparent clarity to serene privacy in a single click.

Reveal can be used in shower enclosures, walls and partitions, dividers, doors and windows, entryways, airport screening booths and more. The glass is available in a broad range of colors, tints, patterns and textures. In addition, it is eligible for LEED certification points because it is energy efficient and helps pull daylighting deeper into a project’s interior.

Float glass is laminated with a liquid crystal film and a PVB interlayer. An electric current renders glass transparent or opaque. The glass can be controlled with a switch, motion detector, daylight sensor or other device. www.guardian.com

decorative glass Chroma(vision) Chameleon
Chromavision C is the latest development from Pulp Studio. The new laminated glass building material has an aluminum finish and colored face, and is designed to provide energy-transmission reduction values when used on building facades.

It is made by laminating a custom substrate, intended for intense exterior exposure, between two lites of glass. The effect, according to the company, is virtually opaque and metallic from the outside, even at night, but providing full visibility from the inside looking outward. If used in exterior applications, the copper and brass versions have a g-value of 31.2 percent and light transmission of 20 percent; aluminum has a g-value of 28.7 percent and light transmission of 21.7 percent. Panels are available in 48-inch maximum widths and virtually any length. www.pulpstudio.com

Go to the Board
Trulite Trudeco has introduced both the DECOboard and MAGboard as what it calls sleek, elegant solutions in markerboards and magnetic markerboards.

DECOBoard uses the Vanceva® color studio to produce more than 3,000 transparent or translucent colors, allowing it to be color-matched to any standard of design.

Entering the realm of magnetic markerboards, Trudeco’s MAGBoard incorporates steel laminated within the glass, creating what the company calls “an impenetrable, hygienic seam.” It can be combined with the company’s Visual printed interlayer for an informative display in applications from patient footwalls to hotel lobbies. www.trulite.com

doors and windows
Viwinco Windows Expands Options

Viwinco’s impact-resistant OceanView windows now feature a variety of color and trim options, with a number of exterior color laminates and interior woodgrains available. The laminates feature Solar Shield Technology to reflect UV light and reduce heat buildup. They also resist scratching, moisture and salt.

Trim options include 3 ½-inch flat casing and 2 ¼-inch brick molding, both with either a picture-frame or bull-nosed sill. The fully welded, factory-applied trim comes complete with an extruded J-channel and is offered in any of Viwinco’s colors. yyä www.viwinco.com

storefronts and curtainwall
X Marks the Spot

The 403X storefront, the latest addition to the XTherm® family of thermal products from EFCO, a Pella Company, comes with a mechanically lanced, dual-pour and de-bridged thermal pocket design. It is capable of achieving a .31 thermal U=factor with .24 center of glass stock inventory glass, according to the company, and comes with a 10-year warranty for polymer adhesion failure. Other options of the 403X system include: screw spline or shearblock construction, variable angle mullions, inside and outside 90 degree mullions, exterior sunshade application, EFCO WV410 vents, EFCO Roto-Vent, and multiple horizontal sight line options. www.efcocorp.com

Keep Calm and ...
PRL has improved features on its glass panic device. The panic devices and access/egress hardware offer three unique features: they are tested to 1.3 million cycles of operation; they accommodate doors up to 10 feet tall; and they have fast lead times, according to the company.

PRL offers complete manufactured entrance systems with panic devices, deadbolts, lock ladder pulls and custom pulls. www.prlglass.com

security glazing
Protect Yourself

Insulgard Security Products has added two products that meet the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 361-2008 requirements for debris impact resistance and pressure testing.

