Volume 48, Issue 9- August 2013


Time to Tune In
Membership Value As Seen Through TV
by Ashley M. Charest

Since the first television came into our homes, we have seen our lives played out through a tiny box in our living room (or every room in the house). The shows we watch have either rang true for the political climate, world views or just how our lives were shaped at any given time. Believe it or not, the Glass Association of North American (GANA) and its membership can be viewed through a number of television shows as well.

Known as the only TV series in history to give equal time and billing to its six lead stars, Friends took us through ten seasons and the lives of six people living in Manhattan. By the end of the series, fans came to think of the actors as friends and were truly invested in their lives. GANA membership allows for networking with each otherís peers, customers and clients. Becoming invested in the association, your membership allows you the opportunity to interact on a regular basis with industry greats, with many of our members thinking of themselves as friends, as opposed to business contacts.

The Today Show
Created as the first of its kind, The Today Show educated us about what was happening in our backyard, and around the world. With constantly changing formats and anchors, the idea of the show has remained the same, and has created spin-off shows on almost all major networks. Education is a key part of our mission at GANA. Whether you attend the GANA annual and fall conferences for technical and business presentations, the GANA Building Envelope Contractors (BEC) Conference for glazier knowledge, or the GANA roundtables to discuss items important to your market area, we are committed to providing the most high-quality presentations, but also like to mix fun and networking into it.

West Wing
Creating a fictional U.S. Government, the series is centered on the West Wing of the White House, and the policy creation that stems from all forms of government. GANA has its own areas where policy making comes into play through the Glazing Industry Code Committee, the Energy Divisionís Governmental and Regulatory Affairs Subcommittee, the Flat Glass Manufacturing Divisionís Environmental Committee and the ASHRAE Task Group. Each of these groups work on codes and standards that directly relate to the glass and glazing industry, representing our members and the industry through the constant stream of submittals, comments and actions.

Mad Men
Still shown on TV, this fast-paced show takes place in the 1960ís era of three martini lunches, advertising pitches and making a name for your product. GANA helps its members market both individual companies, along with the industry as a whole. Look online at www.glasswebsite.com, where each member is provided with a complimentary member profile, with those profiles being researched thousands of times each year by contractors wanting information and proposals. GANA also represents the industry by staging booths at trade shows such as AIA, GreenBuild and NeoCon, along with attending other industry association conferences and events.

Think about your favorite TV show. Does it parallel your life or can you see our industry in the plot line? Like the old TV game shows say, youíve got to play to win, so join GANA and take advantage of the benefits too numerous to list. We promise that at the beginning of your membership youíll feel like a Survivor and in the end it is All in the Family.

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