Volume 49, Issue 7 - July 2014


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Find the Latest Products and More in the USGlass Magazine 2014 New Product Guide

Want to keep up with the most recent industry innovations? Well look no further than the 31st Annual USGlass magazine New Product Guide. It’s super easy. Just read through entries, look at the photos, and see if there isn’t something that just might fit the bill. Need to be able to offer more pizazz? Look no further than the decorative glass section. Want to be more efficient? More eco-friendly? There are products to help you with that, too. Plus, you’ll get an overview of some of the cool things the industry has rolled out recently—everything from tools to machinery to software and web applications. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started finding great new products!

South By SNX 51/23, Plus Spandrel
Guardian’s SunGuard Spandrel HT and SunGuard SNX 51/23
Guardian now offers SunGuard Spandrel HT, a new glass product designed for building façade spandrel applications in North America.

Guardian Spandrel HT has a high opacity and low potential for streaking which results in a smooth, matte finish and brings improved uniformity and appearance to spandrel glass, according to the company. Architects will now have the option of specifying a complete vision and spandrel glass package alongside Guardian SunGuard high-performance, low-E coatings.

SunGuard Spandrel HT is available in white, warm gray and black, and in two stock sheet sizes for better cutting optimization: 96- by 130-inches and 100- by 144-inches.

Guardian has also introduced SunGuard SNX 51/23, a commercial low-E glass product with visible light transmission (VLT) above 50 percent and a solar heat gain coefficient below 0.25, in a standard insulating glass unit. It has a neutral blue appearance and is designed to meet the most stringent energy codes in North America without sacrificing appearance, according to the company.

It’s the Summer of ’67 and z75 Best Things
PPG’s Solarban 67 and Solarban z75
PPG Industries has debuted Solarban z75 glass, a solar control, low-E glass with a neutral, cool-gray tint. In a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit (IGU), Solarban z75 glass has a VLT of 48 percent and a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.24, resulting in a light-to-solar-gain (LSG) ratio of 2.00. Solarban z75 also has exterior reflectance of 9 percent, which allows it to work with other building materials and color-neutral, low-E glasses such as Solarban z50, Solarban 67 and Solarban R100.

Solarban z75 and Solarban z50 glasses have interior reflectance of less han 10 percent, for clear, natural outdoor views. Both products are certified at the silver level by the Cradle-to-Cradle Certified program.

In addition, Solarban 67 is a solar control, low-E glass with a neutral coating. Engineered with a proprietary double-silver, magnetron-sputtered vacuum deposition (MSVD) coating, Solarban 67 glass reflects the true timbre and brightness of ambient light and color accurately and authentically, according to the company. The low-E coating unique to Solarban 67 glass provides a VLT of 54 percent and a SHGC 0.29, which yields a LSG ratio of 1.85 in a standard 1-inch IGU with conventional clear glass.

glass I’ll Be Klear

AGC’s Krystal Images
AGC Krystal Images glass, produced using high-resolution digital imaging technology, is the newest addition to the AGC Krystal Interiors family of decorative products. It allows architects and interior designers to create designs using high-resolution digital images captured on a proprietary film – film that the company says enhances color saturation and resolution. The images are then laminated using the company’s Krystal Klear glass, which satisfies the requirements for safety glazing established by the International Building Code. Krystal Images may be used either monolithically or as part of an IGU.

Any type of digital image, artwork, including computer generated graphics, photographic pictures, text, or com binations of all the above can be produced using the Krystal Images technology, up to 1440 dpi, though a minimum of 300 dpi is recommended. A standard maximum size of Krystal Images is 60- by 120-inches, but can be run as large as 60- by 144-inches.

Krystal Klear is an ultra-transparent, low-iron glass that the company says offers truer color and clarity. It has a visible light transmission of 91 percent.

Pro, Pro, Pro Suede Glass

Gardner Glass Products’ ProSuede Glass
Dreamwalls ProSuede Glass is a backpainted glass with a matte, mar-resistant surface that is also fully dry-erasable. The company explains that typical etched glass is not erasable, but the etching of ProSuede allows markers to wipe away.

For use as a wall surface that controls glare, ProSuede Glass is also available with a magnetic option. Sizes are available up to 96- by 130-inches in any specified custom color. It can also reduce visual clutter of multiple presentation products as it can be used as an impromptu projection surface, according to the company.

Cool Views
ICD’s CeramiGlass Frost Etch
ICD introduced CeramiGlass Frost Etch, a 100-percent water based ceramic-like coating that simulates the look of an acid-etched process without the environmental concerns or difficult sourcing, according to the company. CeramiGlass Frost Etch also can come in a full range of colors and be screen-printed, sprayed or roller coated, allowing the ICD Approved Factory Fabricator multiple usage opportunities with one product.

CeramiGlass Frost Etch provides the look and surface feel of a traditional acid-etched product. According to the company, the glass also features superior sustainability qualities with zero volatile organic compounds, no pine oil or solvents, and less energy needed to cure.

GRT It Done

Decorative Glass from GRT Glass Design

GRT Glass Design says it is committed to supplying architectural art glass by striving to exceed customer demands for new and innovative products. The company says it combines glass with other materials such as metal, stone and water, working them together and producing a quality product that satisfies client needs for unique glass art.

GRT designs, produces and ships art glass products around the world and its creations can be used in both commercial businesses and residential applications.