The TH600 architectural aluminum framing system and TH350 door both accept a variety of glazing types and both have been tested to withstand winds up to 250 miles per hour in EF-5 tornadoes and Category 5 hurricanes, according to the company. The TH600 architectural aluminum framing system includes mullion and intermediate horizontal elements and can be used in windows, storefronts or curtainwall designs. The TH350 door is available as a single or pair of doors with ADA-compliant hardware included. Both have met International Code Council 500-2008, according to the company. www.insulgard.com

window film
A Sunscape® Escape

Sunscape is a new premium line of residential and commercial designer window films now available from Madico. The line includes a full range of solar control products including the new Purelite 60, a light window film that provides balanced solar performance with an attractive natural appearance on glass. Where soft light is the desired effect, this technologically developed window film allows for solar protection while providing a soothing view and appearance. www.sunscapefilms.com

Taking Your FeneMeasure

Soft Tech has added another new product to its FeneMeasure Android-based application, which allows quotes to be loaded via the web for updating the measurements of openings on site. Using the company’s flagship product, the first screen lists the quotes downloaded and the second the external dimensions of the openings. When a dimension is chosen for adjustment, a keypad appears. The quote can then be uploaded to the office for final check, pricing and production. www.stgroup.com

Go (Tint)Pro, Go Mobile
Companies that offer window tinting might be interested in Tint Pro, a cloud-based software solution that provides mobile estimating tools.

It offers mobile estimating, inventory management, smart scheduling, film usage optimizing, ePurchasing, eBilling, job costing, payroll, business tracking and other aspects important to “address both the day-to-day functions and the broader planning capabilities necessary to operate a successful business in today’s competitive environment.” www.tintpro.com

storefronts and curtainwall
On the Tube(lite)

Tubelite’s newest storefront system, the TU24000 Series, helps commercial buildings meet energy conservation needs. Described as a “high-performance storefront system,” TU24000 is part of Tubelite’s Therml=Block product offering and features an additional pour and debridged thermal break pocket to withstand demanding climates and conditions.

The glass is centered in the 4.5-inch-deep system. The TU24000 is recommended for low-rise buildings and the lower floors of high-rises. www.tubeliteinc.com

safety gear
Banom Has the Cutting Edge

Banom, with U.S. headquarters in Malvern, Pa., specializes in cut-resistant gloves, including those for the sheet metal and glass industries. Its distributors have consistently and simultaneously reduced both total dollars spent and hand and arm lacerations in sheet metal and glass operations.
The company’s gloves utilize two cut-resistant yarns: MaxPly® Dyneema® and Abratex®. Banom says it services the United States, Canada, and Mexico markets through a network of exclusive distributors specifically trained to provide cut-resistant gloves for hazardous operations involving sheet metal, glass, and razor-sharp knives. www.banom.com

Get Your Gloves On
Afrasia, the Ontario, Canada-based manufacturer of safety gear, now has wholesale options available to the public. The company, which produces a range of safety gloves and other protective gear including aprons, coveralls, goggles and dust masks, is National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)-registered for its N95 disposable particulate respirators. www.afrasia.ca

machinery and equipment
Neptun Rocks On

Neptun Advanced Processing Systems recently rolled out its line of Rock straight-line edgers, which it says stand out for their production speed and high precision and processing quality. Rock edgers are made fully of cast iron and highly thick steel processed to maintain precision and reduce mechanical wear and maintenance costs.

The edgers have a conveyor with rectified steel guides sliding on an oil cushion for precision until fully worn and are easily replicable. According to the company, the compact structure and the type of material ensure sturdiness. Barcode option data import can be done when in ETS mode and an independent inlet drive option is an ergonomic pedal control for stopping and starting the inlet to load large or heavy glass sheets without slowing production.

Available on Rock models 11 and 10-45 is the option of liquid cerium oxide polishing, with independent circuit with tank, pump and mixing system to keep the water and cerium oxide compound in suspension. Remote service options are available for software updates, diagnostics and troubleshooting.

In addition, the edge to shape feature allows the straight-line edgers to perform edge processing with control of the final geometry both in terms of angles and final desired dimensions. The process scans the incoming angles with a laser system and adjusts the removal angle by means of specific axes controlled by CNC while the same laser system measures every glass side in real time and the removal angle is consequently adjusted in order to get the desired final dimensions.

