Volume 48, Issue 11- November 2013


Greenbuild 2013 Settles in Pennsylvania, Bringing New Glass Innovations

The Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia will go green November 20-22. Not literally, of course, but an anticipated 30,000 attendees and 900 exhibitors from the green building industry will gather there to do business. More than100 educational sessions are planned, including world-recognized speakers, LEED workshops, off-site educational sessions, and green building tours of local sites. This year’s speaker lineup includes a keynote by former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and closing plenary speech by noted author and statistician Nate Silver.

The trade show floor will be the big draw for many. Here’s a sampling of those that will be there with some of their newest green glass and glazing developments.

doors and windows
The Retro Look – Booth #848

The Renovate window retrofit technology by J.E. Berkowitz uses an interior glazing method of hermetically sealing a factory-made insulating glass unit (IGU) to the existing monolithic glass window with a warm edge spacer. The system maintains the look of an existing exterior building façade, affords significant energy savings, improves STC and contributes to LEED points, according to the company, which also says the system offers a lower-cost alternative to a complete window rip-out and re-glaze. www.jeberkowitz.com

Rated AW – Booth #1921

Quanex Building Products will debut its new commercial product line, Mikron C3-11300 AW-rated door and window system, designed to meet AW performance-grade requirements governed by North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS) for use in mid- and high-rise buildings. The Mikron C3-11300 is the first product in the company’s architectural series.

The company’s patented MikronBlend® vinyl compound is standard for the Mikron C3-11300 to ensure optimal weathering and durability, even in intense UV, temperature, and salt air environments. It is engineered to achieve NFRC .20 U-Factor with condensation resistance over 75.

The company will also showcase its Super Spacer® TriSeal, a flexible, silicone foam spacer designed for commercial glazing demands including silicone structural glazing; MikronWood® thermal advantage window and door system; and EnergyCore®, a patent-pending window system with AirCell fusion insulated technology. yyä www.quanex.com.

See What Wausau INvented – Booth #2820

The INvent-HP -XLT Series windows from Wausau Window and Wall Systems® combine hurricane impact-resistant, energy performance and recycled content.

The frame uses 24mm XLT polyamide thermal barriers. The aluminum frames contain 70 percent or more recycled content and durable, ultra-low- and no-VOC finishes may be requested. www.wausauwindow.com

Lock and Load – Booth #3913

The MLP™ (mechanical lock profile) line, now available from Azon, is the newest concept from the AZO/Tec® design team for commercial aluminum door, window, storefront and curtainwall applications. The MLP system offers energy-saving enhancements and strength for all applications including high-rise buildings.

According to the company, the MLP achieves three material and energy criterion for owners of LEED New Construction and Major Renovation projects: low U-values, high shear strength and minimal metal content.

The new line features a concealed and encapsulated me chanical lock, has higher shear compared to thermal barrier systems for other aluminum architectural products, is designed with a high temperature-resistant polyurethane polymer formulation, and a wide cavity for thermal performance and with a lower U-factor compared to other fenestration products. www.azonintl.com

architectural metals
We Like to Louvre, Louvre – Booth #3118

Several new additions are now available from Doralco Architectural Metals. The company will feature 4- and 6-inch drainable louvers and 5- and 7-inch storm resistant louvers.

These new products are designed to complement the company’s exterior and interior cladding elements, which include Intertec sunshades, Intertec grilles and Compositecore plate and composite panel systems. www.doralco.com

Get Una-Clad in Firestone – Booth #3701
High performing metal wall panel systems for commercial buildings will be on display in the Firestone Building Products booth. The company’s Una-Clad wall panel systems are offered in different materials to fit needs of individual commercial building projects. Firestone Building Products has three aluminum composite panels which are designed with a thermoplastic core bonded to aluminum skins. Additionally, the company offers four aluminum plate panels which provide flexibility and durability, whether dry-joint, caulked or rainscreen. www.firestonebpco.com/wall/wall-panel-systems

Give Me Some Space(rs) – Booth #4137

Technoform Glass Insulation (TGI) North America Inc. will bring its TGI®-spacer in a 1-inch width for commercial and residential insulating glass products. This product reportedly optimizes thermal performance, condensation resistance and enhances acoustic performance for quiet interiors. The spacers have a straight sightline and smooth matte finish. The spacers are available in widths ranging from 0.25 inch (6.35 mm) to 1.002 inch (25.45 mm). www.glassinsulation.us

SunGuard SNX 52/23 is a new commercial glass product from Guardian that combines light transmission, low solar heat gain and low reflectivity for commercial applications. Using triple silver technology, SunGuard SNX 52/23 was developed to meet energy codes by delivering a SHGC of less than 0.25 while still appearing like clear glass, the company says. SNX 52/23 has a neutral blue tint. www.guardian.com

Singing the Blue-Grey Blues – Booth #3928
Graphite blue is a light blue-grey tint that has joined Pilkington North America’s Optifloat™ family of tinted glass. The new body-tinted solar control glass offers high daylight transmittance with a soft, blue-grey tone, according to the company.

