Volume 49, Issue 1- January 2014


Rack This Up

New pickup and van racks are the latest addition for Unruh. The new pickup and van racks have standard 5-inch useable ledgeboards and 84-inch useable height. They also offer stake guides at the top of the racks for quick stake setting and 21-inch high full bottom protection panels to keep the glass clean and protected from spray and debris. The new racks also include seven rows of slats providing protective support to more glass sizes. www.unruh.com

Custom Fit

Barkow announced it has now designed and mounted 12-foot, fully welded aluminum glass racks on the new 2014 Dodge ProMaster cargo van. According to the company the custom racks accommodate up to 144- by 86-inch lites, with other sizes also available. www.barkow.com

glass Transparent Transformation

Transparent, solar control, low-E glasses are elevated to new levels of clarity and solar control with Solarban 67 glass by PPG. According to the company, the glass is engineered with a proprietary double-silver, magnetron-sputtered vacuum deposition coating. While clear glass is standard, it can also be specified with blue, green and earth-tones on the second or third surface of an insulating glass unit. www.ppgideascapes.com

insulating glass Viracon with a Triple

Triple insulating glass sizes up to 70 square feet are now available from Viracon. A dual-pane product consisting of a ¼-inch (6-mm) exterior lite with a VRE-54 coating on the number-two surface, ½-inch (13.2-mm) air space and a ¼-inch (6-mm) interior lite yields a winter U-value of 0.30 and a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.31, according to the company. Using the same components, but adding another ½-inch (13.2-mm) air spacer with a third ¼-inch (6-mm) new interior lite yields a winter U-value of 0.22 and a SHGC of 0.28.

Applying a second high-performance coating, such as VE-85, on the number-four surface (second lite) of the same triple insulating glass construction improves the winter U-value to 0.16 and the SHGC to 0.25, according to the company. www.viracon.com

metal panels High-Tech, High Style

Petersen Aluminum (PAC-CLAD) offers what it calls another dimension in design flexibility with its series of composite wall panels. The company’s panel systems provide performance and visual effects for both commercial and retail application. The composite panels are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. www.pac-clad.com.

thermal barriers Questions and Answers

Through its AZO/Tec® technical services department, Azon says it partners with aluminum extruders and window manufacturers, working to improve the energy-saving properties of thermal barrier materials. The company offers assistance to fenestration designers and manufacturers in optimizing product designs, starting with questions about end-use, size and structural requirements of the door, window, curtainwall or skylight assembly.

According to the company, by adding a second thermal barrier cavity in a profile or utilizing the wider MLP™ cavity design, the U-factor may be lowered as much as 25 percent—which can be significant in meeting stringent energy codes. www.azonintl.com

hardware Spiders Bring the Outside In

The Wagner Architectural Glass Systems (AGS) range of structural spider assemblies and bolts, created to bring natural light into buildings and enhance the visibility of a building’s interior elements from the outside, offer traditional cast products, as well as fully-engineered and U.S.-manufactured spider and bolt combinations. According to the company, spider and bolt combinations allow for creative flexibility and superior structural performance. www.wagnercompanies.com


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