Volume 48, Issue 9- September 2013

Building up Atlanta
A Look at Some of the Newest Glass Industry Products You’ll Find in Atlanta

Whatever your needs may be—coatings, machinery, hardware, supplies, glass, curtainwall and everything in between—GlassBuild America will offer something for everyone. The show is taking place September 10-12 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, where hundreds of exhibitors will feature their newest developments. Also, be sure to visit USGlass magazine in booth #708, take a look at the next few pages and you’ll get a glimpse at just some of what exhibitors will offer.

Doors and windows
Quanex Bringin’ Inventing
Back – Booth #1617

Quanex Building Products will feature its Innovation Zone and debut its C3-11300 AW-Rated door and window system. This first product in the Quanex Architectural Series, it is designed to meet AW performance-grade requirements governed by North American Fenestration Standard for use in mid- and high-rise buildings.

In addition, Quanex will feature the four new edge-seal products that are a result of the company’s collaboration with Bostik: the Edgetherm 3500 single-part butyl rubber-based sealant, Edgetherm 3400 hot-applied desiccant, Edgetherm 3100 and 3000 one-component hot-melt butyl sealants. www.quanex.com

Outside In – Booth #1125

C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. will feature the new Monterey series bi-folding sliding glass wall. It is available in standard and thermally-broken and converts from a glass wall into a flexible open space. The series can be used in both commercial and residential applications, and allows users to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while providing resistance to undesirable weather conditions. According to the company, numerous options are available to create large living and functional spaces that transition outdoors to indoors easily. www.crlaurence.com

Lauren Seals it –
Booth #1925

Lauren Manufacturing has engineered a dual durometer door seal that it says offers a high-performance sealing solution for entry door systems. The door seal is made of closed cell EPDM sponge with low friction coating applied to the surface and is co-extruded with dense EPDM. A low-friction polypropylene is applied to the dense EPDM for easy kerf insertion. www.lauren.com

dynamic glass
It’s Electric – Booth #2300

SageGlass® from Sage Electrochromics is a dynamic glass product that can be electronically tinted or cleared to optimize daylight and improve the human experience in buildings. According to the company, it allows users to control sunlight and heat without shades or blinds, maintaining a connection to the outdoors and reducing energy consumption, according to the company. www.viewglass.com

All Welded
That Hauls Welded – Booth #2321

F. Barkow Inc. will present its Model P212-S, a 12-foot, all-welded stainless steel glazing body, designed to carry up to 8,000 pounds of glass, metal and tools on a 2013 Ford F450 chassis cab with super single rear tires. The company will also have a 9-foot all-welded aluminum glazing truck featuring its Model P209H-A on a 2013 GMC 2500HD. In addition, the company says it is celebrating 134 years in the glass hauling business, offering a full line of racks custom made with the glazier in mind. www.barkow.com

Absolutely FAB! – Booth #623

Unruh Fab has seen an increase in demand for its aluminum tarp bodies, the company says, because of aluminum's light weight, which increases glass carrying capacity while resisting corrosion and improving fuel economy. Tarp bodies ensure glass stays clean, according to the company, and Unruh Fab offers custom configurations, with everything from metal carriers to tool boxes.

The company offers a full line of bodies and trailers, pickup and van racks that can be customized to specific requirements. www.unrubfab.com

machinery and equipment
The Trinity – Booth #1347

Erdman Automation will bring three of its heavy hitters to the show. The Erdman 400 Series spacer applicator is a low-cost insulating glass production system that works with all flexible spacer systems, applying the spacer straight with true 90-degree corners. It offers minimal operator training and no data input is required for standard operation, the company says.

It is designed to eliminate operator fatigue and repetitive motion injuries while increasing productivity due to consistently quick cycle times. It also offers the option to provide accurate grid placement via slicing the spacer prior to application.

Also making the trip to Atlanta this year is the company’s fixed head IG secondary sealer. It has a stationary sealant application system that gives the operator the ability to apply a professional, high-quality, consistent secondary seal to IGUs, according to the company.