A PRL Among Glass Companies
Glazing Products from PRL

PRL Glass offers an extensive line of decorative glass products and says its architectural glazing products are limited only by clients’ creativity. The company stocks more than 25 different types of textured glass including low-iron textures, which are ideal for restaurant partitions, shower enclosures, sneeze guards or room dividers.

PRL also offers laminated glass with unlimited colored interlayers. The spandrel department offers 18 stock colors and numerous custom colors. Nearly all of the company’s products can be coupled with artistic sandblast or custom metal fabrication.

Write On
Pulp Studio’s Pintura AR

Pintura AR, a new edition to the Pintura series from Pulp Studio, is a non-reflective anti-scratch marker board. It can be used both as a high quality projecting surface and for writing with dry erase markers, making it ideal for applications in locations such as classrooms and office rooms, according to the company. Pintura AR has an anti-reflective coating on the surface, which the company says improves the saturation of color and quality when projecting light onto the glass, such as when using it for a screen in a presentation. The coating does not scratch and cannot be stained with a dry erase marker. The glass is available in any color, annealed or fully tempered, and can be produced in sizes large enough to cover an entire wall.

Because Pintura is cured in controlled conditions, the finish bonds permanently to the surface, guaranteeing that when fabricated it will not peel, chip or otherwise separate from the surface, according to the company.

Make Mine a Satin Lite
Satin Lite Glass from Walker

The Walker Textures Satinlite program is the latest development from Walker Glass. The new line can be used in interior or exterior applications and its refined etching removes the glare from the surface of the glass, the company says, making the colors and images stand out. It is available in various substrates and thicknesses from 3-mm to 12-mm. Some substrates such as the 6-mm Starphire are available in quantities less than 4,000 pounds. http://www.walkerglass.com

On the (Soft)Mark
Summit Glass Coatings’ ChrismaColor™

Due to their light etched finish, Summit Glass Coatings’ ChrismaColor™ Softmark glass marker boards are ideal for use as a projection board, and with the magnetic option, can function as a magnet board.

According to Summit, the anti-reflective dry-erase glass marker boards are manufactured using a lightly etched, low-iron glass substrate, allowing dry-erase markers to be wiped off with ease. SoftMark glass marker boards are also available framed for efficient installation, according to the company.

Bond. High Bond.

Capital Tape’s Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

A new high-bond tape, a .045-inch thick, pressure-sensitive, gray, foam-core, acrylic tape, is available from Capital Tape. It is designed to adhere to most clean, dry, oil-free substrates, according to the company, which describes it as able to withstand a wide range of weathering and temperature conditions without losing adhesion. A 1-inch square of this tape fastened to two pieces of aluminum will hold 60 pounds, according to the company. http://www.capitaltape.com

Flashing Skylights

LightBasic from Major Industries

Major Industries recently added to its LightBasic line of translucent panel daylighting systems with the LightBasic Quick Ship self-flashing, single-slope skylight. The skylights are pre-engineered and ship assembled in a number of standard sizes from 4- by 4-feet up to 5- by 20-feet, and feature a self-flashing design. They are asy to install. LightBasic systems have a 100-percent acrylic-based AcrylitGC face sheet for long-term dependability and light control. They come standard with a durable, clear anodized finish, and offer two-sheet color options as well as two insulation options for enhanced thermal performance.

curtainwall and storefront
Lookin’ Good, Slim
Kawneer’s 1620/1620 SSG Curtainwall

The 1620/1620 structural silicone glazed (SSG) curtainwall system is now available from Kawneer. With a 2-inch profile, the 1620/1620 SSG system provides slim down sightlines that allow light to enter the building and contribute to an expanded view of the outside environment, according to the company.

The curtainwall system is engineered with a thermal break and can accommodate double pane insulating glass. A fiberglass pressure plate option provides additional thermal performance. The stick fabricated, pressure-glazed system offers a vertical SSG mullion solution and both options use concealed fasteners to create flush and unbroken sightlines, according to the company.

Straight cuts without notching help ease the fabrication process and further simplify installation, Kawneer says, adding that a pre-engineered rainscreen pressure-equalized back pan option offering easy-to-install spandrel adapters is available.

Sliders: Series 3000
CRL-U.S. Sliding Doors

The CRL-U.S. Aluminum Series 3000 high performance sliding door is a high thermal two-track sliding door designed for exterior applications, for either fin or block frame applications and has optional thermally broken head channels and bottom tracks to provide thermal performance. Doors are equipped with heavy wall stiles and interlock, a multi-point locking system, heavy-duty adjustable tandem rollers, and floor track with stainless steel caps that the company says ensure smooth operation during years of service.

Tested to AAMA LC25, CW40 and CW60 for high performance, Series 3000 high performance sliding doors accommodate 1- and 1 1/4-inch glazing with a frame depth of 4 1/2-inches. They have an optional stacking?subsill and available configurations in OX, XO, OXO, OXXO (LC25 only).

CRL also offers a face cap remover, designed to remove exterior face caps on a selection of curtainwalls by hooking one side of the face cap to pull and pop off the cap. This tool has what the company calls an easy grip, lightweight handle, and is described as quick and easy to adjust for use on varying size face caps.

Find Serenity in Assa Abloy
Door Products from Assa Abloy

The Assa Abloy Group Brands Frameworks, Graham and Maiman have launched Serenity, a first wood door and aluminum frame sound-rated door opening solution. Available in sizes up to nine feet, the wood doors and aluminum frames, together with the PEMKO seal kit, have been tested together acoustically, to achieve a sound transmission class rating of 35 per ASTM E90 and ASTM E413.

