Volume 50, Issue 4 - April 2015



Complete Control

With no room-darkening tint required, Cardinal IG Company’s new LoĒ³-340 solar control glass delivers a solar heat gain coefficient of only 0.18. The glass can also help control glare, according to the company.
Additionally, LoĒ³-340’s low U-Factor—just 0.25 with argon—reduces indoor heat loss.



Spin Me Right ‘Round

Boon Edam Inc.’s new manual revolving door, BoonAssist TQ, offers the unique combination of “push and go” power assistance, speed control and positioning, also known in the industry as quarterpointing.

BoonAssist TQ can be used in a wide variety of applications, up to 10 feet in diameter and 10-foot ceiling height, which provide a roomy compartment and increased user comfort.

The system is available in two styles to complement all types of building facades and branding requirements: BoonAssist TQM, which consists of metal-framed construction with metal canopy, available in a variety of metal finishes, cladding or custom painted colors, as well as BoonAssist Crystal, an all glass construction with stainless steel fastening components that can be finished in other metals or custom painted colors.


Seams Easy

In the closed position, Solar Innovations Inc.’s patent-pending customizable facade door is flush with the exterior of the structure. As it’s pulled open, it slides behind the curtainwall portions of the structure for a seamless view.

The system is not limited by the extent of the door’s jamb, and panels can be guided to an off-facade location while still managing to close flush with the facade’s exterior.

The door’s head and sill plates are designed to withstand the full load of the system, and the jambs can be fabricated as part of the door to provide easy integration into a facade or curtainwall system.

The facade door can feature integrated handle hardware, which utilizes the stand-off of the pull handle to house the locking mechanism. This hardware has a spindle which engages the door latch and locks to the jamb, securing the door. The operator for the spindle can either be attached to the actual handle stand-off or integrated directly into the pull handle with a small turning section that allows the operator to engage the lock.



A Leg-ato Up

The non-weld system of Wagner’s Legato Collection allows for simpler installation without special training necessary. Constructed with Type 316 satin-finished stainless steel, the metal railings provide low-maintenance durability with superior rust resistance, ideal for outdoor performance, according to the company.

The Legato system accommodates guard, stair or ramp applications for a range of glass thicknesses. The glass infill is secured via glass mounting hardware, and the system is available in an assortment of post shapes and glass mounting designs, offering surface, embedded and fascia post mounting options with mid, end and corner post configurations.

The Legato SRP option accommodates straight guard applications with a ½-inch glass thickness. The glass infill is secured via slotted tube rails that are held in place with concealed fasteners. The Legato SRP offers surface and fascia post mounting options with mid, end and corner post configurations.



Throwing a Curve

Southern Stretch Forming’s Architect’s Mini-Guide to Curving Aluminum aims to answer questions pertaining to stretch forming.

The free mini-guide covers factors such as space utilization and creative design, as well as the capabilities and limitations of curving metal.



Space it Out

Technoform Glass Insulation’s (TGI) new TGI-Spacer M features an optimized profile geometry that is ideal for larger window units. According to the company, Spacer M delivers easier handling and visibly improved sightlines for commercial, industrial and residential building applications.

The TGI-Spacer Wave and the new TGI-Spacer M come in a range of standard and custom spacer colors.


window film

Here Comes the Sun

The new daylight redirecting film from 3M Company can be used to help “naturally brighten the day.” It is designed to move excess light away from windows and redirect it toward the ceiling. This, according to the company, helps increase the daylight penetration. Bringing natural light deeper into the building provides the occupants with natural light and is intended to reduce the need for artificial lighting, which saves energy. It also will help decrease glare.


Seeing Clearly

The Dynasty line by Nexfil is made of high-transparent polyester film that is optically clearer than normal polyester. According to the company, Dynasty eliminates hot spots and creates a more balanced environment.

It also provides protection against fading of interior furnishings by rejecting 99 percent of harmful UVA and UVB rays. It also reduces glare on computer and television screens.


Etched in Film

Available in an array of classic and elegant patterns, Madico’s new Decolite decorative window film line allows businesses to enhance their interior settings by retrofitting glass to appear etched.

