Volume 48, Issue 10- October 2013


Put a Window in Your Glass Shop Follow These Steps to Show Off Your Best
by Paul Bieber

Yep. What better place than a glass shop to have a window. You should have the entire back of your shop open to view by your customers. This is the one sure-fire, 100-percent-guaranteed, no-questions-asked way to improve your customer satisfaction, referrals to your company and the performance of your team.

Take out the entire wall between your office, the showroom or waiting room and your work area. In business surveys, customers that can watch work being done on their car, etc., think the work is higher quality and has higher value than if they sit in a waiting room reading last monthís Readerís Digest. You will get fewer after-service complaints if customers see the actual work being done.

Let Them See What You Do
Since it is not safe to have a customer wandering around in your shop, a window is the next best thing. Show off your equipment polishing a lite of glass, or let them see the magic of one being cut.

Put up a glass wall using different types of glass in various panels. Put a lite of low-iron glass next to a lite of float. Youíll sell more expensive products when customers can actually see this for themselves. Display one lite clear and the lite next to it low-E. Your customers wonít believe how clear it really is. For the really ambitious, feature a lite of a switchable glass product. There are a couple different kinds from which to choose, all of which will tell your customers that you are a high-tech company.

Youíll have to keep your shop clean at all times. Not only will this impress your customers, but you will be more efficient and safe in a clean and organized work area.

I started my career with C.R. Laurence visiting just about every glass shop in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic areas, and then went to a fabricator and distributor. From my own observations, shops that showed off their work area were better run businesses. Having customers watch instilled pride in the shop people. Some shops had the employees show off their finished work, just like looking at a new baby in the hospital.

Show Off Your Showroom
In your showroom, place your basic tools and professional-grade supplies in bins and sell them at double your cost. When customers see your team using the tools, they will want to buy them,too.

Ask your storefront metal supplier to help you with this improvement to your shop. Ask for a donation of their top-end material. Leave some of the caps off so that customers can see what a thermal break looks like. Put up different colors of metal which are popular in your area of the country.

No matter what your opinion is on politics, religion, etc., 50 percent of your customers will disagree. Do not play a radio or TV station that strongly supports one point of view. Customers who have opposite opinions from yours wonít come back.

Also, install blinds. This allows you to close off your office when you need to. Clean this shop window every day. Make it sparkle. Remember, the most important asset that you have is your team. Let your customers see this asset at work and you will prosper.

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