The Serenity opening is available in various wood door options from Graham and Maiman, including a 20-minute fire rating, with any commercially available veneer, and must be ordered with a Frameworks Type II aluminum frame.

Meanwhile, the Assa Abloy Group Brands Ceco Door, Curries and Fleming have added fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) doors along with exterior aluminum frames to their lines of door opening solutions. This door and frame system is made for exterior openings in high abuse areas such as school buildings. A durable exterior embossed finish with aluminum alloy perimeter extrusions and foamed energy efficient core provide a lightweight door that provides extended life to the opening, according to the company. The exterior three-sided frame is manufactured with hardened aluminum alloy.

software and web tools
A Decon Expert
Decon USA’s Jordahl Expert JTA Anchor Channel Design Software

Decon USA announced the availability of Jordahl Expert JTA anchor channel design software. The software allows designers to evaluate both top of slab and edge of slab curtainwall anchoring conditions quickly, according to the company. Design inputs can be adjusted by the designer to produce efficient results.

The software shows step-by-step calculation output to national building codes using ICC AC232 and ACI 318 Appendix D design criteria. It is available for download through the company website or may be requested in CD form.

Going on a Security Search
Web Applications from Security Lock Distributors

Security Lock Distributors launched a new web application. SecuritySearch is an online tool that digitally aggregates all industry price books and catalogs into one centralized platform. Customers enter a part number, product, series or manufacturer and the application will bring back all relevant search results for that query.

SecuritySearch also includes a variety of embedded functionality that allows customers to be more efficient in specifying and sourcing door security hardware and accessories, according to the company. These features include searching by multiple criteria, locating and downloading all sales brochures, cropping and emailing portions of pages.

impact products
Targa Practice
Targa Windows from CGI
Named after an Old English word for shield, CGI has introduced Targa, a vinyl impact window with both Miami Dade and Florida building code approvals. The energy-efficient, impact-resistant vinyl windows were specifically designed for the Florida impact market and act as shields to safeguard homes and families with strength, security and style, according to the company.

(It Won’t) Rock You Like a Hurricane

Saftifire Hurricane System from Safti First

Safti First’s Saftifire Hurricane system now has Florida Product Approvals for 60- to 120-minute wall/window assemblies and 60- and 90-minute single and pair doors, in addition to the Miami Dade testing done and UL certification received in 2006.

The Saftifire Hurricane system has a maximum design load of +/- 80 psf and The Saftifire Hurricane system has a maximum design load of +/- 80 psf and complies with high velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) testing requirements. The system also meets ASTM E-119/NFPA251/UL263 up to two hours with hose stream for fire resistance; ASTM E283 for air infiltration leakage; ASTM E331/ASTM 547 for water penetration; ASTM E330/TAS 202 for uniform static air pressure; FBC 1626.2 (TAS 201 and 203) for large missile impact and cyclic wind loading; AAMA 1302.5-76 and 1303.5-76 for forced entry (for doors); and ASTM E1300 for determining load resistance of glass in buildings.

The glazing is comprised of the company’s clear fire-resistive SuperLite II-XL insulated with 9/16-inch DuPont Sentry Plus laminated glass. It can be customized to include energy-efficient, decorative or sound attenuating make-ups. The frames are offered in standard and custom finishes. In addition, the system is enrolled in Architectural Testing Inc.’s Quality Assurance Validation Program.

We Have Heard on HI
The HI System from Vetrotech Saint-Gobain

Vetrotech HI System is an assembly of high-strength VDS curtainwall and door profiles and Contraflam HI glazing available from Vetrotech Saint-Gobain.

The system has a built-in curtainwall, designed with hurricane impact resistance and was created to allow users to bypass installation and maintenance of costly shutters.

Vetrotech HI was tested to meet ASTM E 1996, ASTM E 1886 and ASTM E 330, as well as the TAS protocols required by the Florida Building Code, including Miami-Dade County. In addition to passing the requirements of the small and large missile test, testing included dynamic cycling and air and water infiltration tests. The system is UL-listed for fire-resistance applications requiring ratings for up to two hours, according to the company.

With Design Pressure (DP) ratings of up to +/-65 psf, the system is designed to handle pressure of severe hurricane wind speeds and meets the requirements of TAS 201, 202, 203, in addition to passing ASTM E1996 / 1886 / 330 / 283-99 / 331-00 and AAMA 1304-02 test standards, according to the company.

surface protections
In the Clear
ClearShield from Ritec

Designed for producing glass with multi-functional, “super-green” performance, Ritec International offers its ClearShield Eco-Glass, which can be applied to any glass – new or old, exterior or interior – in a factory or on-site. The result, the company says, is a durable, “non-stick,” easy-clean surface protection proven under real life conditions for more than 30 years.

Ritec calls ClearShield Eco-Glass “super-green” because its surface protection creates a range of eco-friendly benefits such as energy-saving— reducing by 50 percent, on average, the energy requirements, costs and carbon emissions for routine washing of exterior glass.

It also has anti-microbial properties via a transparent, re-treatable glass surface treatment to resist the adhesion and growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi, and meets EU and the USA Food & Drug Administration test requirements for direct food contact, according to the company.

profile wrapping
Expanding Exofol
Films from Renolit

Renolit has been in the market for window frame enhancement with performance/decorative films for more than 30 years and now has expanded its offering of metallic finishes. This metallic range includes architectural bronze and other anodized type finishes, silver and aluminum, copper and black. The scratch-resistant surface emboss of this commercial range can have either a smooth stipple or an etched type finish.