The third machine at the show is its hand assist glazing/back bedding table, which offers a servo control system utilizing the company’s fluid metering technologies to provide a consistent diameter bead of sealant at speeds up to 30 inches per second. This machine control allows almost any operator to reliably and consistently apply a properly proportioned bead of sealant. The company says the table reduces waste up to 85 percent and clean up as much as 95 percent while also reducing rejections due to improper bedding/glazing. www.erdmanautomation.com

You Don’t Want to Break
This Zipper – Booth #2449

Pro-Line Automation has expanded its line of high-tech polyamide strut insertion machines with the introduction of the MZ-730 “Zipper” thermal break insertion machine. Designed for long production runs, the machine features the same patented automatic compensating knurling and crimping system as the CNC zipper to ensure maximum shear strength. Unlike other systems that require multiple machines for knurling, insertion and crimping, the zipper combines all three processes into one machine – saving floor space, labor osts and time. Preset tooling aligns the strut for insertion while virtually eliminating scrap from the set up process, according to the company. www.prolineautomation.com

Double Up on Ameri-Can
Goods – Booth #2747

Ameri-Can Machinery Ltd. is introducing machining centers and cutting tools at the show. The C4 is a four-axis machining center 13 feet in length with dual zone capabilities. Ameri-Can will also present the new DUCCM 500, double up cut compound miter saw. The saw has a 20-inch blade, pneumatic tilting and manual rotation with digital angle readout and pneumatic brake.

The DUCCM 500 has raising blades for compound miter cuts, a fixed unit on the left side and motorized movable unit on the right side. It has a pivoting range up to 140 degrees outward and up to 20 degrees inward with digital display and a pneumatic tilting range inward 45-90 degrees. It is equipped with double action vertical clamps, full protection of the saw blades, movable side support and pneumatic spray mist lubrication. www.ameri-can.ca

The Right ExactaBlend
– Booth #2047

Graco Inc. will feature its ExactaBlend AGP advanced glazing proportioner. The product is designed to solve the inherent challenges of on-ratio mixing for silicones that are often used in manufacturing curtainwall and insulating glass. The system’s real-time ratio as surance also is said to reduce material waste by shutting down automatically if off-ratio conditions occur. It is also easy to operate, according to a company press release, because the unit’s electronic controls remove the guesswork from ratio setting and maintenance while the controls provide simple set up of ratios and also allow operators to make ratio changes on the fly. www.graco.com

Chek It Out Like a
Pro – Booth #1835

EDTM will highlight the latest improvements to its GC3000 Glass-Chek Pro instrument. It allows users to measure window thickness and the presence of low-E in the windows and provides the ability of the meter to identify different types of low-E coatings. The Glass-Chek Pro will indicate if the low-E coating is a hard coat (pyrolytic) or soft coat (sputtered). If the coating is a soft coat low-E, the meter will also provide the number of silver layers used to make up the coating, allowing users to estimate the type of coating being used. www.edtm.com

Two-Years from Triple
H – Booth #2212

HHH Tempering Resources will introduce several new products and initiatives at the show, including its two-year warranty on all new furnaces. The company has also launched a buyback program, designed in case a customer is not happy with the furnace support and performance. HHH will also feature its latest technology designs, along with details on its refurbished equipment program. www.hhhtempering.com

Who Doesn’t Want to Drive a Benteler? – Booth #1949 Benteler double edgers by Benteler Mechanical Engineering are known for accuracy, ease of operation, and excellent performance, the company says, and will be on display at the show. The design of the grinding and polishing spindles are its specialty, according to the company. The spindles are closed to the working environment and feature a rotor that provides extremely light axial movement, enabling fine and precise adjustments to be made. The company says this design results in accurate, automated set-up to the grinding parameters enabling process optimization and reduced wear to the tools. www.benteler-glass.com.

Taking Shape – Booth #2641

Neptun’s Rock 10-45, available through Matodi USA, will be a new product the companies will feature. This 10-spindle mitering machine features the ability to either miter or edge, and can be fitted with Neptun’s Edge to Shape system, allowing CNC precision from a straight line edger, according to the companies. Available options in clude extended length conveyers, as well as extended height racks, and an option of independent motorization of the inlet conveyer for ease of loading large or heavy glass.

Don't Bypass
Bystronic – Booth# 2235

Bystronic glass will introduce visitors to what it calls an innovative system solutions for the modern processing of glass. Customers will get an overview about the latest machinery for the manufacturing of insulating glass and laminated glass, handling equipment and for the pre-processing of automotive glass.

Visitors will also be able to try the Easy-Lift handling equipment for flat glass and plate processing. Bystronic says the Easy-Lift is one of its best sellers and has been assisting those in the glass processing industry with rigid guidance and low dead weight since 1998. www.bystronic-glass.com

Scratch removal
Use the (G) Force –
Booth #2521

GlasWeld continues to offer distortion-free scratch removal with its Gforce Systems. The company has recently enhanced its patented, single-step scratch removal process to include abrading modules that it says are capable of removing the deepest of scratches. The modules have been developed to handle medium to extreme glass damage, the company says, and further suggests applying its anti-graffiti film directly over the abraded damage—no polishing required—to speed up the process. www.glasweld.com

How Low-E Can You Go? –
Booth #1427

PPG Industries will showcase its newly-introduced Solarban® 67 glass, as well as its new eView computer-based IGU design system, among other features and products.

