Volume 48, Issue 9- September 2013

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Five Good and One Sad

The Dlubak bankruptcy was not too much of a surprise (our company was a creditor and had been trying to collect $5500 for quite a while), though it made me sad for other reasons as well. First was for the people, of course, many of whom I’ve known for years. Second were for the legacy issues. I know how hard those employees, particularly Frank Dlubak, his daughter Alyssa and his brother-in-law, the late Dick Joyce, had worked to grow and sustain the business that bore more than their name. And they were, until the last few years, very successful. In fact, Frank Dlubak entered the Glass and Metal Hall of Fame a number of years ago for being an inventor and creative force within the glass industry.

What wasn’t included in the recent discussions is the fact that Dlubak itself had been a creditor in a number of bankruptcies and there is no telling how much that contributed to the need to file its own. In fact, Dlubak was a creditor in Trainor’s bankruptcy and in Arch’s, which no doubt added to their fiscal woes.

As of press time, though, the stalking horse bidder Grey Mountain Partners was itself being chased. GGI and Oran Safety Glass announced intentions to bid on the equipment. Please check our daily e-news service, usgnn.com™ for more details.

That leads me to my original topic for this column—five fun facts to know about us that just might help you in your business. Here goes:
1. USGlass magazine offers tons of information at your fingertips. In fact, we even offer all articles produced by all Key Communications’ publications in the past eight years online with a searchable index. Just go to http://www.glass.com/archives and put in your keywords. Every single article we have run on the topic will appear almost instantly. There is no charge for this service.

2. USGlass magazine offers a daily “newspaper” online. It is called the USGlass News Network (http://www.usgnn.com) and arrives in your email inbox every business day. I can no longer count how many readers have told me that it is the single most important business tool they have. It delights me to bring such a valuable service to our readers. You can sign up at http://bit.ly/1d5oG35. It is free.

3. USGlass does a lot of custom research. In fact, we have a full research division to handle it. From market studies, to focus groups, to full and detailed research projects, we have been involved in a ton over the years. You will never know more about them because our research division keeps the information entirely confidential. I have been told that users like working with us because we already understand the industry we are studying.

4. USGlass magazine is an award winner. In fact, our video unit, which produces our monthly newscast on usgnn.com™, recently received the prestigious American Society of Business Press Editors (ASBPE) first place gold medal award for our video newscast FILM’D produced for our sister publication Window Film magazine. It is the latest in a long series of awards and accolades for our publications, including USGlass magazine. Congratulations to producer Chris Bunn and editor Casey Neeley. You can see the USGlass newscast series at http://www.usglassmag.com/studio.

5. The USGlass family of authors reaches new heights. Assistant editor John Hollis recently completed his second book. Called “Dancing with the Devil” and written with wrestler Lex Luger, it details Luger’s rise, subsequent fall and rebirth as a Christian. But Hollis isn’t our only book author. A book by the one and only Lyle Hill is in production and should be available before year’s end. And another USGlass columnist, Paul Beiber, recently released “The Five Minute Consultant’s Guide to Solving Everyday Business Problems.” Chock full of practical advice about solving the crisis du jours that occur in business, it’s a great and helpful read. Paul, along with all our editors, sales team and me, will all be in Atlanta covering the show, catching up with readers and meeting new ones. Please stop by booth 708 and say hello.

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