The metallic finishes join the company’s existing selection of woodgrain and solid color laminate films that Exofol offers to enhance the look of the interior or exterior of all types of window frames. It is suitable for substrates of PVC, fiberglass, wood, aluminum, composites and more, according to the company.

Renolit also released a new, expanded fan deck. This fan deck has a complete set of samples of the full Renolit Exofol FX range, including newly released colors.

Serious Teutonic Strength
The Teutonic Series from Kolbe

The Teutonic Series door and window product line for commercial buildings is now available from Kolbe. Made for hospitality, multi-family and mixed-use projects, the series includes fixed and tilt-turn windows, tilt and slide doors and outswing hinged doors. The steel-reinforced uPVC products are designed to meet commercial buildings’ requirements for enhanced energy efficiency, occupant safety, low-maintenance and longevity, according to the company.

The doors and windows are displayed in two frame styles: North American 3 1/4 -inch frame with nailing fins and European 2 3/8-inch frame. Dual overlapping neoprene gaskets provide a seal against air and water infiltration. One-inch insulating glass is standard, and 1-3/8-inch triple pane insulating glass is available, which allows fixed windows to achieve U-values as low as 0.17.

Teutonic Series products may also be specified for buildings with blast mitigation needs and those in high wind zones and coastal areas.

The Plus Side of Composite Framing
Invent.Plus Windows from Wausau

Wausau Window and Wall Systems offers the Invent.Plus series windows, which meet European benchmarks for thermal performance and fit the current North American aesthetic for clean style and narrow sightlines.

The composite framing delivers R5 performance for operable units and R6 for fixed windows to support buildings’ goals for energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Invent.Plus windows’ composite framing combines 55 percent engineered polymers and 45 percent aluminum extrusions by volume. The aluminum contains recycled content averaging 70 percent or greater. The 3 11/16-inch frame depth incorporates several energy-saving features: custom-designed 44-mm polyamide thermal barriers from Technoform Bautec, convective baffles and foam cavity fillers, combined and optimized using both European and North American finite element thermal modeling software tools.

Always Win with Winco
Aluminum Replacement Window from Winco
Winco’s Series 3250 steel replica architectural aluminum replacement window is now available in fixed and project-out configurations that resist wind velocity over 150 mph according to ASTM E 1886 and ASTM E 1996 standards.

The windows are made with reinforced aluminum frames and feature a PVB laminated interlayer providing protection from noise, wind and water infiltration, as well as a 0.33 U-value.

Winco Series 3250 windows are an architectural grade thermal window system featuring a 3 1/4-inch deep frame with 1/8-inch wall thickness, permitting large window sizes without reinforcement. The project-out vents in a fixed window replicate steel window construction and have stack joints only 2 3/4-inch wide to meet historic sightline requirements. Optional accessories include sub-frames, mullions, panning and trim, as well as optional extruded aluminum screens.

panels and railings
From Columbia to Cambridge
Cambridge System from Columbia Commercial Building Products

Columbia Commercial Building Products introduced the Cambridge System as a member of its railing family. The Cambridge is a classic base shoe and glass design and includes shoe railing in surface or fascia mount versions.

The Cambridge accommodates 1/2-, 5/8- or 3/4-inch glass, uses taper system or grout to secure the glass and has a variety of cap rail designs. It is available in six standard factory powder coat colors, though other options include custom colors, frit and digital printed designs.

Unlock This PanelGrip
Wagner Companies’ PanelGrip System

The PanelGrip system utilizes what the Wagner Companies calls a unique locking mechanism of high-strength aluminum and pvc isolators combined with a lightweight aluminum shoe moulding. When assembled with tempered or laminated tempered glass of the appropriate size, PanelGrip enables the installer to fabricate a structural glass railing system with significant reductions in labor and freight costs over standard wet glaze options, according to the company.

Time to Select Some Safe, New Hinges
Select SL71 from Select Products
The Select SL71 safety hinge is now available from Select Products Ltd. According to the company, it is designed to help prevent people from trapping their fingers between the hinge leaves when the door closes. The recently designed SL71 concealed geared continuous hinge provides a 19/32-inch clearance between the door and frame on the hinge side when used without a frame stop.

Pair-matched hinge leaves, lifetime lubrication and anodizing after machining make for a durable product, according to the company. The hinges are subjected to more than 25,000,000 cycles in independent testing — equivalent to more than 60 years of high-traffic use and 10 times beyond BHMA Grade 1 cycle count — and have a never-ending continuous warranty.

What’s Your Multipoint?
Multipoint Locks from Strybuc

Strybuc added a complete line of multipoint locking systems that it says help secure residential and/or commercial buildings. The company’s hardware includes a range of products such as multipoint locks, handle sets with cylinders, adjustable hinges for doors and repair parts for multipoint locks. Strybuc is the national distributor for Hoppe, G-U Hardware, Truth Hardware, Amesbury, Roto, Ashland, KFV and Fuhr among others.

insulating glass
Poliver Power
Fenzi North America’s Poliver Polyurethane

Fenzi North America added Poliver Polyurethane to its list of IG sealants. The Fenzi Poliver is a two-part polyurethane specially formulated for sealing insulating glass for use in commercial and residential window applications. Available in 55 gallon drum and pail kits, Poliver is available for manual and robotic line sealing in traditional polyurethane viscosities and varying curing times.

