Volume 48, Issue 3- March 2013


decorative glass
Just a Little Fragmento

A new glass series by Pulp Studio, Fragmento, encompasses thousands of pieces of glass fused together to make a single design. To manufacture it, Pulp takes a piece of glass and cuts it into shards of various sizes and shapes, then fuses them back together onto another piece of glass and laminates the entire piece.

Fragmento can be textured on both sides, one side or with a mirrored back for wall applications. In addition, it can be customized with color to create a different design altogether.

Fragmento is available in four patterns: single sided, double sided, single sided mirror and double sided mirror.

The Digital Age
DigitalDistinctions, a digital printing solution, is the latest addition to Viracon’s decorative glass portfolio. According to the company, the process combines the durability of ceramic inks with the versatility of digital printing and enables a vast selection of colors to be applied to a single lite of glass, with highly customizable to high-resolution images, patterns, text, textures, dots and lines, among other things. In addition, Viracon’s solar control coatings can be applied directly over the digital image and it can be combined with clear or tinted glass substrates as well as with high-performance coatings.

machinery and equipment
You Complete Me

Engineers at A.W.T. World Trade Inc. created techniques to fully automate throughput and minimize operator intervention for applications in the glass printing market.

According to A.W.T., its Accu-Print High-Tech flatbed rigid-panel printers are equipped with a special belt delivery system for safe, scratch-free transport of glass panels. Models include the four-post “high-lift” HL/RP for printing on extra-thick panels and the two-post long-stroke V-LS/RP. A.W.T. also offers the three-post V-LS/OS for panels up to 20 feet long and 7 feet wide, with larger sizes available through custom orders.

A.W.T. also offers glass printers a full line of post-press options, with quartz, infrared and hot air (electric or gas) drying systems. The latest A.W.T. dryer is the Jet-Stream Q-Series, which combines what the company calls a high-efficiency quartz-tube modular heating chamber with fully adjustable air recirculation, touchscreen controls and a pneumatic roof lift for heating system maintenance.

Grenzebach Hat Trick
Developers at Grenzebach have focused their attention on programmable logic controllers (PLC) and created a control system that instead of relying on the traditional "spaghetti code," uses ideas and approaches of object-oriented programming. According to the company, the approach developed reduces time-consuming service and maintenance as well as lengthy development periods.

The modular and clear-cut structure is said to improve online service and commissioning while the service technician can identify and test the current software structure and the values of the respective interface variables at a glance, according to the company.

External machines and systems, for example, can be integrated into the modular and clear structure and the company describes that action as “quick and easy.” The entire software is based on an open source kernel which the company says allows customers flexibility in the use of the control system.

Meanwhile, the new Grenzebach stacker generation offers what the company calls “a significantly faster cycle time, higher plate weights and safe handling of plates up to 16 m in length.” The new stackers can be operated in various loading and unloading modes (tin and air side) without the need for additional mechanics. The machine is entirely software controlled. The new direct drive stackers are available in three models, small, medium and jumbo series.

Other Grenzebach products that deal in “jumbo” size are the company’s gantries. The stackers and feeders can handle medium, large and extra-long jumbo sizes. Due to their construction, gantries can stack to two opposing sides, allowing different qualities to be sorted out during stacking, and the panel position measured during transport; the machine controller can correct a possible skew during the stacking process. The gantries have servo drives in all axes and are numerically controlled.

For Your Approval

C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) received International Code Council Evaluation Service certification (ICC-ES® Report ESR-3269) for its GRS monolithic tempered glass railing system.

The GRS glass rail system structural glass balustrades evaluated in the ESR-3269 report are intended for interior and exterior weather exposed applications, and according to company literature, are suitable for use in most natural environments.

dynamic glazing
Glazing Gets Smart

SolarSmart is the newest addition to the eGlass® product line from Innovative Glass Corp. The self-tinting, high-performance glass is designed to automatically darken in the presence of direct sunlight to block heat, glare and damaging ultraviolet light.

According to the company, SolarSmart is 100 percent solar activated, powered and controlled. It requires no wires, electronics, external power or user involvement, helping simplify installation and maximize potential energy savings.

SolarSmart incorporates a proprietary Suntuitive interlayer that responds to the heat and warmth of the sun. In addition, the company says SolarSmart reduces the need for blinds and drapes, and reduces cooling and lighting costs of office buildings, schools and homes.

According to the company, SolarSmart has passed NREL’s durability and exposure tests, and meets ASTM E2141-06 standards for long term, maintenance-free performance; it can also be used as a net-zero-energy glazing solution that contributes to LEED points.

SolarSmart is available as insulating glass units for curtainwalls, atriums and OEM applications, as well as complete doors, windows and skylights for contractor installation.

curved glass
Strong Curves

Bent tempered laminated glass is the latest addition from Standard Bent Glass Corp. According to the company, the product combines two lites of heat-strengthened or tempered bent glass with PVB or urethane interlayers to meet a wide range of design applications. The product can meet structural requirements for canopies, railings and door systems, as well as hurricane and blast systems. It also provides all of the other benefits of laminated glass including safety, sound control and decorative options. Bent tempered laminated glass can be combined in an insulating unit, as well, for use in overhead and curtainwall glazing.

dynamic glazing
See the Light

Polyvision switchable privacy glass/film, available from Polytronix Inc., changes from transparent to opaque and back. Under normal conditions, liquid crystal molecules are oriented randomly and scatter incident light, rendering Polyvision opaque. When electricity is applied, those same liquid crystal molecules line up, allowing incident light to pass through the glass, making it completely clear.

The company also offers LED glass/film, which can be used in similar applications as well as in hurricane-resistant windows. With Polymagic, LED light sources are supplied with power through a laminated glass capable of conducting electricity without visible wires. Electrical power is supplied by nearly invisible circuit boards in the base glass.

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