Volume 49, Issue 3 - March 2014



A Place in the Sun
Guardian Industries has announced the availability of its SunGuard SNX 51/23, a commercial low-E glass product with what the company says is a visible light transmission (VLT) above 50 percent and a solar heat gain coefficient below 0.25, in a standard insulating glass unit.

This new addition to the SunGuard portfolio of high performance, low-E glass, triple silver SunGuard SNX 51/23 has high visible light transmission, low reflectivity and a neutral blue appearance. The glass is designed to meet the most stringent energy codes in North America, according to the company.

SNX 51/23 is available on clear, green, UltraWhite, CrystalGray, gray and TwilightGreen substrates, in both annealed and heat treatable versions.

Make Room for the VIP
Dow Corning and Okalux GmbH have collaborated to create the Okalux VIP, a high-performance insulation module that exhibits what the companies call excellent heat insulation, combined with nearly unlimited possibilities of design for every façade construction.

The vacuum insulation unit consisting of fumed silica integrated in the cavity of an insulating glass module is paired with a range of material inserts from Okalux.

Okalux VIP 40-mm thick elements can reach a U-value of 0.11 W/(m²K) | 0.02 Btu/(hr ft² °F), according to the company. The heat conductivity of a vacuum insulation panel is said to be approximately 0.005 W/(mK) and the heat transmission coefficient corresponds to that of a well-insulated wall, according to Okalux.

The thickness of the insulation modules corresponds to the constructive depth of typical glass units and individual, custom-tailored design solutions can be created. The vacuum façade elements are pre-fabricated and installed on site in the same fashion as standard insulating glass.

And The Answer Is ...
Anti-condensation glass, designed to keep the outer surface of the glass warm, is the latest development from Pilkington. According to the company, the glass delays the onset of condensation on both double and triple glazing through a hard (pyrolytic) coating, which reflects any heat escaping from the building back inside.

The line coated glass is available on a Pilkington Optiwhite substrate, in thicknesses of 4-mm and 6-mm. The glass can be used in a variety of commercial and domestic applications and in combination with other thermally-efficient glass products. It can also be used in laminated formats.


Flat as a Skylight
Extech’s 4000G unit glass skylight can be installed on a flat roof, due to its low profile (silicone sealed) perimeter, which allows water to freely run off. The curb design allows for large skylights up to 32 square feet. Additional benefits include aluminum flange to protect glass edges, foam cushions to provide thermal isolation, strategically placed weep holes and weep slot aligning with weep holes. The silicone structural bead/isolator and silicone waterproofing bead ensure a leak tight seal.


You Can Sefar® with This Vision
Vision aluminum-coated precision fabric interlayers from Sefar Architecture are now digitally printable. UV-resistant inks allow architects and designers to produce Pantone colors, patterns, pictures or any other design effects on building exteriors without obstructing views from inside, according to the company. Designs can be created across the entire length of a glass wall partition, curtainwall or even the entire expanse of a building’s glass façade.

Sefar Architecture Vision is laminated within glass or other transparent materials to create design possibilities in exterior glass façades, windows and interior and decorative glass partition wall systems. Sefar Architecture Vision fabrics are available in five different fabric density configurations.


Designed for a Good Panic
CRL-Blumcraft’s new, patent-pending, Designer Series combines construction and modern design into a collection of panic handles.

Designer Series panic handles can be used with monolithic tempered glass doors, with or without a keyed access device. The Alloy 316 brushed or polished stainless steel profiles also feature crisp, investment cast corners that the company says gives them durability, and a consistent look and feel. According to the company, the new design maintains a BHMA/ANSI Grade 1 listing.

In addition, available ADA-compliant configurations of the panic handles eliminate interference at the lower half of the door, keeping entrance and exit areas clear of obstructions. The new series is available as a complete suite of access control devices that includes panic handles, deadbolt handles, electronic egress control handles, dummy handles, and fixed exterior handles.


Flex Those Apps
JobFlex, a Midwest software company, released its new app that provides contractors with new mobile technology designed specifically for the contracting business.

JobFlex says its apps cut down time spent back in the office on scheduling, paperwork, and provide project coordination and higher closing rates due to on-the-spot quote generation.