Solarban 67 is a solar control, low-E glass with what the company calls a soft, imperceptible neutral coating that gives buildings a crisp, clean and clear exterior appearance along with solar control performance. It also has a proprietary double-silver, magnetron-sputtered vacuum deposition coating. In a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit (IGU) with conventional clear glass, Solarban 67 glass has visible light transmittance of 54 percent and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.29, which yields a light-to-solar gain ratio of 1.85.

The PPG Glass eView enables users to construct on-screen, virtual double- and triple-glazed IGUs to their desired performance and aesthetic specifications, and then view them in a variety of room and outdoor settings. The IGUs can be manipulated in three dimensions so visitors can see their color, thickness, light transmittance and interior and exterior reflectivity as well as compare performance data. www.ppgideascapes.com

Save Some Energy to
Select Something Good –
Booth #927

AGC Glass Co. North America will exhibit its architectural, residential, decorative and fire-rated glass products. AGC recently launched its Energy Select line of low-E glass, which the company says was developed to help architects meet the regulatory challenges of each project, while maintaining their design vision.

AGC Solarshield is a tinted float glass that offers solar protection and design appeal. Pyrolytic coated Stopsol glass offers both aesthetics and energy saving characteristics, according to the company, and Pyrosafe allows for the added security of fire-rated glass. Krystal Interiors includes decorative glass solutions designed to enhance any space. www.us.agc.com

Check Out the New
SunGuard – Booth #2123

Visitors to Booth 2123 will see Guardian glass for commercial, residential and interior applications including the latest in products and tools.

The company will offer a look at its upcoming SunGuard SNX 51/23, a new triple silver product that will be added to the SunGuard product portfolio. SunGuard SNX 51/23 offers a combination of medium light transmission, low solar heat gain and low reflectivity for commercial applications. This product was developed to meet stringent energy codes by delivering a SHGC of less than 0.25 without sacrificing appearance, according to the company, which adds that SNX 51/23 has a more neutral, blue reflected color when compared to similar glazings.

Guardian will also showcase its support tools, including its web-based BIM generator, performance calculator, redesigned sunguardglass.com and enhanced mobile app.

Guardian InGlass, an interior glass portfolio for designers, showcases proprietary products including Guardian ShowerGuard, Guardian DiamondGuard high endurance glass and the company’s exclusive Berman Glass editions patterned glass products. www.guardian.com

ire-rated glass
Vetrotech Will Run a Double
Screen – Booth #31

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain and IE Blinds have partnered to create two new products: the Contraflam® Screen and Keralite® Ultra Screen. These glazing systems combine fire-resistance from Vetrotech with the functionality and efficiency of integral blinds. The fire-rated integral blind units provide an alternative to the maintenance and replacement of other types of window treatments, and add the protection of a fire-resistant interlayer.

Integral blinds offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional privacy curtains and observation viewing. The company says this product is a cost effective solution that accommodates both existing and new commercial glazing and retrofit applications and that the UL fire-rated system meets the fire protection standards required by most institutions and building codes throughout the world.

The Keralite Ultra Screen is thin and light, and can be combined with integral blinds for fire ratings up to three hours, according to the company. It accommodates the industry standard for retrofits and new construction.

According to the company, the Contraflam screen combines fire requirements and integral blind function, allowing for design freedom and versatility. Contraflam Ultimax fire-resistant safety glass combines Contraflam fire-resistance with security glass, offering protection against forced entry and the clear vision of the glass solution. A polycarbonate-glass-laminate can also be added, creating built-in forced-entry protection. www.vetrotech.com

glass protection
The Shield – Booth #2705

ClearShield Technologies and its parent company, Ritec International Limited, will offer previews of the ClearShield Eco-System™. The system for renovation, protection and maintenance of all types of glass, adds value at every step of the glass supply chain, according to the company.

At the heart of the ClearShield Eco-System is the Ritec ClearShield® with recent product improvements that the company says make it stronger and more durable, though the core technology, including the unique polymeric resin of ClearShield®, has not changed for more than 30 years.

Ritec ClearShield is now a component of a glazing system with a three-way guarantee covering performance, added value and profit; “super-green” performance; and multi-functional protection for all types of glass—interior and exterior, new and old, according to the company. www.clearshieldonline.com

Get it on Tape –
Booth #2107

ITW Polymers Sealants North America, which offers expanded advanced sealants solutions, has key markets including construction roofing, surfacing, metal building, and fenestration. The company will display its Acryl-R®, Elastek®, ER Systems®, Miracle®, Pacific Polymers®, Permathane®, STA’-PUT®, and Tacky Tape®. www.itwsm.com

Fenzi's Full Range –
Booth #1135

Fenzi, a manufacturer of chemicals for secondary glass processing, will display its complete line of high-performance IG sealants. Among these is Thiover, a polysulphide, two-part sealant that the company says meets advanced ecocompatibility standards. Thiover sealants are solvent-free, do not contain any harmful ingredients, feature excellent mechanical properties and low permeability to water and gas. They are also described as being compatible with all spacers and with most of the materials used in IG glass.