Chromatech and Chromatech Ultra stainless steel warm edge spacers also are available. They are manufactured by Roll Tech, a Fenzi-owned company. These spacers are available with corner keys and connectors for those wishing to use on bending equipment, providing improved thermal properties over traditional aluminum spacer, according to the company.

Both Chromatech and Chromatech Ultra spacers are available in a range of air space widths. The Chromatech Ultra has a polycarbonate bridge across the top, available in traditional white, gray and black colors.

Close to the Edge
Endur IG from Cardinal Cardinal
has introduced a new warm-edge spacer for insulating glass. Depending on window design, Endur IG improves performance, increasing sightline temperature by 1 to 2 degrees and provides better resistance to condensation, according to the company.

Endur IG builds on the technologies that help Cardinal IG units achieve the industry’s lowest failure rate—only 0.2 percent over 20 years —and has a comprehensive 20-year factory warranty.

Cardinal IG Company is a fully owned subsidiary of Cardinal Glass Industries Inc.

IG: Now In 3Seal
3Seal Spacer System from J.E. Berkowitz

The JEB 3Seal spacer system for insulating glass is the newest development from J.E. Berkowitz (JEB). The JEB 3Seal IG spacer system is designed for tough commercial glazing demands, according to the company, and is made from structural thermoset silicone with integral 3A desiccant. It features a triple-seal design consisting of a pre-applied acrylic adhesive for spacer-to-glass bonding, a hot-applied captive polyisobutylene primary seal and a two-part structural silicone secondary seal.

With its no-metal design, JEB 3Seal has shock-absorbing properties that the company says counteract glazing stresses caused by wind, snow, driving rain, fluctuating temperatures and barometric pressure. In addition, the spacer has minimal thermal conductivity, providing high glass edge surface temperature, and a multi-layer vapor barrier to enhance condensation resistance, according to the company.

Thrice as Nice
Quanex’s TriSeal Super Spacer

Quanex Building Products offers its TriSeal Super Spacer, billed as “the sustainable IG spacer choice for high performance commercial glazing,” according to Quanex. Insulating glass edged with Super Spacer satisfies warm edge demands, such as optimized energy savings with what the company says is low total U-Value; high condensation resistance; clean, consistent sightline; production efficiency for maximum ROI and quality. According to the company TriSeal Super Spacers dramatically reduce seal failure and stress crack callbacks while reducing noise by up to 2 Db.

The New Black is—Black
ExtremEdge from Viracon
Viracon is now offering the ExtremEdge warm-edge spacer in a black finish, which distinguishes itself from other finishes by its ability to reduce interior reflection through glass. ExtremEdge is positioned between two lites of glass and is designed to improve the U-value of an insulating unit.

According to Viracon, the new spacer helps reduce edge conductivity and thus, heat transfer into buildings. It offers condensation-resistance values as high as 64, minimizing the formation of condensation on glass surfaces.

aluminum extrusions
An (Am)Azon’ Energy-Saving Guide
Azon’s Guide to Energy Saving Technology

Azon has released a new guide to energy-saving technology, one that it says explains how the pour and debridge process works to optimize the energy-savings and structural performance in commercial fenestration. Azon is a partner in a growing network of aluminum extruders and window manufacturers and says it recognizes the need to continually improve the energy-saving properties of the thermal barrier materials it provides.

The company describes the highlights of the literature as including new techniques to increase efficiency, such as the dual thermal barrier technology and how by adding a second thermal barrier cavity in a profile or utilizing the wider MLP™ cavity design, the U-factor may be lowered as much as 36 percent—creating what Azon calls a very significant overall improvement for meeting ever-increasing stringent energy codes while maintaining high structural shear.

machinery and equipment
Build a Benteler Washing Machine
Benteler’s tecWasher

German company Benteler Maschinenbau has a new generation of its flat glass washing machine, tecWasher. The tecWasher, made for horizontally cleaning small- and middle-sized flat glasses, has been completely redesigned with special respect to the ease of operation and ergonomic properties. All key machine parts are easy to approach and logically located, according to the company.

The company adds that special attention was given to improve the drying process, which now incorporates aluminum air knives with a new shape for what the company says is a better drying process.

Don’t Blow a FuseCube
DFI’s FuseCube

Diamon-Fusion International Inc. has developed the FuseCube, an automated vapor deposition machine to apply its Diamon-Fusion protective coating to glass and other silica-based surfaces.

The company says fabricators can coat thousands of square feet of glass – on both sides and all exposed edges - in less than an hour, all while reducing costs up to 75 percent compared to spray-applied coatings. Operators load the glass, drop in the cartridges and press a button. The machine coats 5,400 square feet or more in less than an hour with no cure time required. A green light indicates when the cycle is done and the glass can be removed.

The FuseCube is offered in three sizes, all of which can handle lites up to 36- x 96-inches: small (with capacity for 75 pieces per run); medium (with capacity for 225 pieces per run); and jumbo (with capacity to treat 450 pieces or several jumbo panels per run).

The FuseCube is exclusively distributed, installed and serviced in the U.S. and Canada by IGE Glass Technologies Inc.
http://www.dfinanotechnology.com or http://www.igesolutions.com

Do UC All that Glaston Has to Offer?
Cutting Lines and More from Glaston

Glaston’s UC cutting line series includes a new generation of versatile loaders and break-out tables complemented with the UC200 stand-alone model for half-jumbo glass sheet cutting. The company now offers three models depending on the customer need.

