Volume 48, Issue 10- October 2013

Veni, Vidi Vitrum*
Come See if You Can Conquer What Vitrum 2013 Has in Store

(I came, I Saw, I Conquered Vitrum)
by Brigid O’Leary

The Trinity Now in its 18th showing, the biennial event will have three fields of focus in 2013. Vitrum, as most think of it, focuses on the manufacturing of flat glass. “Classic” Vitrum, if you will, covers everything a manufacturer of flat glass could need, from handling and storage to cutting (both straight-line and shaped cutting), edging and beveling machines to drilling, engraving and washing.

Tempering, bending, laminating and insulating glass units—everything for sealed unit production—will be covered, as will mirror making machinery and other miscellaneous machinery. Attendees will also find software systems along with other accessories and equipment for the production of flat glass.

But there's more to glass these days and show organizers know this. To that end, organizers have expanded the show to include Vitrum Energia, a section described by show officials as “dedicated to the new, extraordinary projects of the green economy.” Green machines, solar panels and mirrors, new energy-efficient technologies and the use of renewable energies are part of Vitrum Energia, which focuses on eco-compatible technology and the role glass plays in it.

Glass also finds its way into our lives in other ways, as well, and the Vitrum Hollow Glass (VHG) area will take a look at that side of the manufacturing, with its focus on glass applications, such as glass tableware and specialty glass.

Home Grown In addition to the new, separate sections for the different glass niches, organizers have also announced that there will be a dedicated area for visitors to view classic cars and the most recent models by Alfa Romeo, an automotive icon made in Italy.

According to Renata Gaffo, director of Vitrum, the event is one that strives to be a showcase for the top-quality craftsmanship, creative genius and innovative boosts Italians provide to the industry and to the glass sector in particular.

“The image built over time shows that in spite of the last few difficult years Italy has managed to maintain its global leadership position,” says Gaffo. “This year Vitrum will offer new and returning visitors from all over the world an additional opportunity to feel and touch made-in-Italy excellence in a way that is extremely unusual for glass industry trade shows, such as ours, and therefore even more emotionally striking.”

Vitrum will showcase seven cars by Alfa Romeo. Six are classics that won global fame and awards for innovative design and technology. The seventh is the most recent model, which is already considered the “ultimate dream car” of fans worldwide.

For more information, visit www.vitrum-milano.com.

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