Volume 49, Issue 4 - April 2014


AAMA Annual Meeting Covers Much

During the American Architectural Manufacturers Associationís (AAMA) Annual Meeting, held earlier this year, president and CEO Richard Walker noted that as part of the associationís strategic goals, it will aggressively promote its FenestrationMasters program in 2014. Additional steps include expanding its global footprint, developing a fenestration payback whitepaper and exploring the feasibility of developing an energy modeling tool.

Among the many groups meeting, the Life Cycle Assessment Oversight Committee gave an update on the development of Product Category Rules (PCR) for windows, which AAMA is working on with the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA), the Glass Association of North America and the Window and Door Manufacturers Association.

High priority outstanding subjects that still need to be addressed include the Use Phase Energy Calculation Model. It will be derived from regression equations from ASHRAE and IECC 2006 models using Energy Plus. However, the entire methodology has not yet been finalized.

A publication target is projected for mid-2014.

In the Glass Materials Council, the Understanding Glass Standards Task Group continued its work on a joint document with IGMA. The consumer-aimed document intends to address common questions that come up from homeowners.

AAMA will host its national summer meeting June 1-4 in Indianapolis.

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