JobFlex is compatible for all Android 4.0 devices—phones and tablets—and also includes a web-portal with customer management, scheduling, digital file storage, and data export features to keep the back office connected to the sales process.

architectural metals

I Screen, Rain Screen, We All Screen
The SAF Series M4000 drained and back ventilated rain screen, a commercial building panel system, is now available from Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. Inc. (SAF). The series is rated per AAMA 509-09 requirements, and tested for air- and water-resistance per ASTM 283 and 331.

Similar to its Series 4000, the Series M4000 is manufactured with 0.125 aluminum panels and fabricated with a factory attached-frame extrusion that fits into the horizontal and vertical track extrusions on the jobsite. It comes with fabricated panels and track extrusions that are shipped loose.

machinery and equipment

What’s New in Print
A.W.T.’s Accu-Print High-Tech flatbed rigid-panel printers are equipped with a belt delivery system. Models include the four-post high-lift HL/RP™, for printing on extra-thick panels, and the two-post long-stroke V-LS/RP. A.W.T. also offers the three-post V-LS/OS™ for panels up to 20 feet long and 7 feet wide, with larger sizes available through custom order.

Standard printer features include “parallel peel,” for a consistent flood stroke and ink deposit; automatic leveling of squeegee/floodbar pressure across the substrate; patented upfront stroke adjustment for easier print positioning; advanced ink recovery; and “remote diagnostics” for modem- or internet-based service.

In addition, the company offers the Jet-Stream Q-Series, which combines a quartz-tube heating chamber with fully adjustable air recirculation, touchscreen controls, and a pneumatic roof lift for easy maintenance of the heating system. Cooling hoods deliver high-velocity ambient air to cool heat-sensitive substrates quickly for handling and packaging and prevent distortion of stacked materials. The heating and cooling sections are modular, providing flexibility to create a custom drying system.

storefront and curtainwall

Clear (IN)vision
Wausau Window and Wall Systems’® INvision Series product family now includes ten factory-glazed, unitized curtainwall and window wall systems, all of which are backed with a standard limited warranty of up to ten years.

Many of INvision’s systems incorporate polyamide thermal barriers that can contribute to a building’s thermal performance, condensation resistance and energy efficiency, according to the company. The unitized system’s interlocking frame design accommodates seismic, live load and thermal building movements, according to the company. Pressure-equalized, rain screen design INvision systems are NFRC-tested and CMA-listed for thermal performance, and backed by AAMA 501 testing for air, water, and structural integrity, including racking, jacking and thermal cycling.


The A’s Have It
Kawneer Co. Inc. has introduced the AA 6400/6500 thermal window, designed to meet the climate challenges of the Canadian market, maintaining thermal and water performance, and condensation resistance.

The high-performing series includes two framing options, a 4-inch version (AA 6400 thermal window) and a 5-inch version (AA 6500 thermal window), which provide a “top hat” accent feature. The design provides the ability to interface with air and vapor barriers, which the company says ensures the continuity of the seal at the window perimeter.

Additionally, the AA6400/AA6500 has a pressure equalized cavity and a rain screen design to deter water infiltration. The window accommodates 1-inch (25-mm) insulating glass units combined with a polyamide thermal break for enhanced thermal performance.

decorative glass

Counter Offer ThinkGlass, a glass design and manufacturing studio in Quebec, offers a variety of glass countertop styles. Using 100-percent recyclable glass, the company combines technology and sustainable practices to create an array of custom glass options. According to the company, though glass countertops appear to be delicate, they are as strong and durable as any natural stone or man-made countertop surface.


Don’t Let This One Slide By
LaCantina Doors has created a new, multi-slide and full-range of swing doors.

Custom-engineered rolling hardware and AAMA-certified wheels provide a uniform, symmetrical, low-profile bottom rail, according to the company. The multi-slide doors also feature the company’s narrow stile and rail profiles, the same used in its folding doors and new swing doors.

The doors offer weather-resistant and flush sill options, a minimal one piece handle and lock with an exterior key, an advanced seal system and is backed by the company’s 10-year warranty.

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