Volume 50, Issue 1 - January 2015


door hardware

Don’t Panic

PRL’s tubular panic device is the only one of its kind that can accommodate glass doors up to 120 inches tall, according to the company. PRL, which successfully completed two million cycles of uninterrupted operation with the device, has also made available tubular deadbolt handles, for locking at the head, floor or both.


shower door products

Hit the Brakes

C.R. Laurence’s new Cabo soft slide shower door system stands as the company’s introduction of softbrake technology to a frameless sliding shower door system. The system technology brakes and cushions the opening and closing mechanism of the frameless glass door, ensuring smooth and quiet operation.

Concealed inside the header, the softbrake roller mechanism activates during the last four inches of the door’s closing motion, preventing the glass from impacting and damaging the frame or the adjacent glass panel.

The Cabo Series’ anodized aluminum design operates with multiple tempered safety glass panels in wall-to-wall or wall-to-glass configurations with glass doors weighing up to 176 pounds. It comes in five standard architectural finishes, with custom options available. The series can also be used in interior applications as sliding doors for non-shower door use.


Space it Out

Technoform Glass Insulation’s (TGI) new TGI-Spacer M features an optimized profile geometry that is ideal for larger window units. According to the company, Spacer M delivers easier handling and visibly improved sightlines for commercial, industrial and residential building applications.

The TGI-Spacer Wave and the new TGI-Spacer M come in a range of standard and custom spacer colors.



A Gray Area

With a subtle light-gray tint, Optigray glass by PPG is designed to maximize light transmittance and color neutrality, according to the company.

The glass delivers light-to-solar gain ratios of up to 1.96, as it is specially formulated to function as a substrate with solar control, low-E coatings, such as Solarban solar control, low-E glasses.

Its light-gray tint eliminates the green cast typically found in conventional clear glass formulations, producing a warm, neutral aesthetic that brings crispness to vision glazing.


handling and transportation

Glassy Chassis

Unruh Fab’s updated 9-foot glass body is designed for 1-ton chassis. Because the ledgeboards are optimized for glass rather than the bed, they are deeper, which, according to the company, allows for more glass to be carried on the outside.

Additionally, the Unruh body has inside racks for even more storage and capacity, and easy-access steps to the center floor provide for safer loading.



Just a Sample

Strybuc Industries now offers a new “Window Sash Balance” display for customers’ counter areas. The display includes an assortment of 31 different series of channel, tube, and constant force window balance samples. When the display is purchased, it includes a digital flyer for customers to promote this product line. The display rack spins 360 degrees and is an excellent sales tool for identifying balances, according to the company.

machinery and equipment


The Bovone robotic system is easily programmed to safely and accurately control the movement and vacuum used to manipulate glass lites during fabrication. Capabilities include off-loading from storage racks to on-loading glass between edging/beveling machines and loading onto transportation racks.

According to the company, the system uses a light but strong framework to reduce weight, space and energy by 25 percent compared to other competitive robotic units.


machinery and equipment

Parallel Unit-verse

Designed to produce more than 1,400 insulating glass units, Erdman’s new Parallel Process High Speed IG Line derives its name from the innovation of shuttling the topping lite to a back lane.

The two glass lites run parallel to each other which, according to the company, leads to a “significant increase in speed.”

The line requires just three to four operators per shift and less than a 20-by-100-foot floor space.


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