Volume 50, Issue 8 - August 2015


Companies Provide Industry
Solutions for More Than 50 Years

It’s tough for a new product to stand out in any industry. Yet all of the products featured on the next three pages come from companies that have been innovating for at least half a century. Here we’re profiling new offerings from trusted names as well as the “oldie but goodie” products that have been favorites for decades.


AGC Launches Energy
Select 23 Solar Control Low-E

Energy Select 23 solar control low-E glass is the newest product introduction for AGC Flat Glass North America in Alpharetta, Ga., as the company continues to expand its new generation of Energy Select and Comfort Select high-performance glass coatings. The company’s roots date back to 1907 when Asahi Glass Co. was founded in Japan. Energy Select 23 is designed to achieve maximum performance in solar control with a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.23 — and a more desirable neutral blue aesthetic (clear glass substrate) — while providing 50 percent visible light transmittance.

While AGC manufactures a broad range of glazing solutions, including acid-etched, low-iron, tinted and patterned glass — with some patterns as globally popular as they were when introduced more than 30 years ago — energy efficiency is the biggest driver of product demand for the glass industry.

The company reports that the high performance and neutral aesthetics make Energy Select and Comfort Select its fastest-growing product segment.


PPG’s Solexia and Solarban Trace Roots Back 50+ Years

PPG Industries, founded as the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. in 1883, has a long history of product innovation — and many of the products it sells today can trace their roots back more than 50 years.

In 1934, PPG introduced Solex glass, the first environmental, green-tinted, heat-absorbing glass. In 2003, Solex glass was rebranded as Solexia and remains popular for its ability to give buildings a distinctive look while reducing heat gain. When combined with Solarban and Sungate low-E glasses in insulating glass units, Solexia can fulfill a wide range of demands, such as maximizing light transmittance, increasing privacy and improving solar control performance.

In 1964, PPG says it perfected the wet chemical deposition process to create Solarban Twindow glass, launching the Solarban brand. The double-pane configuration of window glass and the mirror-like reflectivity of the Solarban brand coating produced a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.25 and visible light transmittance (VLT) of 20 percent. Twenty years later, PPG deployed the magnetron-sputtered vacuum deposition (MSVD) coating process to create the first Solarban low-E glass, which effectively balanced VLT (73 percent) and SHGC (0.51). Since then, the company has refined the coating technology associated with the Solarban name, creating double-silver and now triple-silver-coated glasses.



Establishing the Adams Rite Prep

Phoenix-based Adams Rite has existed in various forms since 1896. Today it is part of the group brand of ASSA ABLOY, and many of its hardware products have been around well over 50 years. When the MS1850S Maximum Security (MS) Lock launched in 1955 with its unique concealed design, company representatives note that it quickly became an industry standard, establishing what is commonly called the “Adams Rite prep.” Even today the MS1850S remains a popular locking solution for narrow-stile aluminum and glass openings.

The MS1850S utilizes a laminated stainless steel bolt, with an alumina-ceramic core to deter hacksaw attacks, activated by a pivot mechanism to provide maximum security. The nearly 3-inch bolt provides maximum security for very tall or flexible single leaf doors or in installations where the gap between the door and jamb is greater than it should be. A 360-degree turn of a key, cylinder, thumbturn or handle throws or retracts the counterbalanced bolt. A key can be removed only when the bolt is in a positively locked or unlocked position. Hook bolt and short throw bolt options are available, and multi-point locking accessories are available for pairs of doors, all operable by standard 1 5⁄32-inch diameter mortise cylinder with MS cam.


machinery and equipment

Glass-Washing Solutions

Billco Manufacturing is a Zelienople, Pa.-based manufacturing company that has been supplying glass-washing systems worldwide since its founding in 1948. Billco glass washers are offered in sizes from 16 to 130 inches wide in many different configurations for glass production applications including insulating glass, coating, tempering, laminating, digital printing, photovoltaic, appliance, furniture and many more. The company says its washers are known for their ease of maintenance and reliability.

Glass-washing technology has changed considerably over the past 50 years. The majority of the company’s current customers are focused on cutting downtime, reducing water and energy consumption and having more process control on the washer. Billco aims to offer solutions to each of these requests, such as automatic detergent dosing, various filtration options, energy-saving modes, flow/temperature monitoring and even features that enable the washer to clean itself with the use of the company’s BioClean system.


Continues Innovation

Casso-Solar Technologies in Nanuet, N.Y., entered the glass industry in the early 1960s with its first project to fire screen-printed ceramic frit into glass for signs used on gasoline pumps. Drying systems for spandrel or fully coated sheets of glass, used as obscuration panels in buildings, have been the company’s most popular machines, with more than 80 in operation worldwide.

Laminated glass machines were added to the company’s supply list in the mid-1980s and have evolved to efficiently run all types of coated glass with a combination of convection and infrared heating. Batch laminating, which can process laminated glass, does so without the use of an autoclave using vacuum technology.

Editor’s note: Casso Solar Technologies Inc. continues a long tradition of service. The company's precursor, Casso-Solar Corp, was founded in the 1960s.


A History of Edging Supply

DeGorter Inc. of Monroe, N.C., was established in 1922 as an agent selling glass imported from a Belgian manufacturer. In 1969, as America began manufacturing more glass of its own and importing less, the company began establishing itself as a manufacturer’s agent importing top-quality glass machinery from Europe to the American glass industry. With that switch, the company began offering glass-cutting tables and glass-insulating equipment, as well as glass edge grinding machinery. Over the past 46 years, the company has worked hand in hand with the family organization of Schiatti Angelo SRL to sell their products, including straight-line edgers, drills and bevelers.


handling equipment

A Tight Grip for 50-Plus Years

Howard Wood began manufacturing vacuum cups for glass handling in 1963, incorporated the business in 1964, and obtained a patent for his design in 1966. The first Wood’s Powr-Grip® vacuum cups consisted of a handmade handle attached to a molded vacuum pad, with a spring-action pump in the handle. Unique features included a red-line indicator to warn the user of vacuum loss and a check ball to restore full vacuum without losing grip. Neither of these trademarks of today’s Powr-Grip vacuum cups were available anywhere else at that time, according to the company.

After 50 years, Howard Wood’s invention and the company he created are still going strong, manufacturing a wide variety of hand-held vacuum cups and below-the-hook lifters for handling glass, insulated metal panels and other materials.


Cleaning Aids

Staying Clean for More than Half a Century
For more than 50 years, CRL 1973 Glass Cleaner has been a staple in glass shops, helping the glazing industry complete projects large and small with “brilliant transparency,” according to the company.
Made with premium cleaning agents, CRL asserts that the glass cleaner provides considerable utility because of its ease of use, effectiveness and versatility.


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