The new graphite blue tint offers flexibility for original and innovative architectural designs where low reflection is required. It is also suitable for commercial applications requiring solar control. To achieve additional thermal insulation, the new tinted glass can be combined with the company’s Energy Advantage™ low-E glass in an insulating glass unit. www.pilkington.com/na

Take the Tube – Booth #430

A new storefront system will be available in Tubelite’s booth. The TU24000 series is designed to help commercial buildings meet energy conservation needs. The high-performance storefront system is part of the company’s Therml=Block product offering and features an additional pour and debridged thermal break pocket to withstand demanding climates and conditions. The glass is centered in the 4.5-inch-deep system. TU24000 is recommended for low-rise buildings and the lower floors of high-rises. www.tubeliteinc.com

dynamic glazing
Ship-Shape Options – Booth #1511

For shape design flexibility, SageGlass is available in trapezoid, parallelogram and triangular forms, in addition to the wide variety of standard rectangular glass sizes. While getting accurate and uniform tint levels across odd shapes can be a significant engineering challenge, the company says its shape options have already been field-proven in a number of building projects including the Utrecht Government Building in the Netherlands, the National Research Energy Laboratory in Boulder, Colo., Cottage Grove City Hall in Cottage Grove, Minn., and the Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, Va. www.sageglass.com

See Things in a New Light(-Gray) – Booth #642

A new light-gray base color for the Suntuitive® interlayer is now available from Pleotint LLC that the company says offers improved compatibility with glass tints.

The Suntuitive interlayer is a thermochromic interlayer for laminated glass that gradually darkens in response to rising temperatures caused by direct sunlight, then cools as the sun moves across the sky, returning to a clear, neutral state in cloudy or dark environmental conditions. It requires no mechanical or electrical intervention, eliminating threats of failure caused by temperamental computer systems or faulty wiring, the company says. Installation of windows with the Suntuitive interlayer is the same as other traditional window systems. www.Pleotint.com

air barrier systems
Blankets as Air Barriers – Booth #717

Dow Corning® will showcase its collection of silicone solutions designed to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and enable greater design freedom, according to the company. The company’s silicone air barrier system is a suite of compatible, high-performance silicone technologies designed to work together to protect the entire building envelope and to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. It delivers airtightness, UV resistance, weatherability, breathability and fire ratings, according to the company. The system includes the company’s DefendAir 200, a 100-percent silicone liquid-applied air and weather barrier; the company’s silicone transition system with high-performance, pre-cured 100-percent silicone rubber strips and corners that install using the company’s silicone sealants (rather than mechanical fasteners) to form a continuous airtight transition from the window to the wall. The company also offers its silicone sealants, which are compatible for use with the components of the barrier system.

Other products from the company include architectural insulation modules, which are thin-profile curtainwall materials constructed with its vacuum insulation panels. The company also offers its building insulation blanket, a thin-profile, flexible insulating material that offers improved energy efficiency. www.dowcorning.com/construction

Curtain Call – Booth #1927

Several new developments will be available from Kawneer Co. Inc. The company will bring its 1630 SS IR curtainwall to the show. Having undergone testing to hurricane and blast mitigation standards, the new curtainwall offers an additional line of defense against high winds, heavy rains and hurricanes, the company says.

The new series meets design pressure requirements on buildings in impact zones, larger span needs and ease of installation requirements with a 3-inch sightline, Kawneer reports. The company adds that the curtainwall has been tested to ASTM 1886 and ASTM 1996 standards, the TAS 201, 202 and 203 test protocols to meet Florida Building Code (FBC), and Miami-Dade’s Notice of Acceptance (NOA) criteria. The product has been tested for large- and small-missile impact and meets Level E (Enhanced Facilities) requirements, among other requirements.

The curtainwall is available in wet (silicone) glazed and dry glazed options, both of which have been tested up to 130 pounds-per-square-foot design load, and thermal cycling per AAMA 501.5 has been performed.

In addition, the company’s Traco division will also showcase its AA®5450 Series window addition to the OptiQ Ultra thermal window, now available in single and double-hung configurations, including a matching fixed option.

The AA5450 Series maintains thermal continuity, reduces thermal transmission and helps maintain interior comfort, the company says.

Thermal options on the AA5450 series window can be added or removed based on performance and cost requirements. A polyamide thermal break allows OptiQ Ultra Thermal windows to achieve higher thermal performance than the traditional style thermal breaks, according to the company, and performance is further enhanced by accommodating 1-inch double pane or 1-½-inch triple pane insulating glass. www.kawneer.com

Get Schooled
Greenbuild organizers have also set up educational seminars that cover a range of topics. Some session titles include Power and Responsibility: Visual Stories as Agents of Change; Evidence-Based Deep Retrofit Strategies for Smart Schools; Next Generation LEED Measurement and Verification; Atriums: Challenge or Asset to High Performance?


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