Volume 49, Issue 2 - February 2014



Always Have Hope
Hope’s Windows has introduced Thermal Evolution Technology for hot-rolled, solid steel windows to meet stringent energy efficiency standards with improved U-factors and condensation resistance, the company says. The new technology, patented for operable windows and patent pending for fixed windows, uses fiberglass reinforced polymer liners that are structurally bonded to fully-welded, hot-rolled, solid steel profiles.

The company’s Landmark175 Series is the first product line to feature the Thermal Evolution Technology. www.hopeswindows.com

decorative glass

Give ‘Em Some Privacy!
Madras® Nuvola, the newest product offered by Vitrealspecchi, is a satin finish glass for both internal and external applications, providing screened glass for a natural passage from the interior to exterior. Madras Nuvola offers the opacity of a satin finish as well as transparency via a progressive transition between finishes. It is rendered partially opaque by a satin finish that is subtly graded until it disappears, leaving the rest of the glass transparent. The part of the glass where the finish is most opaque provides privacy. The treated surface is smooth to the touch and is resistant to fingerprints and scratches. It is also easy to clean, according to the company.

A Real Glass Ceiling
Glass ceilings are the latest debut from Quebec-based ThinkGlass. Created by glass master Michel Mailhot, applications have included a water-like ceiling made of glass for the architects at MLS & Associates, who wanted the feeling of being under water for a reception area. The glass for the ceiling was thermofused over a hand-made texture called Granula, one of the textures available at ThinkGlass.

Etc., Etc., Etc.
Miami-based Coverings ETC’s Bio-Glass in Topaz Blue, designed by Ofer Mizrahi, is the latest color in the Bio-Glass collection. All of the colors are 100 percent up-cycled and made from 100-percent post-consumer recycled glass. No colorants, epoxies or resins are added during the manufacturing process.

Bio-Glass is stain- and scratch-resistant, which the company says makes it ideal for kitchen countertops, backsplashes and wall coverings. It is available in sheet sizes measuring 110 by 50 inches and ¾-inch thick, and can be used for partitions, facades and other decorative surfaces.

Don’t Hem and Haw, Just Scrimshaw
With Scrimshaw, its newest glass product, Pulp Studio has taken the tradition of scrimshaw etching and applied it to the surface of glass. Scrimshaw can be custom fit and applied to wall partitioning, door lites, tabletops, office dividers, storefronts, signage, furniture, handrails, skylights, windows, light fixtures, wall panels and elevator cab paneling.

machinery and equipment

Status Earth, Father Time
Salem Flat Glass introduced the Status Earth Wheel, its latest generation of cerium-based composition polishing wheels. The Status Earth Wheel was designed to operate on automatic edging machines to cost-effectively produce bright surface finishes on any thickness of glass. It is the combination of a precision-grade cerium oxide and a unique bonding material that produces a polishing wheel that successfully operates at low pressure and high speeds. Status Earth Wheels are available mounted onto hubs to fit most popular edgers, according to the company. www.salemdist.com

Wheel in the Grind Keep on Turning
A line of Type 27 cotton-fiber abrasive grinding and blending wheels is available from Rex-Cut Abrasives of Fall River, Mass. Rex-Cut® Type 27 cotton fiber grinding wheels feature multiple layers of cotton fiber with incorporated aluminum oxide abrasive grains, which are then pressed and bonded together. They are made for blending and finishing aluminum in one-step and, according to the company, eliminate the need for waxes and lubricants. Sizes offered include 4-, 41/4-, 5-, 7-, and 9-inch diameters, in 1/8-, 3/16-, and 1/4-inch thicknesses, with or without 5/8-11 throw away adapters.

safety equipment

Protect Yourself A variety of personal protective gear items are available from Tri-Star Glove, in Plainville, Ind. These include the TSG 566 with Twaron® woven stainless steel fabric to prevent cuts and punctures. The TSG 566 is a customized garment, designed to be reflective with flame resistant trim, 360 degree neck protection and a one-piece front to minimize snags.

The company also offers jackets, chaps, aprons and above-elbow sleeves, capes, bibs and gloves specifically for the glass industry. According to the company, all of its garments are flame-resistant and will never burn, melt or drip.

ShowCase: China Glass 2014


If you’re headed to Shanghai in April for China Glass don’t be surprised if you see a few familiar faces, as several companies with U.S.-based operations will have a presence at the show. Here’s a look at just some of who you can see.

CRL Brings a Bundle
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. (CRL) will feature several of its products, including the GRS Taper-Loc® dry glaze glass railing system as well as the CRL-Blumcraft® panic handles.

The Taper-Loc, according to the company can reduce installation time by 50 percent. The system meets and exceeds code standards, according to CRL and is Miami-Dade certified. It is designed to both self-center the glass, and plumb it, all from the floor side of the railing. The Taper-Loc can be used in both interior and exterior applications, and is available in eight architectural finishes.

In addition, the company will showcase its CRL-Blumcraft panic handles, which are UL, ULC, and ANSI/BHMA certified. The handles are designed with the all-glass door in mind, according to the company, and provide maximum viewing area and a contemporary look, while remaining A.D.A. compliant. The operating mechanism is concealed within the tube, and retracts a roller latch bolt at the top of the door when pushed gently.

CRL will also feature its Jackson door closers, which meet A.D.A. opening force requirements. The UL-listed closures are available as adjustable spring power size 1 (barrier-free) to 4 (regular).

Machine Innovations
IGE Glass Solutions in Jupiter, Fla., represents a number of machinery suppliers that will feature a variety of new product lines.

Landglass, a furnace manufacturer, will offer new innovations in full convection furnaces for low-E glass. Handong will present new heating methods for laminated glass production, and will also demonstrate its new heat soak oven as well as its newest glass washer.

Golive will be demonstrating its new automatic seaming line using diamond wheels, as well as its double edgers and double drills.

Also represented by IGE, Hanjiang will demonstrate a full insulating glass line with new innovations in sealing robots and gas filling, while Buojun will feature its newest lamination vacuum box.

Highlighting Efficiency and Performance
Focusing on its Super Spacer and Dura products, will be Houston-based Quanex Building Products and its subsidiary Edgetech.

According to the company, productivity, efficiency and thermal advantages will be its main highlights.  www.quanex.com

Paint, Seal, Secure
Alongside the range of Duralux mirror backing paints, the first product to be exported and produced by Fenzi in China, a major focus for the company will be its Butylver PIB sealant for primary sealing of insulating glass units. The company will also offer its Tempver ceramic paints and Glassolux cold paints.

In addition, special focus will be on Thiover, a polysulfide sealant that meets the stringent eco-compatibility requirements, and Chromatech Ultra, the first hybrid spacer from Alu-Pro and Rolltech, made of stainless steel and special plastic blends. This warm-edge spacer delivers real advantages in terms of thermal insulation and ease of processing, according to the company.

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