Decolite also provides a sense of privacy while not completely eliminating a sense of openness. The film can also be cut into patterns and designs.


Tip-Top Shape

Top Colour Film’s clear, one-ply safety film for commercial buildings comes in thicknesses ranging from 2-7 millimeters, and its two-ply colored safety film comes in thicknesses of 4 and 7 millimeters.

The company’s other films come in both residential and decorative applications and can save energy, control glare and improve privacy, among other features.


Options are Open

SunTek Architectural Window Films’ range of products can be customized for both residential and commercial applications. Its Black Out and White Out decorative film can provide total privacy, while the White Matte product can also be used for privacy to a lesser degree.

The company’s anti-graffiti film is available in four- and six-millimeter constructions, and the DR Mirror, or “one-way mirror,” is available in PS and SDA adhesives.

The company also offers a Symphony low-reflectance film, which is dark and has 10 percent visual light transmission.


machinery and equipment

Spray On

Automated part detection, increased through-put and low maintenance requirements highlight Prima, the automated reciprocating spray machine from Cefla North America.

According to Salem Flat Glass & Mirror, which distributes Prima, the machine includes an integrated, intuitive 6-inch touchscreen control and four spray guns. Coating overspray is collected by a paper-covered conveyor and filtered exhaust plenums.


FuseCube Coating System

Diamon-Fusion International’s (DFI) FuseCube system is an automated vapor deposition machine developed to apply the company’s protective coating to glass and other silica-based surfaces. Each piece of glass is coated entirely, making them highly repellent to water and oil, hard to stain, easy to clean and impact- and scratch-resistant.

Utilizing the FuseCube, fabricators can coat thousands of square feet of glass—on both sides and all exposed edges—according to the company.

Operators load the glass, drop in the proprietary cartridges, press a button and coat 5,400 square feet or more in less than an hour with no cure time required. 

The automatic system, offered in three sizes, conducts the entire coating process and indicates with a green light when the cycle is done and the glass can be removed.


It’s a Wash

Using power-driven conveyors in all sections, CRL’s new VEW63 63-inch vertical open top glass washer easily moves multiple or large glass lites up to a half-inch thick through the cleaning process at speeds of up to 22 feet per minute.

Capacities of up to 63-inch glass height in one pass and up to 126 inches in two passes can be cleaned and dried easily. The new washer features re-circulating wash and rinse compartments with four low-E brushes to provide a fast and quality wash, according to the company.

Other features include fluorescent glass inspection lights on the outlet conveyor and a sound-reducing enclosure that houses the drying knives and air blower. The VEW63’s cabinet, including all frame components in contact with the washing areas, is made from stainless steel to minimize corrosion for increased longevity. The unit utilizes an electric automatic solenoid valve to connect fresh water for final rinse.

While rugged, the compact glass washer has a mere 60-by-198-inch footprint.



Take the Metro

FG 501T window wall, the first in Kawneer’s MetroView window wall series, offers a slab-to-slab aluminum frame design with an integrated edge to replicate the appearance of a true curtainwall. Described as sleek, efficient and versatile, MetroView FG 501T window wall is ideal for mid-rise commercial and multi-family housing projects.

The window wall’s 2-1⁄4-inch sightline and standard 5-inch depth make it easy to achieve stylish urban aesthetics, according to the company. To accentuate skyline views, balcony doors seamlessly integrate into the system. It features shallow horizontal cross members with the glass set to the front of the system to maximize the interior space.

Screw spline fabrication and joinery means easy construction and low installation costs, while simple two-piece receptors provide efficient installation, according to Kawneer. Corner members for either 90- or 135-degree applications increase design flexibility, and optional expansion vertical mullions help architects and designers achieve a customized appearance.

Thermal performance is enhanced with the IsoLock thermal break, and the sturdy aluminum construction not only provides structural integrity, but also ensures that the system will never rot, warp or buckle from moisture or weather exposure, according to the company. Additionally, the window wall is fully tested to industry standards including hurricane resistance large missile impact requirements of ASTM E1886 and ASTM E1996.


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