In addition, the company’s Omnia double edging machines with peripheral wheels are available in two machine versions, specifically addressing manufacturers’ needs for high productivity and glass finishing. The double edging machines process pencil edges with peripheral wheels using the latest technology in their design and construction, according to the company, which adds that the Omnia series offers high performance, reliability and user friendliness.

Also available is the company’s IriControL technology, designed to enable glass fabricators to measure iridescence in real numerical values and minimize the iridescence phenomena in tempered glass. The measurement system and technology overcomes iridescence, which the company says raises the quality of tempered glass.

What an Arm!
Forel Spa’s Smart Arm

The Smart Arm by Forel Spa is a spacer profile bending system that controls the insulating glass rigid spacer profile from swinging freely while bending. Smart Arm allows for fast bending since the equipment blocks the profile with an exclusive system that supports the spacer throughout the process preventing medium and large-size frames from collapsing or deforming due to their weight, inertia and friction, according to the company. There is a continuous belt feeding system for the spacer profiles rather than the standard repetitive ‘grab and move’ system. Each bend or corner is also measured and any growth or deformation is corrected automatically during the bending process.

Worth Its Weight in Gold(Glass)
GoldGlass MRC 2350-C from Matodi USA

The GoldGlass MRC 2350-C automatic glass painting machine by GoldGlass Technologies group is represented in the U.S. by Matodi USA. The MRC 2350-C has an integrated extraction system and removes fumes into a condenser unit, which the comThe GoldGlass MRC 2350-C automatic glass painting machine by GoldGlass Technologies group is represented in the U.S. by Matodi USA. The MRC 2350-C has an integrated extraction system and removes fumes into a condenser unit, which the company says allows the machine to be placed anywhere in the factory. It offers low paint consumption, and shaped glass surface spraying with a bonus of using a full color spectrum, with option for integration of ceramic inks.

It has dual paint containers for an efficient alteration between colors and PLC control via a full graphic, soft-touch, 7-inch screen that the company says allows manufacturers complete control of paint quality, spray gun speed and pace range. It has an easy to operate self-cleaning system and automatic piece scanning, so it sprays only on areas where the glass lies and avoids cut outs.

Blend it Up
The ExactaBlend from Graco
Graco Inc. added two proportioning systems to its ExactaBlend family of advanced glazing Proportioners (AGP). Designed for manufacturers of curtainwall, insulating glass and specialty glass, the new ExactaBlend models handle two-part urethane sealants and adhesives, as well as polysulfides.

The ExactaBlend AGP provides on-ratio proportioning and optimal mixing capabilities that the company says increase quality assurance of the final product. Real-time on-ratio dispensing reduces material waste, scrap and rework, according to the company, which added that if an off-ratio condition occurs, the system automatically shuts down.

ExactaBlend has optional data reporting capabilities via USB downloads, which allow manufacturers to track key information such as ratio, material usage, flow rate, alarm events and system errors, information that can be used to streamline the production process and increase line efficiencies, according to the company.

A Vero Good Wheel
Polishing Wheels from Salem

Vero is the latest addition to the line of cerium-based composition polishing wheels from Salem Flat Glass. The Vero wheel operates on automatic edging/mitering machines to cost-effectively produce bright surface finishes in place of cerium oxide and felt wheels. The Vero wheel is the combination of cerium oxide and a durable “rubber” type bonding matrix that produces a polishing wheel that operates at low pressure and high speeds with long operational life, according to the company. The series of polishing wheels is available in sizes and configurations to fit Bovone edging equipment as well as other brands of edgers.

Salem has also introduced the Status Earth Wheel, part of its cerium-based composition polishing wheels. The Status Earth Wheel was designed to operate on automatic edging machines to cost-effectively produce bright surface finishes on any thickness of glass. It is the combination of a precision-grade cerium oxide and a unique bonding material that produces a polishing wheel that successfully operates at low pressure and high speeds, according to the company. The wheels are available mounted onto hubs to fit most popular edgers.

Schiatti’s Straight Edge

The Series 50M from Schiatti
Schiatti Angelo srl invested in improving its flagship products, such as the machine series 50M, which performs the grinding and the extra bright polishing of the flat edge with arris for glass thicknesses from 3- to 55-mm. The machines of this series are able to work lites from a minimum of 100- by 100-mm to a maximum of 1.800Kg weight. All of these are equipped with a mitering group that can obtain a variable angle from 0° to 45°. The models FPS50M3 and FPS50M3B allow users to obtain an edge with two different angles with a high cerium oxide polish of the flat edge, the arris and the miter in a single pass.

The diamond wheels have independent settings to differentiate the glass removal per spindle and the polishing wheels are fully automatically engaged. Each polishing spindle may be manually isolated by a switch on the control panel.

In addition, the turnover unit was designed and manufactured to connect two or more edgers/bevellers in a straight line and has the function of rotating the glass-sheets through 90°. The complete line, for the automatic processing of the all four sides of glass, is generally composed by four edgers/bevellers and three turnover units. The rotating arm is fully automatic and controlled by a PLC. The gapping system prevents glass-sheets crashing into each other during rotation, even if the glasses are different dimensions.

