Volume 50, Issue 7 - July 2015


Why Are Commercial Buildings Getting Bigger?

In recent years, the size of commercial buildings has grown at a more rapid pace than the number of buildings themselves, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). But why?

The EIA recently released more results from its 2012 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey, in which it collected building characteristics data from more than 6,700 U.S. commercial buildings.

A commercial building, by the survey’s standards, includes “buildings greater than 1,000 square feet that devote more than half of their floor space to activity that is not residential, manufacturing, industrial, or agricultural.”

According to the survey, the average building size for commercial buildings constructed before 1960 is 12,000 square feet, while those constructed between 1960 and 1999 average 16,300 square feet. Buildings constructed in the 2000s, meanwhile, average 19,000 square feet.

There is also an interesting dynamic among regions.

The South has the most commercial buildings, but the Northeast has the largest ones. The southern region makes up approximately 40 percent of the country’s commercial building floor space and total number of buildings. The Northeast, meanwhile, has approximately one-third the number of commercial buildings as the South, according to the survey, almost half of the commercial buildings constructed since 2000 were in the South.

Still, the Northeast boasts the largest commercial buildings overall, despite the fact that it’s the only one of the four regions that has actually seen a decrease in average buildings size over the past decade. That’s because cities in the Northeast have had large buildings in place for longer.

FCA International Announces CREST Award Winners

FCA International announced the winners of its fifth annual CREST Awards May 8 during its Annual Awards Event in Chicago. Of the glazing companies that entered, four received international recognition as the safest contractors in glass; four others were recognized as top 10 finishers.

The 2014 CREST award winners were:

Architectural glass and metal:

• Eighteen Glass Co. Inc. of
East Brunswick, N.J.;

• Empirehouse Inc. of St. Paul, Minn.;

• Glazing Concepts LLC of Bensalem, Pa.; and

• Royal Glass Co. Inc. of Santa Clara, Calif.

Top 10 finishers:

• Boss Glass Co. Inc. of Dover, N.J.;

• Graboyes Commercial Window Co. of Philadelphia;

• National Glass & Metal Co. Inc. of Horsham, Pa.; and

• Walters & Wolf of Freemont, Calif. n

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