Volume 48, Issue 6- June 2013


Unlock This PanelGrip®
The PanelGrip system is the latest development in railing technology from the Wagner Companies. It utilizes what Wagner calls a unique locking mechanism of high-strength aluminum and pvc isolators combined with a lightweight aluminum shoe moulding. When assembled with tempered or laminated tempered glass of the appropriate size, PanelGrip enables the installer to fabricate a structural glass railing system with significant reductions in labor and freight costs over standard wet glaze options, according to the company.

decorative glass
In This Image
One-way vision glass from Imaging Sciences incorporates a film with exact registration printing on a PET film that is laminated into safety glass. According to the company, the film adds tensile strength of 20,000 PSI to the penetration resistance of laminated glass, making penetration almost impossible. The exact registration graphic provides directional viewing—the view from the outside into the facility is obscured, but people inside can easily see visitors outside.

In addition to its security features, one-way vision glass makes it possible to incorporate decorative and graphic options, improve solar heat gain performance, perform as safety glass by holding pieces together when shattered to prevent injury, and make the environment quieter—all without interfering with the occupants’ view of the outdoors, according to the company.

machinery and equipment
The Right ExactaBlend
Graco Inc. introduced the ExactaBlend AGP advanced glazing proportioner. The company says ExactaBlend AGP is designed to solve the inherent challenges of on-ratio mixing for silicones that are often used in manufacturing curtainwall and insulating glass and the system’s real-time ratio assurance also is said to reduce material waste by shutting down automatically if off-ratio conditions occur.

The ExactaBlend AGP is easy to operate, according to the company, because the unit’s electronic controls remove the guesswork from ratio setting and maintenance while the controls provide simple set up of ratios and also allow operators to make ratio changes on the fly.

Optional data reporting capabilities allow window manufacturers to track key information such as ratio, material usage, flow rate, alarm events and system errors, which can be gathered via USB data download and used to streamline the production process and increase effectiveness of the line.

Feel the Tension
Breco/Brecoflex Co. is offering the new generation SM5 universal tension meter. The SM5 tension meter is designed to measure the frequency (Hz) of all belt types, regardless of the belting and tension member material, according to the company.

The new generation SM5 tension meter provides a belt-frequency reading of 7Hz to 450 Hz +/-5 Hz.

The function of the pre-tensioning belt is to maintain tension at all times in order to achieve maximum belt performance by eliminating belt under-tensioning or over-tensioning. The new generation SM5 universal belt tension meter ensures correct belt tensioning, which results in accurate measurement results of optimal belt performance and life. The company says this saves production and down time with quick readings, fulfilling quality system requirements with traceable certification and integrating with the company's online calculation program.

You're In Control
Vision Control® by Unicel Architectural is designed for daylight and vision control. The product is constructed as an insulating glass unit that incorporates a patented, hermetically sealed system combining louvers within glass.

According to the company, the louvers can be customized to virtually any shape for interior or exterior glazing applications and its technology eliminates strings, ensuring alignment and no maintenance.

When installed in exterior applications, it reduces energy consumption in support of LEED® certification requirements.

Foam Party
Spray-X glass cleaning foam, distributed by Strybuc, is billed as a versatile cleaner that works on glass, windows and other hard surfaces. The non-ammoniated foam is described as “heavy duty” and is said to cling to vertical surfaces and work safely on tinted surfaces.

According to the company, the cleaner meets current volatile organic compounds regulations and uses an SD-40B cosmetic grade alcohol that is 200 proof and 99.9 percent pure.

Sturdy Door Hardware
Von Duprin has unveiled a suite of products for facilities in code-driven regions and humid, salty and high wind conditions that require extra protection. These products feature coatings that inhibit rust and those that are designed, tested and certified to WS9827/9927 and 237 standards, which both meet the FEMA 361 and 320 building codes for windstorm resistance.

For exit devices that are exposed to extreme conditions and need additional protection against the elements, Von Duprin offers a clear protective coating to the exterior and interior of an exit device’s mechanical parts to help prevent the effects of weather or chemical corrosion. According to the company, this coating improves chemical and corrosion resistance and additionally provides antimicrobial protection.