The Rock 8 is a straight-line edger with eight wheels, for flat edges, polished arrises or wide chamfer up to 10 mm with industrial polish. The Rock 11 is a straight-line edger with 11 wheels, for flat edge, polished arrises or wide chamfer up to 10 mm with industrial polish; and the Rock 10-45 is a straight-line edger with 10 wheels, for flat edge, polished arrises and wide chamfer up to 40 mm with variable angle of 0°÷45°. Neptun is represented in the U.S. by Matodi USA. www.neptunglass.com

The Right ExactaBlend
Graco Inc. has announced the introduction of its ExactaBlend AGP Advanced Glazing Proportioner. The company says ExactaBlend AGP is designed to solve the inherent challenges of on-ratio mixing for silicones that are often used in manufacturing curtainwall and insulating glass and the system’s real-time ratio assurance also is said to reduce material waste by shutting down automatically if off-ratio conditions occur.

The ExactaBlend AGP is also easy to operate, according to a company press release, because the unit’s electronic controls remove the guesswork from ratio setting and maintenance while the controls provide simple set up of ratios and also allow operators to make ratio changes on the fly.

Optional data reporting capabilities allow window manufacturers to track key information such as ratio, material usage, flow rate, alarm events and system errors, Graco says, which can be gathered via USB data download and used to streamline the production process and increase effectiveness of the line. www.graco.com

The 400 Series
Erdman says its 400 series spacer applicator offers a low-cost insulating glass production system that works with all flexible spacer systems. It applies the spacer straight with true 90-degree corners, minimal operator training and no data input required for standard operation.

The machine can increase insulating glass unit quality through consistent spacer offset from edge of glass which in turn guarantees the desired amount of secondary sealant is applied. It eliminates operator fatigue and repetitive motion injuries while increasing productivity due to a consistently fast cycle time. It can also reduce spacer waste and comes with the option to provide accurate grid placement via slicing the spacer prior to application to the glass. www.erdmanautomation.com

Like a Double-Edge Sword
Based in Monroe, N.C., DeGorter represents a number of machinery manufacturers that have recently introduced new equipment lines.

Schiatti Angelo srl has available a wide range of glass processing machines including double edgers: machines designed and built to grind and polish two sides of a glass sheet simultaneously, for pencil and/or flat edge with arris profile. The central body includes two bridges: a fixed bridge and a movable bridge, both of which are located on what the company calls water-proof, chrome-plated bars that have self-aligned bearings and steel screws.

The glass moves through the machine by a conveyor composed of a polyurethane timing belt with a steel wire core. The system is dual-drive and can be adjusted according to the glass thickness. The machine has centralized lubricating containers in the sliding areas and the polishing wheel spindles are fully automatic, with movement activated by the PLC.

New from Hornos Industriales Pujol, also available through DeGorter, is the Pujol 100 System that allows users to laminate both EVA or PVB. With the new line, there is no need for humidity or climate control, even in storage and/or production assembly. It does not require a calandring system nor added investments in transformers, generators or compressors, according to the company. www.degorter.com

Movin' On Up!
One of ForEl’s best sellers is the “EM” vertical grinder, to which the company has been making improvements since the beginning of the year. In the last six months, it has reduced the lites loading time and created a new version in which the lites don’t have to be lifted from the driving rollers. Instead they are carried directly by the suction cups drive, which allows both the horizontal movement and the lifting of the glass, reducing the cycle time.

The grade of edge polishing has also been improved, according to the company. With the newly redesigned suction cups drive, the vibrations present during processing have been reduced and the increased stability allows the use of hard diamond wheels for a high-quality finish. www.forelspa.com

Don't Blow a FuseCube
Diamon-Fusion International Inc. has launched its FuseCube, an automated vapor deposition machine developed to apply its protective coating for glass and other silica-based surfaces. Company officials say fabricators can coat thousands of square feet of glass–on both sides and all exposed edges--in less than an hour, all while reducing costs up to 75 percent compared to spray-applied coatings.

Operators load the glass, drop in the cartridges and press a button. The machine coats 5,400 square feet or more in less than an hour with no cure time required and indicates with a green light when the cycle is done and the glass can be removed. The FuseCube can then be unloaded, reloaded and run again.

