Volume 48, Issue 11- November 2013


Resources for School Safety

Dear USG,

I was in the door and window industry for 25 years, until 2008, then started working in law enforcement for the University of Central Florida in Orlando. I still keep in touch with most of my friends in the industry. A few weeks ago we had an incident where, because of bad weather, a chair flew into the building’s first floor and broke three windows. Fortunately, it was during a time when the students from the College of Medicine were off.

The glass was insulating and tempered, but not laminated. I spoke with a friend of mine and he mentioned that the May 2013 issue of USGlass was dedicated to school safety pertaining to glass. He had a copy, but didn’t want to part with it. I would like to know how I can get at least two-three copies so I can pass them on to the building operation manager. Your help on this matter will be greatly appreciated!

Abner Ramos
Community Service Officer,
College of Medicine at Lake Nona
UCF Police Department Orlando, Fla.

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