Volume 50, Issue 12 - December 2015



What a Blast

Engineered for high-security in low- and mid-rise building projects, Tubelite’s E/T34000 Series storefront system is a new addition to its ForceFront blast line.

The storefront features a 2 1⁄2-by-5-inch flush-glazed system and screw-spline framing, glazed with 1-5⁄16-inch laminated glass positioned in the center of the frame. This new addition is offered as either a non-thermal system or with a single poured-and-debridged thermal improvement option.

The aluminum used to produce all of Tubelite’s ForceFront systems can be extruded using EcoLuminum, a high recycled-content aluminum billet composition. Seven anodized finishes and 20 standard paint colors are available. Blended and custom colors may also be specified.



Get Inside

An expanded glass sample kit for interior designers highlights PPG’s range of clear, proprietary low-iron, painted and acid-etched products available for use in a variety of applications. 

The interior glass sample kit contains 20 4-by-6-inch glass tiles representing nearly two dozen decorative glass options produced by PPG and its alliance partners Walker Textures and ICD High Performance Coatings.

Sample PPG glasses include two extra-heavy panels of Clarvista shower glass on conventional clear and Starphire Ultra-Clear glasses. Other PPG glass samples include tint options from dark-gray glass, commonly used for privacy glass applications, to the lightly and deeply saturated blue, green, bronze and gray tones.



Do No Harm

The non-abrasive properties of Frank Lowe Rubber & Gasket Company’s new low-density polyethylene protective packaging profiles prevent harm to finished surfaces.

Frank Lowe’s impact, recyclable and lightweight protectors can be customized thanks to its “endless” two-dimensional shape ideas, in-line die cutting, in-line adhesive application, and additives including UV protection and anti-static properties.



In the Chamber

Casso-Solar Technologies’ enhanced version of its vacuum-batch laminating system, the NA7000, utilizes a combination of infrared and convection to shorten process times up to 50 percent on laminates using PVB, EVA and SentryGlas. Two chambers are provided, each with two trays. Chambers may be separated for different products or one alone for a small run.

Enhancements include new silicone blanket material, ultra-thin with high tensile strength and a quick seal system. Vacuum is drawn from three points to reduce vacuum time in the process. The silicone blanket is more transparent to the infrared energy than previous versions, assisting with reduced cycle times. High-performance vacuum pumps assure a fast, high-quality vacuum in a short time, according to the company. A PLC-driven control system is provided for storage and automatic setup of product recipes. Auxiliary components include a tray storage rack to enhance the oven utilization, hydraulic life system, assembly tables and clean room.



Weigh Your Options

A new glass weight calculator by Architectural Glass North America (AGNORA) is available from the iTunes App store. It allows users to compute glass weight by inputting thickness, width and height. The app works with both metric and imperial dimensions to calculate glass weight in kilograms or pounds.

On the shop floor or the jobsite, the weight of oversized glass also can be calculated for easy reference to transport, lift and install jumbo-size lites of glass.



Laminated Switchable Glass, Scienstry Inc.

Scienstry Inc. now offers laminated switchable glass, which the company says can be used in a variety of applications.

The product is the latest generation of liquid crystal switchable film, having functions similar to switchable windows, smart glass, liquid crystal glass, privacy glass or PDLC, according to the company.

The company also offers Switchable Projection Windows (SPW) that are designed to turn virtually any window into a TV screen while retaining the full function of a normal window. The SPW consists of two parts—3G switchable glass, a liquid crystal display that goes from opaque to clear by flipping a switch, and outdoor rotary blinds, which function as a light shutter.



Seal the (Big) Deal

Bystronic’s jumbo’sealer allows for the automatic sealing of insulating glass units (IGU), as well as facade elements, measuring up to nine meters in length and more than three meters wide. The machine can process double or triple IGUs—rectangular or shaped formats and up to four-sided stepped elements.

The core of the sealing robot is the dynamic mixing system. In contrast to the more common static mixing system, the dynamic mixer works with reduced material pressure. With a flow rate of up to six liters per minute, it also optimizes available material volume.

It features an automatic material changing system that can change automatically sealing material in two minutes without an operator, according to the company.


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