The FuseCube is offered in three sizes, all of which can handle lites up to 36 by 96 inches: small, with capacity for 75 lites per run; medium, with capacity for 225 lites per run; and jumbo, with capacity to treat 450 lites or several jumbo panels per run.

The FuseCube will be exclusively distributed, installed and serviced in the U.S. and Canada by IGE Glass Technologies Inc. www.DFInanotechnology.com

doors and windows
Give ‘Em Your B.E.S.T

Forimpex Inc. has launched its new concept of a pressure-equalized rainscreened door sill. The B.E.S.T Contact is a patent-pending product that it says “grants door manufacturers the possibility to meet performance standards NAFS-08 and Canadian Supplement CSAA440S1-09. www.forimpex.ca

Defend Yourself

The Defender glass truck body by MyGlassTruck.com offers aluminum glass racks behind a retractable polyester curtain for side loading and added width in the interior’s rear for transporting crates and bulky items. Inside, padded and floor-to-ceiling aluminum racks that utilize poles or e track for securing glass line the walls, protecting the bottom edge of a glass load. Translucent ceiling panels and LED dome lights provide light, and optional pull-out rear steps and full-width double doors allow interior access. The body is supported by a steel sub-frame and its front and rear frames are welded, hot-dip galvanized steel. www.myglasstruck.com

All the Super Singles
F. Barkow recently partnered with a specialty rim manufacturing company to supply the conventional cab truck with “super single” tires. The rim and tire capacity of the super singles are either equal to, or greater than, the original dual tires that come with most trucks.

Super single tires are narrow enough to allow full-length glass racks on both sides. No truck warranties are voided and no emissions, lights or brakes are touched, when the tires are added to the vehicle. www.barkow.com

fire-rated glass
Nice Frames

Technical Glass Products’ (TGP) Fireframes® aluminum series can now be used in applications requiring a two-hour barrier to radiant and conductive heat transfer, according to the company. The frames create narrow profiles, providing an alternative to traditional hollow metal frames for fire-rated applications. Custom cover cap extrusions are available and the frames can be finish painted at the factory to match nearly any desired color scheme. The system combines aluminum frames with Pilkington Pyrostop® glass to provide a barrier to radiant and conductive heat transfer, allowing unlimited areas of glazing in fire separations. Listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.®, the Fireframes aluminum series carries 120-minute fire ratings as a wall assembly, and may incorporate up to 90-minute fire-rated doors, according to TGP. www.fireglass.com

In the Clear
Safti First has added SuperSecure II-XLS 45-120-minute to its product line. The new addition has a Class A-1 rating per the California Department of Corrections 860-09a testing requirements and meets ASTM E-119/UL 263/NFPA 251 with hose stream up to two hours.

It is a wireless product that, as the basis of design, provides maximum security protection; protection against fire, smoke and radiant heat; high STC ratings; and a five-year manufacturer's warranty. www.safti.com

hardware On

Strybuc has added a complete line of multipoint locking systems to prevent rust and corrosion. The hardware includes a range of products such as multipoint locks, handle sets with cylinders, adjustable hinges for doors and repair parts for multipoint locks. The company is the national distributor for Hoppe, G-U Hardware, Truth Hardware, Amesbury, Roto, Ashland, KFV and Fuhr, among others. www.strybuc.com

Fenzi North America Introduces New Stainless Steel Spacers

Fenzi North America has released its Chromatech and Chromatech Ultra stainless steel spacers. The warm-edge spacers are available with corner keys and connectors. The Chromatech line also offers better sightline temperatures in excess of 17 percent compared to traditional aluminum, according to the company. The stainless spacers are available in a wide range of air-space widths, have a polycarbonate bridge across the top and are available in three colors. www.fenzi-na.com

There's a Spider on that Rail!
Wagner Architectural Glass Systems (AGS) has a full range of components for glass railings. Its PanelGrip system utilizes a locking mechanism of high-strength aluminum and PVC isolators combined with a lightweight aluminum shoe moulding. When assembled with tempered or laminated tempered glass of the appropriate size, PanelGrip enables the installer to fabricate a structural glass railing system with significant reductions in labor and freight costs over standard wet-glaze options.

