Volume 48, Issue 6- June 2013


Southern Exposure
Fall Conference Offers Expanded Educational Program
by Ashley M. Charest

GANA’s Fall Conference will be held September 18-20, 2013 in Charlotte, N.C., and this year’s event will feature new pieces to the program. With technical and division activities as the foundation for the event, GANA has also expanded the program to offer top glass executives an ongoing educational program tailored for their daily needs in the industry, as well as an expanded “Energy Day” to accommodate many of the exciting and groundbreaking trends the industry is seeing in providing new sources of energy.

Energy Sessions
The GANA Fall Conference will kick off with a full day of energy, both literally and figuratively. The GANA Energy Division will hold its meetings, followed by presentations focused on designing high-performance buildings, barriers to new technology adoption, a panel of experts on energy and “whole building design,” updates about the window and flat glass product category rules (PCR). The program also includes a code and advocacy update. Another significant part of the day features a keynote presentation by Envision Charlotte on what that organization is doing in regards to energy consumption and conservation in downtown Charlotte. With many exciting activities happening with that group, we anticipate great interest from those in the glass and glazing industry.

“We are really excited about our Energy Day during Fall Conference. With a mixture of presentations and panel discussions, which build on the topics from the last Energy Day, the day will have a focus on how to design high-performance building envelopes, how to ensure the desired result is achieved through commissioning and how to reduce barriers to new technology adoption,” says Helen Sanders with SAGE Electrochromics who serves as the GANA Energy Division chair.

Something for Management
New to the Fall Conference is our Management Day, which is an executive management session, designed specifically for principles, owners, senior float glass manufacturers, CEOs and senior management executives in the glass and glazing industry. Topics and presentations will include profit planning, employee retention and recruitment, succession planning and more. In addition, open session time is scheduled to allow attendees to dictate subjects of importance to them. This day is built off the successful GANA Northeast Roundtable that attracted several executives to Newark, N.J., late last year.

“I miss the involvement of so many of our executive representatives at the GANA meetings. Last spring, we did a reprise of the square table meeting that some of us oldtimers remember fondly: a meeting of the GANA executive representatives discussing current industry issues, in an interactive format. That event was very well received,” says John Dwyer, president of Syracuse Glass Co. Inc. “We hope to build on that success, by offering to our execs, vendors and float glass suppliers across North America the opportunity to reconvene at the GANA Fall Conference. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming event in Charlotte, and hope to also see a new generation attend this executive day.”

The GANA Fall Conference also offers two days for the remaining seven divisions to meet, plus our non-division committees. These groups have consolidated portions of their agendas, eliminating duplicate reporting while allowing time for both task group work and big picture strategic planning for each. Also, each division will be given the opportunity to host a short educational session.

“Over the years, I’ve been very impressed with the way GANA’s technical and advocacy activities have grown to meet challenges, and I think we’re in the best shape on those activities than we’ve ever been. Much of this success is due to the hard work of the GANA staff and our member firms’ technical representatives that hold working events at our Fall and Annual conferences,” adds Dwyer.

Local Flavors
Of course, we can’t go to Charlotte without really experiencing some of the fun for which the city is known. GANA’s host hotel is located in the EpiCentre entertainment district, which is a 12-block area filled with more than 150 restaurants, clubs and entertainment venues for all interests. But for one night we will be bringing the flavor of Charlotte directly to the hotel, when our New Professionals Committee hosts a Local Micro Brew Tasting reception. Known for its small barrel breweries, Charlotte is quickly becoming famous for its unique combinations while also crafting some award-winning flavors.

Registration for the event is online at the GANA website, www.glasswebsite.com

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