Volume 50, Issue 8 - August 2015


Dear USGlass:
Happy 50th Anniversary

“C.R. Laurence Co. is proud of our association with the glass industry and USGlass magazine. Our company and the industry have grown tremendously over the past 50 years and we appreciate the role a strong industry publication and advocate like USGlass plays in expanding opportunities for our industry. As we look back over the past 50 years and what was considered standard fare for a glazier in 1965 compared to what it is today, it is certainly striking. Glass has become the material of choice with architects, designers, builders and end users in commercial, industrial, retail and residential applications. We certainly expect this trend to continue well into the future. We look forward to many more years of continuing to help grow our industry and create new opportunities for our industry partners. Congratulations to everyone at USGlass for your continuing contribution to this growth.”

Don E. Friese,
Chairman and CEO,
C.R. Laurence Company

“Congratulations on your 50th
anniversary USGlass! You’re the ‘go to’ source for news in the industry. Here’s hoping the next 50 are as good as the last 50.”
—David Sussman,
J. Sussman Inc.

“We really appreciate all you do to keep us informed, and entertained!”
—John Dwyer,
Syracuse Glass Co. Inc.

“Industry trade magazines by and large are getting smaller and smaller. I find that many, if not most, are compilations of mundane facts and figures. In other words, boring. I have always thoroughly enjoyed the editorial content of USGlass magazine. There are the expected facts and figures, but as important to me are the apropos articles by Paul Bieber, Megan Headley, Lyle Hill, and the many guest contributors. For me it is the personality of USGlass magazine, and these real-life articles, that holds me true to the colors.”

John Linder,
Calibre Door Closers Inc.

“When I first came into the business, and trying to learn as much as I could, I was fortunate to meet Jim Pinsky. Jim was one of the former owners of Downey Glass (a facility eventually acquired by what is today Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®) who spent some time with me giving me his take on the industry and its future. Behind Jim’s desk sat a stack of every USGlass magazine ever printed (I took his word for it). He had, at the time, a complete collection, and although its value as a collection was debatable, it was an indication of his commitment to the service that this publication offered the industry. He let me look at them and I asked him if I could borrow one of the most recent copies to read and explore. He agreed, but there were terms. First, I got a two-minute lecture as to the importance of the magazine. I needed to provide all my personal details and even then I was still not sure he was going to let me take it. After further negotiations, I finally got him to release the copy to me and I brought it home. It was my first exposure to the industry and my invitation into the trade. I am sure at some point in his life Jim worked at a library, because I got a call two days later asking me when I would be returning it. Fortunately there were no penalties; I got it back to him a few days later and his collection stayed intact to that point. I eventually got my own copy to keep from Bernie Harris (founder of C.R. Laurence) who also spent some time with me. I was fortunate to have some of these very experienced guys open their doors to me when I started, and USGlass seemed to always be there.

“Happy 50th Anniversary and great success in the future for all the good work you do.”

Bernard Lax,
of Pulp Studio

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