The company also offers accessories to hold the PanelGrip system together, including structural spider assemblies and bolts. The structural spider assemblies are available in traditional cast product, but also fully-engineered and U.S.-manufactured spider combinations, available in one-arm through four-arm configurations. AGS bolts are available in a variety of options including 60-mm combination, 60-mm flat-head removable and a 50-mm combination. All bolts have been tested according to U.S. standards product data and testing certificates are available upon request. www.wagnerarchitectural.com

Architects Talk about the New Products They Want to See Next
Manufacturers don’t pull ideas for their new product developments out of nowhere. Most new products evolve from the marketplace, through feedback from the end-users about reaching a certain goal. That’s why USGlass spoke to four architects about their favorite glass products, and what they’d like to see next. See if these suggestions lead to your next “a-ha!” moment.

Kevin Oreck, principal of Kevin Oreck Architect Inc. in Los Angeles, found a favorite product when designing a convenience store in Cerritos, Calif., with a façade composed of folded glass panels meant to invoke the feel of cascading water. “The glass was laminated with a white frosted interlayer,” because, as Oreck explains, “structurally, dual glazing wouldn’t work.” The product was supplied by Robin Reigi Inc. in New York, and fabricated by GlassPro in Santa Fe Springs, Calif.

“I would have loved to use, but couldn’t find, laminated glass that was more energy-efficient and with more translucence,” Oreck says. He had sought something similar to the Profilit product manufactured by Pilkington, “which I love but wouldn’t have worked in this situation,” he says.

The product he found clearly met the mark; the local Fine Arts and Historical Commission ultimately voted to consider the convenience store public art.

For Owen Richards, AIA, LEED AP, principal of ORA Architects in Seattle, vision met reality when he found a unique glass product for the Chihuly Garden and Glass Glasshouse in Seattle. The project features Guardian SN-62 insulating glazing installed within a Novum structurally-glazed system. “The key to the project’s success as both a great canvas for Chihuly’s art, and as an active event venue, is a completely glass exterior that is highly transparent and energy-efficient,” Richards says.

Having hit success with glass in the past, Richards is looking forward to exploring new properties of this remarkable material. “In terms of new products I’d like to use, [it’s] glazing that can transform from clear to translucent at the flip of the switch,” Richards says. “I’ve seen this in a residential application and would like to find an opportunity to use it, affordably and reliably, on a larger public project.” With all of the developments being made in dynamic glazing today, it shouldn’t be much of a wait for Richards to find the perfect product for an upcoming project.

Kai-Uwe Bergmann, a partner and director of business development with BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group in Copenhagen, is really letting a glass product bring the outdoors in on his latest project. “We are using 12-foot hurricane-resistant glass sliding doors on our Grove at Grand Bay project in Coconut Grove, Fla. These are the largest made, and create an amazing all-glass façade that one can open with a single finger to bring the outdoors in or vice versa,” he says. RC Curtain Walls, Windows and Doors, a part of RC Aluminum Inc. in Miami, supplied the doors.

Looking forward, however, Bergmann is interested in embracing the beauty of glass itself. “I would like to see a lot more color laminates being used in architecture,” he says, pointing to the façade in his firms Sjakket project in Copenhagen. He adds, “Additionally I feel nanotechnologies are still underutilized and have a lot to offer, like self-healing or self-cleaning glass.”

Joshua Prince-Ramus, principal of New York-based REX Architecture is still on a search for what the calls the “Holy Grail” in glass: a “super clear glass (no color and a high visual light transmission) with a high U-value and a low shading coefficient,” he says. Prince-Ramus calls it “Dematerialization without environmental destruction.”

Fortunately for him, “The glass technology improves every year. But as designers—and in close collaboration with Front, our facade consultant—we develop ever more sophisticated facade systems to achieve these ambitions.” —Megan Headley



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