Volume 49, Issue 1- January 2014

Opportunities Ahead

Third Annual USGlass Glass Usage Forecast Shows Increases Ahead

Ready for some good news? Forecasts show that 2014 may just be the best year compared to the recent past for the construction industry, with many segments expected to see growth. And that’s good news for the glass industry as more buildings mean more glass usage. Our third annual glass usage forecast shows increases in many of the major commercial construction markets for 2014.

Taking a closer look at some segments, glass usage in warehouse construction is predicted to see a 22-percent increase compared to 2013, from 3.7 million square feet to 4.5 million square feet. Also expected to increase, glass used in hotel construction is up to 6.9 million square feet, a 21-percent increase compared to 2013.

Retail construction is another growth segment. Our exclusive USGlass forecast predicts 34.3 million square feet of glass usage—a 17-percent increase compared to the 29.3 million square feet used in 2013.

Commercial office building construction, too, will see positive growth, with 16.3 million square feet of glass expected to be used in this segment. This is a 16-percent increase compared to the 14.1 million square feet used last year.

Not all segments, though, will experience robust growth. Educational, manufacturing and institutional – amusement and recreation will likely see small gains. Data forecasts amusement and recreation to see 4.2 million square feet of glass usage, .05 percent up from last year, while manufacturing is expected to increase .06 percent to 1.6 million square feet. Glass used in educational facilities will be up somewhere around 1 percent with 10.3 million square feet of usage compared to 10.2 million square feet in 2013.

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