Also highlighted will be the Hotver 2000, a hot-melt one-part sealant with physical-chemical properties that Fenzi says ensure easy processing, optimal resistance to low and high temperatures and adhesion; and Butylver, a PIB sealant for the primary seal of IG, also available as Butylver TPS (thermoplastic spacer for Bystronic® applicators) and Butylver SS (sealant for flexible spacers).

Fenzi will also display its flagship products, such as the Duralux line of mirror coatings, and Decover, a range of cold paints for large decorative glass sheets, engineered for interior design and furnishing of homes, offices and shops. www.fenzi-na.com

handling equipment
Don’t Change the Channel
(Lifter) – Booth #1003

The design of the P1 channel lifter vacuum lifter from Wood’s Powr-Grip® has been re-engineered to incorporate features that the company says increase operator safety, and add versatility and longevity to the product. A new lift bar for the P1 channel lifter now features a replaceable spool, designed to provide extended service life. The lift bar is predrilled and ready for use with the company’s counter-balancer, which is used for glass installations in airport towers, as well as for installing glass under eaves and other obstructions.

The P1 channel lifter is available with an upgraded dual vacuum system that requires less power and provides longer battery life than similar systems, according to the company. www.powrgrip.com

Carry the One –
Booth #2221

Glazers Choice from Woodstock Ill., will be featuring CarryMate® non-slip panel grips. Designed to provide a safe and secure way to transport large lites of glass, the CarryMate system automatically clamps on with protected grips that will not scratch even highly polished surfaces. www.glazerschoice.com

software Three Scoops with A+W
– Booth #1505

A+W, a member of Friedman Operating Group, offers software products for the office as well as on the shop floor, now with an ergonomic design and intuitive operation that the company says increases the efficiency and profitability of their client’s business The company’s new-generation software includes A+W Business and A+W Production, as well as A+W Business Pro, an ERP-system for small- and medium-sized companies with integrated tools for production planning and management.

A sneak preview of the second generation of the A+W Production Cockpit will be available during the show. A+W’s Production Cockpit is designed for the production manager’s office as well as for use on large monitors in various departments on the shop floor. The control station for complete production monitoring can also be used on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

The company has also launched A+W Discovery, its business intelligence system for multi-client conversion, integration and analysis of complex, heterogeneous data. www.a-w.com

Neo Vision –
Booth #825

The FeneVision neo ERP, developed by Ohio-based FeneTech Inc., has become a successful software solution for glass processing companies, according to the company. The software offers a new, fully graphical user interface and new functions including a fully native iPad app for mobile delivery, an integrated CAD solution for glass processing companies, enhanced product selection capabilities and more. It also now features a fully integrated 3D-shower door designer for framed and frameless shower doors. www.fenetech.com

event showcase
A Little Taste of Italy –
Booth #935

Gimav, the Italian Association of Glass Processing Machinery and Accessory Suppliers, will organize a group stand for its flat glass members during the show. The Gimav area will host 14 companies that will be taking part in the event in a display area of approximately 700 square meters. Gimav will also host the bi-annual Vitrum trade fair, taking place October 23-26 in Milan, Italy. www.gimav.it

Gotta Get to Glasstec –
Booth #2105

glasstec 2014, International Trade Fair for Glass Production – Processing – Products, will be held from October 21 - 24, 2014 at the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany. Held every two years, glasstec is an international business platform for more than 1,000 exhibitors and more than 40,000 visitors from around the world.

Exhibit categories include glass manufacturing and production technology, glass processing and finishing, tools and replacement parts as well as process control technology, glass applications in the construction industry, solar energy, electronic display glass and laser technologies. In addition to exhibits, the event also encompasses special presentations, symposia and congresses. www.glasstec-online.com and www.mdna.com

A GEM of a Show #708

While at the show in Atlanta be sure and pick up some information on Glass Expo Midwest ’13, taking place October 31-November 1 at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center in Schaumburg (Chicago), Ill. Co-sponsored by the Illinois Glazing Association, the Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota and Wisconsin Glass Associations, Detroit Glass Dealers Association, the Association of Glazing Contractors and USGlass magazine, USGNN™ and Window Film magazine, the two-day event combines the latest in industry education along with the latest new products, which will be featured on the trade show floor. www.usglassmag.com/gems


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