Volume 48, Issue 5- May 2013


entrance systems
Protection Portfolio
Kawneer Company Inc. has taken a crosssection of its ultra thermal product portfolio and put it through blast mitigation testing. The company’s AA®425 thermal entrances, AA®4325 OptiQ™ Ultra Thermal fixed over project out window and IR501 UT (Ultra Thermal) framing have been tested to meet Department of Defense and Interagency Security Committee (ISC)/General Services Administration (GSA) requirements as well as ASTM F1642 to protect building occupants from all forms of external force, according to the company.

Three Doors Down
U.S. Aluminum is now offering a door trio that can contribute toward making schools energy efficient and help lower utility costs. The 650-T (narrow stile), 700-T (medium stile), and 750-T (wide stile) high performance thermal entrance doors are designed to provide thermal performance when ordered with optional foam insulation. Thermally broken, these doors have U-factors ranging from 0.57 to 0.31. The doors include glass stops for 1-inch glazing with optional glass stops for 1 ½-inch triple glazing. They also offer the choice of standard or A.D.A. access bottom rails and concealed adjustable leveling screws for minor variances in door openings.

In addition, adjustable spring-loaded dual weathered thermally broken astragals are provided with each pair of doors, as well as interior and exterior door sweeps.

laminated glass
Standing Guard
Tristar now offers Sentry Guard, an alternative to traditional glazing utilizing DuPont’s SentryGlas® Plus interlayer to create a strong, long-lasting environment that the company says is safer from forced intrusion through windows and other glazed areas, compared to non-laminated products.

According to the company, Sentry Guard offers more than 100 times the rigidity of standard PVB interlayers and resistance to forced entry. If broken, Sentry Guard laminates are said to hold their shape and prevent entry until the unit can be replaced, even if it has been shot.

Worldwide Concern
Trosifol, a division of the Kuraray Group in Japan, is a manufacturer of PVB film for use in laminated safety glass. According to the company, its products can be used in architectural glazing applications in a variety of projects, including schools.

fire-rated glass
A One-Two from TGP
Technical Glass Products (TGP) offers two different products designed to help keep students and administrators safe. Pilkington Pyrostop® is a fire-rated, impact safety-rated glazing material that blocks radiant and conductive heat transfer from a fire. The transparent glass wall panels are fire-rated for up to two hours and can be used as an alternative to a solid wall material, allowing unrestricted amounts of glass, according to TGP. According to the company, Pilkington Pyrostop meets the impact requirements of CPSC 16CFR1201 Category I and/or Category II. It passes the hose stream test, and can be installed in TGP’s narrow profile Fireframes®. It is also available with up to a Level III bullet-resistance rating for areas desiring enhanced safety protection and is listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

TGP also offers FireLite® fire-rated ceramic glass, a clear option for highly visible fire-rated locations where design professionals do not want to compromise on aesthetics to meet fire-safety codes. FireLite ceramic glass is available with fire ratings up to three hours and impact-safety options. It also passes the hose stream test and can be installed in standard fire-rated frames. It is also listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

In the Lite
Keralite® glass-ceramic from Vetrotech Saint-Gobain is designed to provide a wide selection of solutions for fire-rated applications. Keralite R, F and L consist of either a 3⁄16-inch or 5⁄16-inch thick glass-ceramic and install into standard fire-rated frames to contain smoke and flames. These are available with a surface-applied film or fully laminated.

Also available, Keralite Ultra is a clear tempered or laminated intumescent gel-filled safety glass-ceramic, designed to provide optical clarity, sound reduction properties and fire ratings from 20 to 180 minutes.

According to the company, the Keralite product line fulfills maximum human impact safety requirements per CPSC16, CFR Part 1201 CAT II. The products are tested in accordance with ASTM E119, NFPA 251, NFPA 252, NFPA 257, CAN/ULC-S106, S104.

Play it Safe
Strybuc Industries offers a variety of safety products that can be used in educational applications, including a variety of window opening control devices (WOCD), which help protect against potential falls through open single/double hung, sliding and casement windows. These offerings include devices that permit both emergency escape and rescue.

According to the company, the WOCDs have evolved from window guards and screens and today are both low cost and effective. They can enhance the appearance and overall function of the window and can be integrated into construction projects and after-market retro-fitting. Such products include angel vent locks, designed for both single/double hung and sliding windows, as well as the SafeGard limiting device for casement windows. These products are available in different sizes and finishes.

Like a Steel Hawk
The Adams Rite Steel Hawk 4300 electrified deadlatch for aluminum entrance doors provides schools, universities and colleges with patented two-way winged technology which allows it to adapt to any door swing right out of the box. The Steel Hawk 4300 interfaces with existing Adams Rite paddles and handles, including the new 4600 designer series handles. It is constructed with stainless steel latch bolts and can replace Adams Rite 4900/4500/4700 series deadlatches using the same strike plate and adapting to 12, 16 and 24 volts DC.

The Steel Hawk 4300 is rated for continuous duty and exceeds ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 requirements, according to the company. It is also available with optional smart monitoring, which provides an electrical indication when the latchbolt is fully extended and in a secure state. According to the company, the system does not require cutting or drilling and takes about 15 minutes to install or retrofit.

In addition, the company’s Silent Electrification (SE) option provides functionality and control with combined electric dogging and motorized latch retraction features it says are ideal for schools and campuses if emergency lockdown is required.
The SE motorized latch retraction option offers not only near-silent operation, but also low current draw (0.4 amps run 0.2 amps hold) that allows for light-gauge wiring and a reduced amperage power supply. The SE option is available with 3000, 8000 series exit devices and the RITE Door.

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