Take it From the Top
The topDrill from MPM

Marc Prevost Machinery (MPM) out of Quebec has partnered with topDrill, an Austrian-based company that has been in the business of vertical glass drilling machines since the 1990s. With the fourth generation (G4) of topDrill in production for three years, the fifth generation is ready for the market. The M-RX, as it is called, can be used for both drilling and milling, according to MPM.

TopDrill M-RX is a vertical, double-sided CNC machining center with automatic tool change that can be used for milling, grinding, drilling and countersinking.

The Need for Speed
IG Lines from Bystronic

The speed’line from Bystronic glass is designed to produce triple insulating glass in the same time it takes other lines to produce double units. The production line consists of two tps’applicator components arranged one after the other, the new speed’assembler for quick assembly and gas-filling of insulating glass units as well as the speed’sealer sealing robot.

On the speed’line, the fully automated application of the spacers is performed by two tps’applicator components arranged one after the other. In order to achieve the maximum throughput, the thermoplastic TPS warm edge spacers are applied to glass lites two and three of the triple insulating glass units almost simultaneously. The company says this ensures the continuous and quick supply of glass plates with spacers—no separate pre-production or provision of suitable spacers is required. The material from the drum is applied as a strand at approximately 120 degrees Celsius in a patented process.

The quick assembling, gas-filling and pressing of triple insulating glass units is performed by the speed’assembler. This new filling technology is present upon the inlet and outlet sides respectively in the tandem version of the speed’assembler, making it possible to simultaneously create two gas-filled triple insulating glass units. The speed’sealer makes the sealing of triple insulating glass units in two cycles possible in the last stage of glass production. It ensures that no equipping times are required to exchange nozzles, even when producing units with alternating or asymmetric spaces between the lites, according to Bystronic.

Let’s Be Frank
Frank Lowe Rubber and Gasket’s Sill Pad Air Dam

Frank Lowe Rubber and Gasket offers a solution to whistling noise and air coming through the balance pocket and silt buildup collecting in the corners of the lock rail of single hung and double hung windows.

The Sill Pad Air Dam, the company says, works no matter what balance system is used (constant force, spiral or block and tackle) and with all sill systems – sloped or pocket.

The lock rail will not need adjusting as the pad is engineered with what the company calls “revolutionary” space foam which easily compresses.

architectural metals
Blame it on the Rain
SAF’s Series M4000 Rain Screen

Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. Inc. (SAF) introduced the SAF Series M4000 drained and back ventilated rain screen. The commercial building panel system is rated per AAMA 509-09 requirements, and was tested for air and water resistance per ASTM 283 and 331, according to the company.

The Series M4000 is similar to the company’s Series 4000, but is manufactured with 0.125 aluminum panels instead of aluminum composite material (ACM). The fabricated panels in the Series M4000 system include a factory attached frame extrusion that the company says makes for an easy fit into the horizontal and vertical track extrusions on the job site. It comes with fabricated panels and track extrusions that are shipped loose.

Use Acropon and Save
Acropon 2605 from Valspar

The Valspar Corp. offers Acropon 2605 extrusion coating system for extruded aluminum products, such as storefronts, entrances, windows, handrails, column covers and panel systems. The new coating system’s high gloss, color palette and performance qualities are formulated for both exterior and interior applications on luxury condominiums and other high-end, high-rise residences, as well as low- to mid-rise commercial uildings with high-traffic areas, according to the company.

Valspar developed the proprietary, composite system of organic and inorganic polymers and says the resulting finish meets or exceeds AAMA 2605-13 specifications for 10-year South Florida exposure weathering conditions and resistance to salt spray, chalking and fading. The two-coat system consists of a color coat and a clear coat, and is spray-applied to extruded aluminum.

handling and transportation
Same Woods’ Time, Same Woods Channel
P1 Channel Vacuum Lifter from Wood’s Powr-Grip

The design of the P1 Channel vacuum lifter from Wood’s Powr-Grip has been re-engineered to incorporate features that the company says increase operator safety, while adding to versatility, usability, longevity and durability. A new lift bar for the P1 channel lifter now features what the company calls an easily replaceable spool, designed to provide extended service life. This lift bar is predrilled and ready for use with Powr-Grip’s counter-balancer, which is used for glass installations in airport towers, as well as for installing glass under eaves and other obstructions.

The P1 channel lifter is available with an upgraded dual vacuum system (DVS) that features a new dual-head vacuum pump and blow-off to speed production with faster attach and release times, according to the company, which adds that the improved DVS increases productivity by requiring less power and providing longer battery life, for more time on the job between charges. According to the company, new push-button vacuum controls are conveniently located for ease of operation, stability and enhanced control.

Get Onto Dodge
Dodge ProMaster Cargo Van from F. Barkow

F. Barkow Inc. offers glass racks to fit onto the new Dodge ProMaster cargo van. Custom racks up to 12 feet in length and 96 inches in height, fully welded in aluminum and stainless steel, have been installed on this style of van so far. Included are Stake-Loc stakes, full lower splash panels and load-holding slats as standard.

The Professional and the Pick Up Artist
Unruh Fab’s Van and Pickup Racks

The professional van and pickup racks by Unruh Fab offer quick loading and unloading while offering maximum glass protection, according to the company. The Professional racks, with the new additional horizontal slats, offer solid slat back-support for more sizes of glass. The stake guides at the top of the rack save time and effort in securing the load, according to Unruh. The load bearing under body supports the pickup bed and the new, higher splash panels protect glass from road debris. The standard Professional racks offer 5 inches of usable ledgeboards and 84 inches of usable height and now come standard with a swing-up or removable wheel panel for easy access to wheels.

