Volume 49, Issue 1- January 2014

GANA Perspectives

People-Friendly vs. Energy-Efficient
Symposium Addresses How Buildings can be Both
by Ashley Charest

Germany has a building code dictating that every worker should be within 15 feet of a window. Did you know that even with this requirement in place, they still maintain highly energy-efficient buildings? What would our buildings look like if view became a fundamental design?

These are the thought-provoking questions that sparked the development of the Glass Association of North America’s (GANA) third Energy Day Symposium, taking place as part of GANA’s Annual Conference, February 4-7, 2014 at the Hilton Lake Buena Vista in Orlando, Fla. The program features timely presentations and high-level dialogue with industry leaders. Here’s a look at some of the featured presentations.

European Design Perspectives

Presented by Erik Olsen, PE, managing partner, Transsolar Inc.

The glass and glazing industry understands that the North American perspective on design can vary substantially from our European counterparts. This session will discuss how European designs are influenced and how those influences play into future design projects in North America.

Presented by Brendan Owens, vice president LEED® Technical Development, U.S. Green Building Council
With LEED version 4 released at GreenBuild 2013, many questions surround its differences from the 2009 version; how glass plays a role in the various credits and how performance will be verified. This session features the “lead” LEED technical development advisor, Brendan Owens. Owens will discuss the new version and answer questions regarding the differences, additions and performance criteria.

GreenWorks Orlando
Presented by Jonathan Ippel, sustainability director, City of Orlando
Green Works Orlando promotes green business opportunities, green and efficient municipal operations, natural resource protection, environmentally friendly lifestyles, local food production, and locally owned businesses.

The resources provided are divided into three categories:

• Green Works Business: Information on how Green Works Orlando is supporting the business community’s effort to go green;

• Green Works Government: Information on how Green Works Orlando is reducing municipal waste and saving money through greening municipal operations; and

• Green Works Life: Information on efficiency upgrades for residential homes, as well as how residents can get involved in their communities.

The presentations listed above are just a few of the powerful sessions to be held during GANA’s Energy Day Symposium. The event provides high-level content relevant to professionals from across the industry including architects, sustainability managers, LEED APs, energy modelers, sales and marketing managers, owners, engineers, designers, materials specialists and more.

Event registration is available online at www.glasswebsite.com.


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