These Strikes Are In
HES offers a number of hardware products including its 9600 series--a surface-mounted electric strike designed to exceed ANSI windstorm testing. The series can accommodate rim exit devices with a ¾-inch throw latchbolt. All components are encased within its ¾-inch thick stainless steel housing. It is also UL1034 burglary-resistant listed and meets all ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 standards. It is field selectable for fail secure and fail safe operation, and for 12 or 24VDC. The series also features an optional latchbolt monitor and latchbolt strike monitor to indicate whether the door is locked, or to notify operators that a door is secure.

Also available, the 9400 series is a slim-line, surface-mounted electric strike that does not require cutting on the frame, according to the company.

The series exceeds Grade-1 standards for not only strength, but also performance and is field selectable for fail secure and fail safe operation with 12 or 24VDC. It is also UL1034 burglary-resistant rated.

window film
3M Feeling Safe and Secure
3M safety and security window films are designed to contain broken glass fragments together within the window or door frame in the event of breakage. Doing so, according to the company, creates a strong barrier, reduces the chance of injury, and helps impede entry into applications.
According to the company, rigorous testing is conducted to ensure its safety and security window films meet or exceed industry standards for impact performance, tear resistance and durability.

doors and windows
On the P(R)L
PRL has introduced its new exterior accordion sliding bifold door system, which has thermally broken doors and frames for what the company says is increased energy efficiency and the ability to have differing finishes inside and out. The doors can be used in a wide range of applications and configurations.
Exterior aluminum bifold doors by PRL can be glazed with dual or triple pane insulating glass; they can also be stacked, according to the company, creating a completely unobstructed opening.

Fold ‘Em Efficiently
LaCantina Doors announced new options for its folding doors that include NFRC ratings of 0.30 and lower. According to the company, it received new NFRC ratings for the current year and can help those looking for appropriate NFRC-rated products for building, renovating, remodeling or replacing existing doors while still reducing heating and cooling costs and maximizing energy savings.

In addition, the company now offers what it says is the first folding door ADA-compliant ramp sill. The ramp complies with Code #1124B that requires gaps in walking surfaces to be no greater than ½-inch. The new ADA ramp sill is ideal for commercial applications including schools, libraries, restaurants and retail storefronts where the interior and exterior floor levels are the same and a maximum sill height from the finish floor of a ½-inch is required.

Opcon Adds New System
The Opcon automatic door operator conversion system from Opcon USA LP utilizes a case and chassis assembly to convert automatic door operation to complete an underground or in-floor system. In addition, the UL 50 rated water-proof installation keeps the system completely concealed.

The system is compatible with all standard automatic door operators by all leading automatic door operator manufacturers, the company says.

surface protection
Keep it Clean
Unelko Corp. has developed a new 3D nano-coat technology for glass cleaning and protection. Called Repel, the patented product can provide a nano-scale “barrier coating” that shields and protects glass against soiling, staining and buildup, all while cleaning. It can be used to protect windows, facades, partitions, tempered glass, laminates, sandblasted glass, tables, solar panels and skylights.

Periodic cleaning and maintenance can also be reduced by as much as 90 percent, according to the company.

glass handling and transportation
Metal Master
Wood's Powr-Grip has introduced its Panel Master vacuum lifters, which the company says offer safe, efficient handling and installation of most insulated metal panels while also reducing time on the job site.

Available in configurations specifically designed to support longer, heavier panels, the vacuum lifters enable users to install panels easily, while preventing damage from flexing or bending, according to the company. Designed with safety in mind, Panel Master vacuum lifters come standard with Powr-Grip's Dual Vacuum System, in which vacuum pads are divided up between two different vacuum circuits. If one circuit experiences vacuum loss, vacuum pads from the other circuit continue to maintain sufficient vacuum to prevent load damage and possible injury.

With the Panel Masters, vacuum pads attach directly to the face of the panel, so there is no need for slings or hooks. Edges are kept free for exact panel placement, while quick attachment-and-release increase productivity, according to the company. Optional pad frame extension arms and rocker arms can handle roof panels more than 60 feet long and weighing up to 1100 pounds. In addition, the company’s optional remote control system allows users to operate a vacuum lifter from up to 250 feet away.

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