A Harp Day’s Night
Groves Inc.’s Harp Rack

Groves Inc. of Woodstock, Ill., introduced its new harp rack for storing glass lites. It features a polyethylene floor for easy sliding of glass and a non-stick surface for insulating glass. The harp rack comes with 60 long and 60 short plastic covered steel rods which can be placed as needed in the 80 location points to hold individual lites of glass of varying thicknesses. Built of heavy gauge steel with durable powder coat finish, the harp rack includes four non-marking swivel casters rated at 1,000 pounds capacity each and two front mounted foot locks.

Groves also introduced its GLC family of rugged glass carts. It includes four models ranging from 54- by 32- by 55-inches to 96- by 48- by 98-inches with capacities from 4,000 to 8,000 pounds. Carts feature heavy gauge powder coated steel framework with plywood shelf bases and durable steel impregnated, riveted rubber padding mounted on uprights. Models GLC-3248, GLC-3660 and GLC-3672 have two rigid casters and two swivel casters with foot operated brakes rated at 1,000 pounds each. The GLC-4878 has two rigid casters and two swivel casters with foot operated brakes rated at 2,000 pounds each.

Draw Back the Curtain
Curtain-Side Glass Truck Body from MyGlassTruck.com

MyGlassTruck.com says its newest curtain-side glass truck body combines the accessibility of open racks for side loading with the added security of retractable curtains to protect glass in transit. These truck bodies have continuous front-to-rear outer glass support ledges for transport of wider sheets of glass and the shorter wheelbase of the cab over chassis provides maneuverability for deliveries in tight areas according to the company.

Available in 12- to 18-feet lengths, this truck body features a galvanized steel frame that supports heavy-duty double-weave PVC coated curtains; a ply-metal front bulkhead; full-width rear double doors; and a translucent ceiling with LED dome lights. The reinforced curtain is lockable and all buckles and hardware are bolted-on. LED lights provide visibility around the body’s exterior and a welded steel sub-frame provides a stable base for transporting payloads of up to 8,000 pounds.

The curtain-side’s exterior and interior glass transport racks are fabricated from custom-extruded, T6 aluminum posts and slats utilizing Huck aircraft-grade fasteners that the company says won’t crack or loosen from vibration. Thick rubber padding is also integrated into every rack surface that touches glass. E-track and cargo straps secure glass in place and interior racks are accessed by a rear step bumper and fold-down stirrup steps.

tornado-resistant doors and windows
Impact Products for Surviving the Storm
Over the past few years the glass and glazing industry has seen increasing awareness of the importance of products designed to withstand tornado forces. Just as hurricane-impact products are now common in areas such as South Florida, other regions of the country are also starting to seek out and call for products that can help save lives during tornados. Survivalite based in Baton Rouge, La., is one such company that offers impact-rated products, including its Citadel windows and doors, which are fully tested for use as Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) EF-5 tornado shelters, as well as FEMA 201 MPH hurricane shelters.

The windows are available in sizes up to 5- by 8-feet and can also be constructed as continuous, fully-glazed storefront systems as well as curtainwall. In addition, they can incorporate a thermal break with insulating glass. According to the company, all locks and latches are released from standard panic bars. Doors are ADA-compliant with a ½-inch threshold.

In addition, the glazing products are tested to± 300 pounds-per-square-foot (PSF) static pressure loads for 10 seconds and undergo multiple impacts by 15-pound 2- by-4s traveling more than 100 miles per hour. The products are tested to 9,000 hurricane pressure cycles up to +110, -130 PSF.

Survivalite president Bill Sudlow explains the company has a unique business model. The company works closely with Capital Glass & Mirror in Baton Rouge, which handles the manufacturing. It also has a partnership with Saf-Glas in Riviera Beach, Fla., which supplies the glass used in its systems, and works with two extrusion suppliers, Bonnell in Newman, Ga., and International Extrusion in Waxahachie, Texas.

Sudlow explains that Survivalite owns the dies (at the extruders), the window designs, the testing, and exclusive rights with Saf-Glas for the FEMA glazing. Capital Glass owns the door design, but Survivalite owns the FEMA door testing giving Survivalite ownership of all FEMA products for the curtainwall and storefront systems, according to Sudlow.

“Over the years we have had contracts with two different companies to manufacture our products, but we now have an exclusive arrangement with Capital Glass for the fabrication of the windows and doors. Capital Glass was our customer on a FEMA project in Louisiana, and our work together resulted in this long-term arrangement,” says Sudlow, noting that both Survivalite and Capital Glass are involved in sales, but the primary responsibility is with Survivalite. “We are in our second year of this arrangement and it is working out very well for each of us. Survivalite brings national markets and FEMA expertise, and Capital Glass has an excellent, experienced work force that turns out a quality product - as well as a strong reputation in the Louisiana markets.”

According to Sudlow, the company has seen a growing interest in the use of its impact-rated products for both hurricane and tornado protection. In fact, its doors are being used in domed school structures, such as a gymnasium in Woodsboro, Texas, among various other applications. He adds that they have been working closely with architect Leland Gray, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, who is converting some of the domed stadiums he has built into FEMA tornado shelters.

“The structures are already approved by FEMA, so by replacing the doors with our FEMA tested doors the entire facility becomes a FEMA shelter,” says Sudlow.





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